BaitBuddies – Jordan B & Grayson

BaitBuddies – Jordan B & Grayson


This week we welcome back Jordan W as our lure! Jordan continues to be hitting the seaside and also the gym much more plus it exhibits. Their body simply keeps getting his bronze in addition to better

Jordan presents us to some friend of his from university called Grayson. Grayson is in a short time the chilly and ideal may occur there thus Jordan spoke Grayson into visiting California and striking the beach and from Salt Lake City Utah. Grayson is just a dream come true! He’s 6’2”, 200 lbs, with brown eyes, blonde hair, along with a stunning 8.5″ heavy wang

although Grayson found California hitting the seaside, he likewise arrived here to complete another thing… Jordan had told Grayson that that it is gay adult and he’s been modeling. Remarkably Grayson believed when he actually attempted a man he then would rather to complete it and was interested herself

Caruso has both men operate and undress. Once bare, the awkwardness started in and giggling could not stop. He began to write out with Jordan while patting one another’s cocks and rapidly got herself together. Jordan chose to shove-it in his mouth after patting Graysonis large dick. Grayson was difficult like a rock died to obtain fucked therefore Grayson set on condom and lubed-up! Grayson banged Jordan till he arrived before capturing an enormous weight of their own and taking out

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