HotHouse – Blindfolded – Austin Wolf, Logan Moore & Skyy Knox

Blindfolded and sprawled onto the bed doggy-style, Skyy Knox eagerly awaits his anonymous stuffing. Beefy stud Austin Wolf sneaks in from behind and dives straight into Skyy’s hairless fuck hole, lathering Skyy’s ass with spit. After prepping Skyy’s hole, Austin hits record on his phone as he pushes his fat member into Skyy’s ass. Starting off slow, Austin picks up speed hooking Skyy by the mouth with his finger as he drills his eager center. Austin invites his friend Logan Moore to have a turn while Skyy is still blindfolded. Austin films Logan having his turn then joins in taking turns pounding their unknowing bottom. The Skyy’s surprise, Austin reveals his double-cock secret by feeding him his cock while Logan stuffs him from behind. Not opposed in the slightest, Skyy takes every single thrust as the hunks take turns on his holes. With Skyy on his back and Austin pumping his hole, Logan oozes a thick load onto Skyy’s face and mouth. Austin feeds Skyy the creamy spunk until Skyy blow..

HardKinks – Lucas Costa & Rafa Marco – Friendpigs

Lucas and Rafa can be really nasty pigs, they love to get horny eating their cocks, doing fingers in their asses, licking eachothers feet and armpits and fucking as if there was no tomorrow. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

MenPov – Day Date – Colt Rivers & Tony Shore

Big-dick top pounds bubble-butt bottom after a cute kite date Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

ChaosMen – Jerome & Phineas RAW

Both these guys cum from getting fucked! Not a big deal to you? Well, this was Jerome’s first time taking a cock, and he found out he loved it! Jerome practiced at home with a small toy, but was still anxious about bottoming for the first time. He is always turned-on during the shoots, and despite thinking he was completely straight, he has been enjoying the videos and really pushing his boundaries. He has moved himself more center on the sexuality meter. I figured he would go soft while getting fucked, but he stayed hard. Once, while Phineas was fucking him and playing with his cock, we had to halt shooting or risk an early cum shot. No doubt that he was enjoying it! Phineas is a Power Bottom, but he is actually a great Top too. This is his first time Topping for ChaosMen. It took a bit to get Phineas’ cock inside Jerome, but after a few minutes, Jerome had an “Ah Ha!” moment when he realized why guys like to be fucked. We shot most of the video straight through. Lots of passion ..

CorbinFisher – Bareback – Kennedy Seeds Kellan

Kennedy’s big dick definitely does the trick on Kellan here – after getting fucked by Kennedy standing up and bent over, then riding Kennedy for awhile (with some hot ass-to-mouth sucking thrown in), Kellan finds himself on his back, legs in the air, getting closer and closer to orgasm as Kennedy’s cock pumps his hole. Kellan’s the more experienced of these two, but with that long cock sliding in and out of his ass he found himself feeling things he’d never felt before, and completely and totally at the mercy of Kennedy’s cock. Kellan’s riding Kennedy was a particularly hot position for these two, as we could plainly see how hard Kellan’s own dick was while getting fucked. Though Kellan couldn’t help but blow his load fairly quickly here, there was no way the fucking was going to stop at that point. Kennedy still wanted Kellan’s ass, and Kellan still wanted to get fucked long and hard until Kennedy fills him with cum. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

MEN – Hat Trick Part 3 – Andy Star, Ely Chaim, Lucas Fox, Paddy O’Brian

Paddy and his three lovers-Lucas Fox, Andy Star, and Ely Chaim-finally work up the courage to all fuck around together. With boners raging and cum flowing, it is sure to be something they partake in often. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

Realitydudes – Dudes In Public 4 – Spencer Whitman Fucks Brandon Evans

A walk on the beach quickly turns naughty as these two guys begin exploring their tight bodies, huge cocks, and hot asses all in plain sight Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

