BeefCakeHunter – Blowing Gaston Once Again

BeefCakeHunter – Blowing Gaston Once Again


Blowing Gaston once again, is something that I have been craving for a while, then I finally got the call and I knew this would make many Hunters happy: blowing Beefcake Gaston once again! I don’t know if it’s my idea but he looks more of a man, very masculine but playful, I like that part of his personality and that is why I enjoy working with him, of course besides that he is SOOOOOOO cute , nice body and a nice cock, big enough to enjoy sucking it for hours, the only thing that I may not like about this cutie, is the fact that he has his balls very sensitive and he doesn’t allow me to play with them too much, and you know how much I LOVE to lick, suck and play with the Beefcakes balls, for me is just part of a ritual LOL.
I noticed this time that he enjoyed to pose for the pictures and he even made some “fashion model” faces, he is just adorable! I loved also how he encourages you to enjoy his videos and jerk off! Lol that was amazing from him, there is no doubt after this third video that Gaston is a very sexual young man that is ready to be serviced at any time, he has the stamina and virility to make himself any gay man’s dream and did you guys see that cum shot? Amazing right? That cum shot made me even hungrier for his cock, that I spent a minute or so after he came, sucking his cock and making him moan a little bit more LOL.
I hope to spend more time with him soon and I also hope he decides to visit my back door entrance again! Blowing or getting fucked by Gaston here at Beefcake Hunter Land should be often for the enjoyment of all of us. Have a great weekend Hunters! Spend some time with Gaston….

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