Boys and The City Part Two

Boys and The City Part Two

Boys and The City Part Two

Joshua (Joshua Campi) and Rudy (Rudy Black) often meet in the fitness center, and thanks to their common friends Kiko (Kiko Hyde) and Mario (Mario Parada) they even like to enjoy each other’s company. But where are Kiko and Mario today? Instead of exercising in the fitness center, they are at home getting it on.
Every week, Nick (Nick Deniels) and Nikolas (Nikolas Markov) go to the aqua park to enjoy swimming and looking at the hard cocks of other guys in the showers. Immediately after swimming, Nick is trying to pick up another boy.
Today the moment has come that Joshua has been waiting for, and he has met Rudy in the shower at the fitness center for the first time. And so while under the shower, Joshua and Rudy agreed on what they would do today, and in a little while they will enjoy “relaxation” together in Joshua’s bed.
Damian (Damian Dickey) has completely different interests. His main hobbies are chatting on the internet, masturbating in front of a webcam and meeting new guys. This time, too, he is meeting a new guy and will enjoy hot sex with him!
Photo casting has changed into hot sex! Kenny Jacobs has invited Kevin Kraus to his home studio, but no photographing occurred. The boys immediately started to get it on.
Lucky (Lucky Taylor) has a meeting today with Robin Few. He is waiting for him at the bus stop, and Kevin (Kevin Ateah) and Rudy (Rudy Black) arrive. These two boys always catch Lucky when he has a meeting agreed on with someone.
‘Hi, Lucky!’ ‘Hi, Guys! You’re monitoring me, aren’t you?’ ‘No, we just like to monitor your statuses on Facebook.
Today, however, Lucky escapes his trackers and enjoys sex with Robin in private.

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