FuckerMate – Endless Hole – Viktor Rom & Jonathan Forrest

How many times after a dirty dream have you woke up with a cock hard like a stone and whit a urgent desire for rough sex? That was exactly what happened to our power top Viktor Rom: after dreaming all night long with sexy Jonathan Forrest, his dreams come true as soon as the Italian hungry bottom joins him in bed. Jonathan gives his best this time, stretching his asshole as never before to receive Viktor’s huge Latin cock deep inside. His ass seems not to have a end and Viktor pounds it in every possible position, while Jonathan continues to beg for more dick and for harder fucking: with two sex pigs fucking so hard, it could only end up with a thick load of cum all over Jonathan’s destroyed asshole! Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

HotGuysFuck – Derek Casey Fucks Nicole Kidd

HotGuysFuck – Derek Casey Fucks Nicole Kidd Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

CumPigMen – Chrisbots Progress To Perfection (with Christian Mathews)

You guys know my motto, I have it tattooed on my side: progress not perfection. So when I get the chance to be blown by Chrisbot, I figure he knows what he’s doing. Well-known in the industry, Chrisbot’s mouth is always wet and his appetite for jizz is insatiable; should be fun for On the table, serving me up like a piece of meat, Chrisbot goes to work and doesn’t let up the suction until I nut. His lips wrap tightly around my head, shaft and balls as he sweats and slobbers. I can’t really explain what he did, but fuck, he can blow a guy as close to perfection as it gets. I hate to admit it, I’m a busy porn star myself, that boy had me cumming in under 15 minutes, no lie. Christian Mathews is the latest in a long line of satisfied men. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

DudesRaw – Fetish

This fun DudesRaw compilation focuses on fetishes and the pleasures derived from bondage and role play. The first video has Emerick Tylor giving Drew Michaels a good paddling. Tied up and “whacked,” the boy gives a, “yes, sir,” for more. Once other “stimulants” are used to get Drew ready, Emerick lets the bonded boy have a lick before he goes in the sling. Working a sizeable dildo in Drew’s hole, Emerick watches as the boy delivers a nice load. Wearing his favorite puppy outfit, Buck Wilde bends over to receive a fun paddling from Jay Mars. Like any “good boy,” he likes to be stroked and taken care of; Jay has a mouthful of the puppy before they go inside. Fucking Buck on the bed, this puppy produces two loads for his master; Jay follows up with a wetting of his own. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

EastBoys – Will Banks – Casting Part One – Handjob

Now for something most of you have been waiting for, Will Banks is here to experience his first handjob! Will’s cock gets hard in no time, responding to attention received from Mr. Hand Jobs. Will gets fully immersed in action and gets involved as well. How fun ends is predictable yet I suggest you see for yourselves! Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

FetishForce – Cops In Cuffs, Scene #02 – Max Cameron And Kirk Cummings

Officer Kirk Cummings was no match for pervy hooligan Max Cameron. After attempting to arrest Max for loitering around the cruising grounds, Max brings Kirk back to his secret sex dungeon. Officer Kirk is helpless and immobilized with his own cuffs, but despite his predicament he can’t help getting a throbbing boner. Max sits his ass down and fucks himself on Kirk’s hard rod, ignoring Kirk’s pleading and protestations. Max grabs his nipples and strokes his cock as he raises and lowers himself on Kirk’s meat stick. With sweat streaking across their bodies, Max stands and thrusts his cock deep into Kirk’s pig hole. Reaching into a bag, Max pulls out a brutal-looking black leather flogger and uses it to turn Kirk’s ass pink. A leather paddle appears next from Max’s bag of tricks, further leaving its mark on Kirk’s defenseless ass. With Kirk’s humiliation evident, Max plows Kirk’s hole once again, fucking the vulnerable officer as hard as he can. When Max has his fill of Kirk’s hole, he st..

