TitanMen – Sling – Alex Mecum &Tex Davidson

Sling: Tex Davidson flip-fucks with Alex Mecum with a special delivery Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his knees: “Fuck, you’re so big!” Tex fucks his face, repeatedly dick whipping the sucker’s eager mouth. Tex unzips Alex: “Damn, you got a big dick,” he says with his southern twang, turning his baseball cap around so he can suck it deep. Tex plants his bearded lips to the base, his own boner throbbing as he chokes on it. He pulls on Alex’s low hangers as he spits on it, the two soon 69ing. Tex gets his furry ass tongued, then sits down on the jock—his own massive cock slamming against the top’s tight abs (“Jesus!” Tex smiles as his ass muscles squeeze Alex’s shaft). Tex rams Alex from behind, the bottom gripping the sheets. Alex gets in the sling, stroking as Tex’s dick disappears inside him. The top dumps his big wad on Alex’s smooth sac, the bottom unleashing his load. Direct Download

Bromo – Dick Chayne and Peter One – Workshop Whore

Car repairs can wait when there’s hot bareback sex to be had. Dick Chayne eyes up hot stud Peter before bending him over the hood of a vehicle like the workshop whore he is. Throatfucking, rimming, barebacking: nothing is off limits in this greasy bareback sexcapade! Direct Download

MEN – Arad Winwin & Griffin Barrows – LAmour

Arad Winwin and Griffin Barrows explore each other’s darkest and deepest holes and desires—savoring every inch of cock and ball. Arad pumps Griffin full of pleasure, loosening up that back entrance and unleashing his warm man juice. Direct Download

ActiveDuty – Edward Teach

This week we have a sexy young ginger standing a tall 6 feet weighing in at 155lbs with a ripe young age of just 19 years old. Edward’s motto is you only live once and while you’re young just do what feels right and experience life to the fullest. He’s an avid skateboarder when he’s not stroking his cock for all the viewers and you might be able to spot him on the basketball court playing with his friends. This genuine young man gives a sexy performance while eye fucking the camera for the majority of the time. Edward has never done anything like this before so you can see that he is a little uncomfortable while playing with his cock but that makes it real and even sexier. Edward begins to warm up as Claude moves in for his close shots revealing Edward’s furry balls and hard cock. This sexy ginger doesn’t stop with one cum load he keeps going building up another amazing cum shot for all you eager viewers. Once again Edward is ready to bust but this time he gives Claude the heads up and he moves in for the beautiful second cum load that oozes out of Edward’s hard cock. You will have to check out the outgoing interview after his second load revealing just how great and excited this young man really was.Enjoy! Direct Download

BarebackThatHole – Hans Berlin and Saul Leinad

Hans Berlin knows how to use that thick uncut slab of meat he was blessed with and he’s satisfied dozens, if not hundreds, of bareback bottoms who love to get stretched out. However, when it comes to getting fucked, Hans has a thing for black men and big black cock. Right from the start, the chemistry between Hans and Saul Leinad is palpable. The big, black and beautiful bearded daddy primes Hans by sucking his cock and toes but especially his asshole. Saul devours the delectable morsel, all but sending Hans into orbit. When he’s done, Saul kisses Hans, swapping spit with the hungry white boy, giving him a taste of his own asshole. Saul goes back to rimming Hans before grabbing hold of that monster horse cock and sliding the entire length inside Hans, who remains hard through the entire penetration. Sinking the entire length of that chocolate brown slab down to the balls, Saul rides Hans, fucking the pig bottom bareback and making him moan like a little bitch. Hans flips himself onto his back and spreads his own ass apart for Saul to take. Once Hans is all stretched out, Saul really goes to town, pumping and thrusting and slamming his throbbing shaft inside Hans, to the balls. And speaking of balls, if you like ’em big, Saul’s nuts are like the size of a grapefruit! He edges as long as he can but ends up shooting a creamy load of jizz right into Hans, seeding his hole before fucking the cum out of him. And just wait until you see Saul pull the big uncut monster out of Hans’s freshly fucked asshole! Sluuurrrppp! Direct Download

