BeefcakeHunter – BBC Jamal welcoming 2017

BeefcakeHunter – BBC Jamal welcoming 2017


BBC Jamal welcoming 2017 is a video that I felt very much tempted to post before the end of last year, but I thought: what a better way to start this New Year adventures than with a BBC!

I know there are many Hunters like me, that just can’t get enough of BBC! Right?

Beefcake Jamal is an Ebony god, very easy going, the tallest Beefcake so far, with a delicious 9” cock that he was modest enough to say it is 8” only.

Jamal is a plumber that has been on call for work, but also a student trying to make some extra bucks with the increasingly spare time he has.

While shooting this BBC Jamal welcoming 2017 video, he mentioned that he fucked a girl few days ago and that she deep throated him, but she didn’t give him eye contact he likes while getting serviced. Well, I gave him a lot of eye contact, but I have the feeling that she deep throated him more…. bitch! LOL, probably she is a professional, I am not, I am just a beginner…LOL

Beefcake Jamal was wearing loose underwear, perfect for me to sneak my hand into it and touch his cock while still soft, I don’t have to tell you what I was thinking when I noticed the size even when soft. This perfect, big, delicious chocolate meat is a delicacy that I had to enjoy without rush, so I took my time licking his balls and cock head, Jamal seemed eager to get blown, but I made him wait a little bit more, and what hot reactions Jamal gave us when I finally started suck him!

I think he was expecting me to be more aggressive at the beginning but that came later when I practically went nuts within his legs, with a big cock like this one I also enjoy giving hand jobs and this time I used both hands. With a combination of fast blow job and hand job I made BBC Jamal welcoming 2017 with a nice cumshot that I didn’t waste time to put it in my mouth! Welcome 2017!

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