FrenchDudes – Titouan & Dimitri Swaroski – I Must Work Now

Dimitri Swarsoki is busy cleaning up after closing. Titouan joins him and looks like the action hasn’t stopped for the night as these two strip down. Titouan is a true ass lover and buries his face in Dimitri’s ass taking in the full flavor of this sexy bearded guy; even the sneakers get in on the action. Gloving up, Titouan starts pumping Dimitri’s ass. They swap positions as they go at it. Titouan stands over Dimitri’s face and showers his torso with a huge hot load. Then Dimitri follows adding his own huge load. The cum shots were so good, we included a slow-mo for all of us to enjoy. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

GayHoopla – Sean Costin Fucks Alex Griffen

GayHoopla – Sean Costin Fucks Alex Griffen Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

BoundGods – Christian Wilde & Jacob Durham – Self-Reflection

House dom, Master Christian Wilde, awaits on the rim chair, gazing down on the muscled slave before him. Jacob Durham lies on the ground in a leather straight-jacket, bit-gag in place as a tight noose pulls on Jacob’s fat cock and balls. He’s dragged across the floor by his balls until he’s gazing up at Christian’s perfect, hairy hole. As Christian bounces up and down on his slave’s tongue, the bound slave tries with all his might to stretch his tongue past the gag, just enough to taste his master’s hole. Locked in the one-way box, Jacob sees nothing but his own face screaming back at him as the double flogger wails on his body. The box ends up being a claustrophobic, mind-fuck so Jacob’s released and given air, only to feel the sting of Christian’s braided floggers. He next endures the cattle prod all while a row of clover clamps torment his meaty chest. Master Wilde finally rewards his boy with a deep ass pounding before blasting Jacob with a mouthful of cum. Go through the captch..

CollegeBoyPhysical – Panic Attack In My Ass

CollegeBoyPhysical – Panic Attack In My Ass Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

CollegeDudes – Newbie Blue Cole Broken-in By Corey

Corey Woods and Blue Cole run their hands all over each other as they kiss, their cocks already hard before their pants even come off, but when they do these guys enjoy some serious oral. Corey goes down on Blue first, dominating that cock with his warm mouth, and the he lies back and lets Blue get at his massive prick. Blue uses his hands and mouth on Corey, working that dick until it’s hard as fuck and then climbing on top of Corey and pushing Corey’s long shaft into his tight hole, that cock penetrating deep into Blue’s ass as he starts to ride it. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

MenOver30 – Jace Chambers & Kacey Jones

Jace has brought his boyfriend Kacey to the new warehouse space he has rented to build his Wood Shop. The space is filled with junk, but Jace tells Kacey that he got a good deal on the rental because he is going to clear it out for the landlord. Soon the conversation turns to sex and Jace wants to spice up their relationship and have sex right there. Kacey agrees and they start making out with each other. Jace gets down on his knees first and begins sucking Kacey’s cock. Kacey doesn’t want to cum yet so he starts sucking on Jace’s long dick. Jace has Kacy climb up on a table and he rims and fingers his ass. Kacey’s balls dangle in front of Jace as he rims deeper into that smooth sexy ass. He then bends Kacey over the table and fucks him long and deep. After a while both climb up on the table and Jace continues to fuck him in a couple more positions until Jace cannot hold back further and he pulls out and shoots his load which make Kacey blasts his soon after. Go through the captcha ..

MenOnEdge – Zaid Powers – Edged at the Cinemas

Dominic Pacifico is all horned up down at the dirty porno theater, when he notices a hot stud, Zaid Powers walk in. Once the theatre clears out, and the two are left alone, Dominic decides to take advantage of the situation. He binds Zaid in tight rope, with a gag lodged in his mouth so the theater attendant won’t hear. The horny perv tears away the boy’s underwear and indulges himself with the thick piece of meat that dangles before him. The tit suckers make his nipples extra sensitive, driving himself into a craze of laughter from the extreme tickling. Legs spread wide, Zaid’s hole is opened up for Dominic’s tongue to glide up and down, all while the fleshjack jacks his hard cock right to the edge. Finally, Zaid oozes cum all over Dominic’s stroking hand before he’s tormented with one more round of tickling and cock-polishing! Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links