BoysHalfwayHouse – Charlie Bronson – Swinging In His Batting Cage

BoysHalfwayHouse – Charlie Bronson – Swinging In His Batting Cage


Aside from death and taxes, rent is right up there on the list of the inevitable things in life. The way some of these residents act, however, you’d think they’d never heard of paying rent in their life. They are late, they don’t have it all, they beg for more time to pay, etc…

While most of the health plans pay for most of the stuff, including tests, it is incumbent on the residents to pay weekly for their room and board. Not only does this build a sense of responsibility, it encourages them to get a job and join the real world of working folk.

This idiot had basically refused to get a job, and the little money he gets a hold of he seems to spend on video games and over-priced protein powder. It’s amazing that after all we do for these guys, they don’t see the value of keeping their financial commitments. I told this guy that we’d have to work something out. He knew what I meant and he didn’t seem to mind at first. I asked him to get undressed and work it up. Then I have him get on the floor and I shoved my cock in his mouth. Damn, this straight boy isn’t a bad cocksucker! I let him blow me for quite a while before I decided to throat fuck him. Using a straight guys mouth like a pocket pussy is fantastic, and I made sure to ram the back of his throat hard. This oral stuff, however, ended up being the least of his worries.

Up on the bed on his knees, for the first time I realized what an impeccable ass this guy has. Must be from all the sports and working out. Hot damn! I drop some lube on his ass and tell him to loosen it up for me. Once he had fingered himself a bit, I go for it. Breaking this straight cherry was sheer joy. Just the right amount of tightness and warmth. Since he is so macho, he barely flinched as I kept going faster and deeper. Eventually, though, the whinces and looks of pain began to appear across his face. That encouraged me even more to tear up his hole.

By the time I was done with him, I’m pretty sure that he was re-thinking his decision to forego rent in exchange for sexual favors. Just to make doubly sure, I make him go ass to mouth on my cock, and then dump an entire load into his mouth. He almost threw up. It was beautiful seeing the look of disgust on his face.

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