BoysHalfwayHouse – Brody Michaels – Arrogant P.O.S. Bathroom Bang

BoysHalfwayHouse – Brody Michaels – Arrogant P.O.S. Bathroom Bang


Every once in a while we get a resident that just inspires extreme disdain. This arrogant piece of shit is one of those guys. At dinner one night he decided to mouth off, and afterward he went to work out. Upon his return he made a snide remark as he went to take a shower. This was the final straw. I mean, this dumb-ass has more tats and piercings than he has brain cells. I walked in on him showering and shoved a bar of soap in his mouth. As he rinsed the soap out, I yanked out my cock and began stroking it – just so he would know what was coming next. Next thing you know, this P.O.S. was on his knees with my cock in his mouth. This fucking retard probably hadn’t been treated like the arrogant son of a bitch that he is in a while, so it made me feel good to be putting him in his place. As he leaned over the bathtub, I spit on his ass and shoved my cock inside him. The dumb motherfucker has a nice hole, that’s for sure. As i picked up the pace he didn’t make too much noise, and soon he was on the counter with his legs in the air. By this point he had an erection as I was stuffing his ass with dick – go figure. I spit on him, choked him out, and kept fucking him as he lie there with a look of slight confusion. Once he was riding my cock on the floor, I could see that he still had a raging boner. I grabbed his cock and he came almost instantly. He obviously bats for the fruity team. I guess those types of guys, like many women, get off on being treated like insignificant fuck holes. I got some of his cum on my hand, and I made him lick it off – I didn’t want that all over me. I made him bounce up and down faster until I was on the verge. Once I was close, I put his head onto the toilet seat and came right into his mouth and all over his face. I could see my cum streaming down his tongue to the back of his throat. It looked like he wasn’t sure whether to swallow it or gargle with it. What a douche. I’m not sure he’ll clean up his act, but at least I got my dick wet.

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