BentleyRace – Behind the scenes at my New York hotel shoot with Michael Prado

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with 20 year old Michael Prado while I was visiting New York. Michael was really apprehensive about coming and modelling for me. He’s a really nice and interesting guy. I had an interesting chat with him about his life in New York and the photoshoot went really well. Even though it was a fairly dull day in the city, the hotel windows let in lots of soft light, making his photos really beautiful. I was surprised to see this little guy was sporting such a big dick as he worked it rock hard during this shoot. Michael is super fit from playing sports and didn’t mind showing his naked body. I enjoyed the shoot we did and I’d love to get him in for another now that he’s past his first time nerves. This is the behind the scene video from Michael’s photoshoot. His first video scene is also loaded. Direct Download

BentleyRace – Jeffry Branson is jacking on my bed

My hot mate Jeffry’s new video is here. After taking loads of stripping and naked photos at my hotel, Jeffry strips one more time on the bed. Armed with some porn, lube and a fleshlight, he starts one very hot show. I follow Jeffry around the bed as he surprises me with a few new moves as he works the rubber fuck toy up and down his thick shaft. He’s a big boy and he uses all his weight as he pushes down into it. I got some great angles of Jeffry really going crazy fucking that thing. Eventually he gets up on his knees closer to the screen and tells me he’s about to cum. I get in to position just in time to capture his cum spill on to the bed. What a hot show from my handsome hung mate. Direct Download

Boysfox – Innocent twink boys cant resist

Innocent twink boys Randi & Alexandre can’t resist their natural urges when they’re together. Their hard young cocks throb with excitement as they explore each other and take it all the way, for their enjoyment & yours! Direct Download

BreedMeRaw – Scott Riley and Alex Hawk

Alex Hawk was alone and horny so he decided to text his old fuck buddy, Scott Riley. After a few minutes of sex-ting Alex said, “Door’s open. U know your way to my room.” Scott was over within minutes and the two studs got down to business reacquainting themselves with each other’s bodies. They started with some passionate making out but Scott didn’t wait long before putting Alex’s tongue to work on his beautiful rod, deepthroating right down to Scott’s ginger pubes. Alex wasn’t the only hungry guy in the room, and Scott soon flipped him over and went to town eating Alex’s ass! Of course, that paved the way for Scott to penetrate Alex’s tight, hungry hole, fucking him in several positions until Alex could take no more and eventually blew his load all over his hairy chest! This put Scott over the edge as well and he blasted all over Alex’s hairy hole before once more plunging his shaft, this time using it to plant his seed deep inside of Alex. Satisfied with his “workout” Scott dressed and left Alex to revel in the moment, but the door had barely closed before Alex texted his Daddy to see if he could get another load! Direct Download

ChaosMen – Jalen & Robbie Rivers RAW

Robbie is obviously a pro, so I was happy to put him with Jalen who had not done a full-sex scene on film. Though, given Jalen’s sensual enthusiasm during his Serviced video, I was not expecting any problems. With Robbie having video experience, we jumped right into a Raw scene. Robbie is definitely the dude in control in this video, but my guess is that Jalen will be more aggressive once he finds he can also take charge. It also helped that Jalen was really into Robbie. Jalen is more of a Top, but he proves in this video that he is an eager Bottom as well. I am eager to see Jalen fucking a dude aggressively. Robbie has some moves. He rides Jalen’s cock like a pro with is hard cock bouncing up and down as he grinds Jalen’s cock into him. Robbie is also a great Top, fucking Jalen while stroking his buddy’s cock. Jalen gets his ass fucked last, so Robbie squirts his load all over Jalen’t hole. Then, Jalen cleans his cock by sucking out that last little bits of cum, and finally blowing his own load! Direct Download

