Solo Session – GuysInSweatPants – Meeting Jai

Everyone, meet Jaime Steel. He’s a normal 23 year old guy from Texas, but with an exhibitionist side to him. Like any 23 year old, he loves sex and jerking off, and lucky for us, he just happens to like when people watch. We talked about some of his likes and interests, including fetishes and fantasies, before he dropped trou and let us watch him jerk off and play with his foreskin. He saved a couple day load for us, and it was quite impressive. So much so that he decided to lick some of it up for us! You’ll be seeing more of Jaime soon! Direct Download

Sex Scene – ColbyKnox – A Long Time Ago with Seth Alexander

A Long Time Ago with Seth Alexander: Whats not to love about Seth Alexander. He is cute, nice and has a monster between his legs. Colby and Mickey are happy to welcome him into their bed. Direct Download

Solo Session – CollegeDudes – Cristian Ray – Busts a Nut

Cristian Ray is a hot-blooded Cuban who really knows how to put on a hot show! Cristian has a big uncut cock, a beautiful bubble butt, and dark piercing eyes. Direct Download

Bareback Scene – BelAmi – Colin Hewitt & Claude Sorel

Since we are starting to run a little low on scenes filmed with condoms, we continue with the remained under the label `condom archive` on our update page.There will be quite a few of you happy to find out that todays condom archive scene features old favorite Colin Hewitt along with newer favorite, Claude Sorel.The scene was filmed in South Africa 2 years ago Direct Download

Sex Scene – DylanLucas – Daddy Daydream – Lance Hart & Marco Montgomery

Lance is having his morning coffee as usual but today he drifts off into a daydream and before you know it Marco comes walking and takes the coffee out of his hands and begins kissing him. Lance isn’t sure what’s going on but he takes Marco’s lead as Marco begins to worship his stepdads sexy built body. Lance is rock hard now that Marco is worshiping his cock and deep throating every inch of it. Marco is cock hungry and will do anything for Daddy. Lance is in heaven as his cock throbs inside of his young stepson’s mouth. Lance moves Marco over to the glass table and spreads his legs wide open so he can see his beautiful smooth hole. Lance tongue fucks Marco’s sexy tight hole prepping it for his hard cock. He makes Marco beg for it and then he pushes his big dick slowly into Marco’s tight eager hole. Marco tells his Daddy to fuck him hard and not to worry if he hurts him. Lance pounds Marco deep and hard making his whimpers louder and louder as they both get closer to climax. Lance man ..

Bareback Scene – CorbinFisher – Tyler & Kenny’s Summer Snowball

Tyler goes to town on Kenny’s hole in more ways than one, as well – while he definitely fucks Kenny hard and fast, he prepped Kenny’s hot ass with some deep rimming, burying his tongue as far in to Kenny’s hole as he could! All of the treatment Tyler is giving Kenny’s ass really drives Kenny wild, and the way he bounces back and forth on Tyler’s cock makes it quite obvious just how much he was loving having Tyler’s dick in him. Only pulling off Tyler’s cock long enough to do some ass-to-mouth sucking, Kenny quickly sits back down on that dick and is the first one to spray a load all over. Really, Kenny was the only one to spray a load all over because most all of Tyler’s load goes right in to Kenny’s hungry mouth, with Kenny then sharing Tyler’s load with him! Direct Download

Sex Scene – Bromo – Under The Bridge – Body Gold & Dee

Dee and Body Gold have some things they’d like to express, all of which may end up breaking some bylaws. But if anyone did witness this public fuck, nobody was willing to break up the party. Uninterrupted rimming, sucking and breeding ensues. With traffic whizzing over head, these two go at each other with a ferocity you’ll never get tired of watching. Direct Download

Sex Scene – MundoMais – Marcelo and Deco

Marcelo apostou no cha pra espantar o frio e ter uma noite quente com Deco. O motoqueiro teve outra ideia e preferiu partir pros finalmentes e pular as bebidas. Essa e a historia do CineSex de estreia do motoqueiro Deco e do sempre bem vindo Marcelo. Conheca a nova pagina da secao CineSex que ja esta em testes e confira nosso acervo com quase 300 cenas. Direct Download

Sex Scene – MilitaryClassified – Marciano 3

Marciano is back and lookin as fine as ever especially in his old Desert Storm Cammies! I asked him to bring them as a little role play and he delivered just fine. Watch as I manipulate this guy and get his massive uncut meat rock hard and ready for my brown little hole. This is probably one of Mariciano’s best work to date! You will love the nut delivery! Direct Download

Solo Session – LegendMen – Bryce Tucker – Video 2 Directors Cut

Solo Session – LegendMen – Bryce Tucker – Video 2 Directors Cut Direct Download

Blowjob Scene – KeumGay – Jordan and Enzo, on the rocks! part 2 of 4

Blowjob Scene – KeumGay – Jordan and Enzo, on the rocks! part 2 of 4 Direct Download

