Arousing Faith – Derrick Dime & Pierce Hartman

Arousing Faith – Derrick Dime & Pierce Hartman

Arousing Faith - Derrick Dime & Pierce Hartman

Almost all the guys have made it back home for the reunion, but unfortunately for Pastor Pierce Hartman, they’re all off in town. Derrick Dime, luggage still in hand, finds him alone his room reading, and they share the warm embrace of longtime friends. As Derrick Dime sits down and eases in, Pierce Hartman catches him up on all the news. Derrick’s clearly a bit shocked to find out so much shenanigans have taken place, but he shifts the conversation to Pierce. Pierce informs him that he’s now a pastor and the look on Derrick Dime’s face sinks a bit. He asks Pierce how that effects his sexual behavior and Pierce Hartman assures him the two are cohaibitable inspirations. With that, he grabs Derrick and they begin to make out on the bed. Derrick Dime struggles to get out of his tight clothes because he’s halfway consumed with getting at Pierce Hartman’s cock. Ripping the pastor’s jeans off him, Derrick Dime sucks Pierce Hartman to a sweaty frenzy before repairing to his knees and watching Pierce return the favor. Pierce Hartman gags on Derrick Dime’s huge cock but what he really wants is a nice penitent pounding, so Derrick bends him over obliges.
Derrick Dime’s cock feels good as sin to Pierce, who pushes back against Derrick’s body, taking his dick to the base, before mounting him and grinding away with a conviction that borders on fanatical. Pierce Hartman lets loose his holy seed as Derrick Dime blasts him with a second coming, and they bask in the glory of abundance, they realize they are both in good hands going forward.

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