ChaosMen – Prentice Solo Toys

Prentice seems to be on a 3-to-4-year return cycle. He reached out about doing some full-on sex videos. I realized he first appeared on the site 7 years ago (2010) and did only a solo. Then, in 2014 he was down to get his dick sucked. His video with Shiloh is a ChaosMen Classic! Back then he was just 21-years-old. Since I had not seen him in so long, I wanted to get a quick video with him, and update his photos in his gallery. I asked him what his limits were, he sounded a lot more relaxed. Suck dick? Yes. Top? Yes. Bottom? Yes. At 28-years-old, Prentice is a lot more comfortable, and a lot less worried about what his friends will think. He says his lady has played with his ass a little, nothing dramatic, so I thought maybe we would have him use some small anal toys just to see how far he was willing to go. Sorry for the bare shaved pubes. He still shaves his whole body, and I didn’t remember that I needed to remind him to lay off the razors. He is still a quiet guy for the solo, but my guess is much like his video with Shiloh, he will get more verbal and into it with someone to play with. Near the end of the video he tries a couple toys. He first inserts a dildo, and it slides in nice an easy. He levels up to the butt-plug, which is actually a bit tougher to get in past its’ bulge. That one was a bit more of a struggle and he loses most of his wood. BUT, I was shocked at how quickly he regained his erection after removing it, and he cums like a sprinkler head, jizz flying in every direction. I posted this video today as a Bonus video for the week. He already had done a solo, and wanted to update his portfolio page with new photos, and didn’t think you’d mind seeing this hunk of man again on the site. Gonna give him a chance to fuck some ass, and if that goes well, who knows? Maybe we will see those big meaty legs up in the air to get fucked! Direct Download

FalconStudios – Cabin Fever – Part 1 – Donny Wright, Micah Brandt

Micah Brandt and Donny Wright are happily wrapped up in each other’s hot embrace as they kiss with manly passion. Micah’s lips traverse the landscape of Donny’s muscular body running from nipple to nipple, down along his treasure trail until he winds up hitting pay dirt as he swallows his partner’s thick erect dick. He sucks on the meat pole greedily and the two continue their sexual floorshow as they twist around so Donny can dig in and rim Micah’s ass. The big guy’s tonguing skills have his buddy tingling with excitement and every lick is marked with a satisfied moan. Having prepped Micah’s hole, Donny pierces through with his big cock. He charges right in moving in a steady rhythm, then pumps faster and faster. Micah’s eyes roll back in his head as he gasps for air, grasps his cock and strokes it until he squeezes out a milky load. Donny is quick to answer as he finishes himself off by hand and blasts Micah’s mug with his jizz. Direct Download

FalconStudios – Cabin Fever – Part 1 – Micah Brandt & Spencer Fox

Spencer Fox and Micah Brandt flirt shamelessly while playing cards, then wisely decide to ditch the game for a more rewarding past time. Spencer strips down and Micah latches onto his big fat cock mouth-first. He sucks the huge meat pole with an expertise that surprises them both even as Spencer towers over him face fucking his deep throat. The men then switch places so Spencer can work on Micah’s stick, milking it with tight lips before he swabs his ball sac with a skilled tongue. Spencer’s cock worms it way up Micah’s ass and he fucks his horny partner fast and hard. The stud’s balls swing madly back and forth as the two fuck nonstop in different configurations. Micah nears his threshold of excitement whimpering with ecstasy; it’s just too good; it feels too good! Neither man wants to stop but every thrust, every poke pushes them farther over the edge until they both end up satisfied with strings of Spencer’s spooge dripping off Micah’s face. Direct Download

