BeefcakeHunter – Showing Frankie few things

BeefcakeHunter – Showing Frankie few things


Showing Frankie few things were easy, as he surprisingly came more relaxed to this session, yeah… Beefcake Frankie was feeling at home this time!

After a quick chat about his self-loving habits, I got Frankie to lay down on the bed so the feet lover Hunters get a better visual of his luscious feet, and honestly I love Frankie’s feet myself.
He started by touching his cock and then it shows to be very hard, of course I did not waste any time on getting my oral love on it! It was awesome seeing and feeling how this sexy young dude enjoyed my servicing this time, especially when I went deep down on his balls. The first things I showed him was how good a tongue can feel a little bit down on his balls, nipples, and armpits, and of course how good a face fuck while laying down in bed can be. Frankie showed me a few things himself, with a lot of appreciation: both verbally and physically. Including when he was sobbing my back for a bit, that reminds me old flame Karavana, wow!

Doggy style fuck was next on the menu, there was not much to show, other than how a submissive male can be there SO willing to get pounded by him. So again, it was back to showing Frankie few things; I made him lay down again on the bed and I rode him reverse cow-gay LOL. He seemed so amused that put his hands on my butt, but I showed him how to snap my ass, and that was kind of funny for him I guess. After that, I switched my role from submissive to somehow dominant and I ventured to grab his neck and passionately played with his lips. At that point I felt like I could do anything I pleased with this young Beefcake.

Finally, I showed him my “la metralleta” signature move that drove him crazy. I am sure that none of his ex-girlfriends have done this to him. Wow, I felt like a good teacher showing Frankie few things. Hopefully next time he can put to practice what he learned. I hope you guys enjoy this video Hunters!

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