BadPuppy – Roger Gharney, Michael Getlin & Ted Philo

BadPuppy – Roger Gharney, Michael Getlin & Ted Philo


Roger Gharney, Michael Getlin, and Ted Philo join us on Badpuppy and give us multiple, hands-free cumshots. These guys are on fire! Finished with a morning of construction work our three studs want a little play time before the afternoon work schedule starts. Michael and Ted climb up the ladder and Roger begins servicing their hot cocks thru the rungs in the ladder. Ted is overcome with excitement and immediately blows a load of thick creamy goodness all over Roger. This turns Michael on and he immediately begins squirting his jizz while Roger licks the shaft of his cock. Climbing down the ladder Michael and Ted begin servicing Roger’s thick and stimulated cock. Together, they both go at his cock until Roger cums all over the floor. Michael and Ted voraciously lick Roger’s cock until all of the juice has dripped out. Very excited again, Ted blows yet another load all over the floor. Moving back to the ladder Michael places his ass just where Roger can get to his hot hole where he begins chowing down on Michael’s hungry ass as Michael continues to suck Ted’s very hard cock. Primed and ready, Roger shoves his cock up Michael’s ass and pounds him for a few minutes. Ted, wanting some of Roger’s cock up his hole, switches position with Michael where Ted services his cock while Roger pounds away at his man-hole. Michael surprises us again with another cum shot just as he takes his cock out of Ted’s mouth. Very excited, Ted shoots his jizz without even touching his cock and then Roger blows a load all over Ted’s backside. This has to be one of the hotter three ways we’ve had in a while and I know that you will enjoy it.

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