Atticus & Noah Riley serviced

Atticus & Noah Riley serviced

Atticus & Noah Riley serviced

Wow! This is an amazing Serviced video, with two guys who are totally into sucking and pleasing each other’s cocks!
You can see a Bossy Top vibe that Atticus has when he takes control of Noah from the outset. He is all about toying and teasing his new buddy. Noah was dripping precum the whole time!
The verbal on this video is really hot. You might have to turn your speakers up as Atticus whispers some amazingly hot things to Noah!
The two also clearly love to kiss each other!
They also rim each other, but pay close attention to Atticus as he plays with Noah’s boy hole! Yep, that looks like a natural Top to me! Sucking and licking his hole while also making sure his cock is teased really showcases the skills Atticus has in bed!
Noah didn’t miss out on rimming Atticus either. He has such a massive frame that we got him upright so Noah could plunge his tongue deep.
They get in a 69 position with Noah on bottom. Atticus keeps his cock planted in Noah’s mouth while working his cock extra hard.
That makes Noah cum, and he is left gasping for air with Atticus mass practically suffocating him!
They swap places so Atticus can rim and play with his Noah’s hole. That gets Atticus hard again, so Noah moves in between his legs to get into a Full Servicing position!
Noah makes Atticus cum and it mirrors perfectly his own cum shot. They both lap up the oozing seed from each other’s cock!
Noah finishes it off by sharing Atticus’s load with a nice cummy kiss!

Duration: 21mn 56s 629ms  Length: 489 MiB
Video:  AVC at 2 999 Kbps, 1280 x 720
Audio: AAC at 109 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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