FalconStudios – Cabin Fever – Part 1, Scene 3 – Chris Tyler, Boston Miles

How can Boston Miles be serious about shooting a round of pool when Chris Tyler is being a tease playing with a different set of sticks and balls? Fed up with his buddy’s horsing around, Boston challenges Chris to a more aggressive confrontation. Both studs are anxious to make sexual contact and they circle each other like hungry panthers. Boston gobbles up Chris’s meaty uncut pole sliding it easily between his lips. Boston mouths the heavy ball sack, and rims Chris’s hairy manhole. Chris pants excitedly and then makes his move to nurse on Boston’s dick. It’s not long before Chris leans against the pool table and lifts one leg up to expose his asshole. Chris’s cheekiness draws the attention of Boston’s big bat and the sexy bruiser fucks his partner aggressively, ramming in and out at a red-line pace. They gyrate into different positions still fucking until they finish laying side-by-side jerking off until each man produces a blast of juicy cum. Direct Download

FetishForce – Fisty’s Barber Shop, Scene #02 – Seamus O’Reilly, Colin Bryant & Joey D

Seamus O’Reilly and Colin Bryant are led into Fisty’s Barber Shop by top barber Joey D. Seamus reclines in the barber’s chair, and Colin sits on Seamus’ face. As Seamus rims Colin’s hole, Joey D lubes up his left arm and pushes his fist into Seamus’ hole. As his fat cock throbs in its cock ring, Seamus opens himself up wide for Joey’s thick, muscular arm. Seamus switches out with Colin, who sits down on Joey’s right fist, using the force of gravity to impale himself on Joey’s arm. Getting on all fours, Colin takes Joey’s fist up the ass as Seamus stands and feeds his cock to Colin’s mouth. With both of Joey’s arms warmed up, Seamus and Colin kneel side by side as Joey penetrates both of them with his fists. Their tight holes stretch wider than ever as Joey pushes himself in wrist-deep. Colin and Seamus get on their backs, pulling their legs back by the knees as Joey continues his overpowering anal punching assault. Standing up, Seamus and Joey stand over Colin’s face and stroke their cocks until they drench him with massive cumshots Direct Download

ChaosMen – Spiro & Theon (Raw)

This is Spiro‘s second time having sex with a dude, and I really think he turned up the energy and pushed his limits. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Theon is one sexy dude, and even for a straight guy like Spiro, he could clearly see Theon had an amazing body on him. I had asked what else he would be willing to try, and he took a quick glance at Theon and said he thought he would like to try rimming. Well OK! Theon’s ass IS amazing, no matter what team you play for. Both guys are eager cocksuckers, and I know Theon likes attention to his hole, so getting him rimmed always gets him more in the mood to be fucked. He sits right down on Spiro’s face, who hungrily eats Theon’s hole like it is a pussy. That got Theon all revved up to sit on Spiro’s cock, which didn’t seem to wilt one bit while a dude sat on his face. Hmmmmm… I gotta give props to Theon, he can really ride a cock, and those quads of his sure get a workout as he road Spiro’s rock hard dick both forwards and backwards. I remember “back in the day” when Tops used to get all the attention, but around ChaosMen, the bottoms often steal the show. Theon is no exception! I got some great undershot footage as Spiro rams him from behind. Theon’s hard dick just barely moves from the pounding because he is so hard. Making Theon cum on his back was super easy as Spiro truly knew how to fuck slow and steady and hit Theon’s prostate. Spiro also quickly learned how to breed a boy, dumping his load in Theon’s hungry hole! Direct Download

CockyBoys – Jacen Zhu & Cory Kane Flip-Fuck!

