Aya Arcos (2014)

Aya Arcos (2014)

Aya Arcos (2014)

when successful writer Edu falls in love with a young hustler, Fabio, his initial fear is about contracting HIV, but emotional matters soon loom large as well … (IMDB)

Aya Arcos (2014) – directed by: Maximilian Moll; countries: Brazil, Germany
Maximilian Moll’s first feature film, AYA ARCOS, roams with its two unequal heroes around a never-cooling Rio de Janeiro, a city in which beauty and melancholy, life’s ease and its difficulty, often go side by side. Edu, a successful author, falls in love with 21-year- old hustler Fabio. Their relationship is wild and passionate. Fabio enjoys his carefree life. Their sex is unprotected and, to Edu’s mind, much too dangerous. But it becomes increasingly clear to the older of the two that he has always shied away from love. A human being is a cheap spectacle is what he believes. Much too late he now discovers what it means to live for the moment … (tla)

IMDB tt3989444

original Portuguese with English hardsubtitles

Duration: 1h 23mn 50s 280ms Length: 964 MiB
Video: AVC at 1 420 Kbps, 720 x 404

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