AlphaMaleFuckers – Sex Scene – Tom Wolfe and Scott Hunter

AlphaMaleFuckers – Sex Scene – Tom Wolfe and Scott Hunter


Morning in the woods, Scott is up early and waiting by the fire for his friend to wake up. Tom finally emerges and the first thing he does is to have a piss in full view of Scott, which gets caught staring at it. it’s an open offer and they don’t waste any time. They kiss out in the open and Scott pushes Tom over to the car, he lays on the bonnet while Scott takes the hard cock out and kneels down to worship it. Tom lets him work on his shaft but they swap places and Tom returns the favour; sucking on the hard prick poking out of Scott’s fly. They move back inside the tent where Scott, on all fours, offers his ass to tom’s fingers and tongue. Tom takes him from behind and fucks him deep before turning him on his back and ramming his cock balls deep inside Scott until they both cover Scott’s stomach with thick loads of fresh hot cum.

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