Not even a chilly spring rain can dampen the enthusiasm of adventurous Jacen Zhu! He’s visibly happy to be with Cory Kane, someone he regards as a down-to-earth, cool guy…as well as tall, lean, and packing a big dick. The rain does cut short their outdoors making out and Jacen sucking off Cory against a tree, but inside they start things right up again. The kissing and disrobing runs smoother and Jacen is unencumbered by any weather distractions as he sucks Cory’s thick cock and makes love to every inch. When it’s Cory’s turn, he hits all the right buttons as Jacen props himself on his elbows to watch, play with his nipples, and breathlessly sigh in vocal approval. Jacen Zhu eventually lifts his legs, giving Cory Kane the go-ahead to fuck him, which he does with Jacen’s leg’s resting on his shoulders. Jacen takes a deep breath and with remarkable ease, Cory slides his rock hard cock into him and pumps into him almost immediately. With his ankles in Cory’s strong grip, Jacen expresses his pure and genuine sexual pleasure to Cory and in fact encourages him to go harder. Seeing the exhilaration on Jacen’s face Cory decides he wants Jacen to give him that same pleasurable experience. Jace takes the reins and gets Cory on all fours to deep-rim him and extract from him the same vocal expressions of pleasure and tacit begging to be fucked. Jacen tops Cory doggy style, steadily eliciting a very vocal reaction that continues as they shift positions and Cory is pinned to the sofa. BUT the guys aren’t through flip-fucking. Cory tops Jacen into a slow pile-driver position before lifting him up to let him ride his cock. They switch it up once more with Cory Kane riding Jacen’s cock and meeting his thrusting hips in perfect sync. Jacen Zhu fucks a geyser out of Cory with the thick load splatters over Jacen’s ripped torso. He’s inspired to use that cum to lube his cock and stroke off as an impressed Cory watches intently. Jacen pumps out a similarly huge load, accompanied by a l..

RandyBlue – Big Dick Bareback (Full HD) 2017 Dom Ully, JD Carlo, Jacob Taylor

Dom Ully, JD Carlo, Jacob Taylor, Ashton Summers, Diego Falco, Tommy Hunter, Martin Muse, Peter Lipnik Calling all size queens, big dick worshipers, and hung-hungry pole-chasers: If you enjoy nothing more than colossal-sized cocks making raw, deep impact inside ready and willing bubble butts, lube up and get ready to be totally overwhelmed by Big Dick Bareback. Direct Download

ChaosMen – Jordan & Theon

Jordan turned out to be an amazing performer in the glory hole. His cock was bone hard and he just seemed to really get into sex. And Theon has turned out to be an amazing bottom. His cock stays rock solid while he is getting boned. Jordan initially said he wasn’t ready to suck dick, but he decided he wanted to do more work in the future, so he upped his game for this video. He did a fine job his first time out, and I think Theon was relieved to give his jaw a break from sucking Jordan’s big knob. Jordan does have a rather thick cock, so Theon picked his favorite position to get used to a fat dick. He sat on it with out much trouble, and wow, his cock REALLY likes it when his hole is being penetrated! I find the spooning position to be challenging for newbies, but Jordan was a machine, and sure enough, he pummels Theon sidewise, giving us ample view of his cock sliding in and out, making Theon’s cock even harder. Without even so much as a hiccup, he tosses Theon on his back and buries his cock deep in his hole. That was just enough to make Theon cum from getting fucked. Jordan’s first time up to breed a hole, and he nails it perfectly. Shooting a couple squirts on Theon’s hole, the burying the rest deep inside his new Greek toy! Direct Download

ChaosMen – Theon Solo

Go Greek! Theon is a hot Greek guy with a tight little bod and a huge cock on him. He is a smart and friendly guy, who has just the right amount of confidence and amiability that allows him to be immediately likable. He is into sporty girls, and loves to fuck them in the ass and make them eat his load. Theon has had a few drunken”goofing around” moments with dudes, so he is not too worried about messing with another guy, though he is uncertain how he will be while sober. Stroking his dick clearly gives him a lot of pleasure, and his solo and photos both show just how fat and long that cock is on his 5’8″ frame. His ass is equally as amazing, and he wasn’t shy about pushing it out and up in the air for us to take a gander at. His load is pretty amazing, and he just about hits himself in the face, though to be fair, his cock reaches a bit beyond his belly button to start with! Theon will be back next week for a Serviced video and my guess is he will be back to do even more in the future! Direct Download