Boys and The City Part Three

Boys and The City Part Three

Boys and The City Part Three

This is the third series of stories about boys from the city. Rudy Black is rushing to the fitness center, and on the stairway inside the building he meets Kevin (Kevin Kraus) and Adam (Adam Zarsky), who are going to visit Colin (Colin Reeves). But Colin again doesn’t open the door. Is he home or not?
Lucky Taylor probably doesn’t have a bigger hobby than meeting new guys! Today too, Lucky is in a hurry, so that he can try out one of them (Daren Hecker) in bed.
A new boy has appeared in the city! He is 2 meters tall, and his name is Benjamin (Benjamin Dunn). He will tell us something about himself and what he likes and dislikes, and he will introduce his buddy (Philip Mason) to us.
Benjamin and Philip have a meeting with Jack (Jack Robbins), and they are planning to do something interesting together. But Jack is nowhere to be found. It’s no wonder, because Jack is getting it on with Colin (Colin Reeves).
And what are Adrian Rogers and Jason Mannato doing at the moment?
There are too many boys in the city!
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