Solo Session – KeumGay – Handsome Mark in his bedroom during a webcam session

Solo Session – KeumGay – Handsome Mark in his bedroom during a webcam session Direct Download

Solo Session – KeumGay – Fabien part 3 of 4

Solo Session – KeumGay – Fabien part 3 of 4 Direct Download

Sex Scene – HardKinks – David Luca & Guillaume Wayne – Lick My Toes

Guillaume comes from France to do a hard session of sex and BDSM with David. Our new Master is evil, a true pig, and he loves having a dog at his feet to do him whatever comes out of his balls. Direct Download

BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy part 8

“Tell you what Dirk, all of this can stop right now if you suck my dick,” Jared tells the kept boy after crucifying and torturing him. “Fuck you!” Dirk replies, angered that he is being tortured after being prostituted nonstop for four weeks. “I was hoping you would say that,” Jared says with a smirk, zapping Dirk’s cock with his cattle prod. After a few more shocks, Dirk’s tune changes. A minute later he is deep-throating his torturer’s cock and sucking his balls. “Lick the tip!” Jared demands, making Dirk suck his cock while also jerking his own. Soon the cum is flying everywhere, with Dirk busting a huge load, then getting his chest covered with Jared’s cum. “I think I’m going to keep you for myself,” Jared tells the boy, ordering him to lick his still-hard cock clean. Next week: A brand-new frat boy. Direct Download

BDSM Scene – RopedStuds – Emerson Palmer part one

Tall and lanky Emerson Palmer is roped to a bench on his back by rope man J.J. He’s wearing a sleeveless shirt that barely covers his navel and some slinky AussieBum mini-briefs. An old t-shirt is wrapped over his eyes, to keep him blind. The young stud struggles and squirms, waiting for whatever awaits him. He is bound at his wrists, ankles and throat, helpless and vulnerable, if not yet completely naked. J.J. approaches and strokes his bound slave, enjoying his lean body and big cock, under his clothes. Even though he’s 26, Emerson is completely hairless, like a boy ten years younger. J.J. rips the boy’s shirt open and beats his sleek torso, then literally whips the jock off Emerson’s equally smooth cock and balls. Direct Download

BDSM Scene – RopedStuds – Jared part 5

Is there anything sexier than a super-stud like Jared naked and bound against a wall, flexing and struggling against tight ropes, waiting for whatever his rope master has planned for him? If there is, we don’t know what it is. Jared spends his summer outside shirtless, in shorts, showing off. Now, he’s naked, with his creamy ass and thick thighs standing out against his tanned torso and calves. Rope man Tynan Fox feels up his boy’s muscles, then lays into his back and ass with a flogger, turning Jared’s tanned flesh deep pink. Now it’s time to fuck that fine, white ass and stroke that proud, hard cock. Roped stud perfection. Direct Download

BDSM Scene – StraightMenInTrouble – Soccer Horror – Part One

The young soccer star was a fine specimen, tall, muscular and handsome, blond, blue eyed and hung, and he was at the mercy of two masked men. His hands were bound behind his head, feet tied to a spreader bar, and a big ball gag in his mouth rendering him practically mute. The first masked man slowly ripped and tore the uniform from his body while the poor player pathetically moaned for help thru his gag, a useless exercise, until he was nearly naked, his sexy, muscled body exposed and vulnerable. Direct Download

Hand Job Scene – ColbyKnox – Logan Cross & Mickey Knox – Mutual Assistance

Mutual Assistance: There’s nothing better than hanging out with your friends. Even more, there’s nothing better than getting off with your friends while hanging out. Sometimes you just want to have a little fun while you touch yourself. What could be better than watching your best friend touching himself while he watches you touch yourself. Both of you locking eyes and moaning with pleasure. Shooting your warm loads while your buddy smiles and watches with anticipation. What a way to spend the day. Logan Cross and Mickey Knox know exactly how they are spending their day. Laying in the sun shooting their warm loads together. Direct Download

BDSM Scene -DreamboyBondage – Curtis – Tortre Twink park 5

Young Curtis is bent over and locked in the pillory, completely naked and terrified. You can hear the fear in his whimpers. He knows he is going to be hurt; he just doesn’t know how. Then Jared appears, wearing nothing but skin-tight athletic briefs. He holds a short, leather strap – a device made to beat a boy’s ass. Jared spanks Curtis hard, then shows him a huge, rigid dildo. Curtis can’t believe his eyes: The thing must be a foot long! The poor, helpless boy screams and moans as Jared fucks him for an hour. Curtis thinks his ordeal might be over, that the ass-fucking was the climax. He couldn’t be more wrong. Jared puts a steel ring around the base of his balls, then attaches two electrodes. “What are you doing?” Curtis asks, on the verge of panic. Then the first shock hits. There are many more to come. Direct Download