BoysHalfwayHouse – Incident # 094 – Catholic School Boy Misery (Leo Wright)

BoysHalfwayHouse – Incident # 094 – Catholic School Boy Misery (Leo Wright)


Most guys who are trying to break Rule #1 at the House at least try to be somewhat discreet about it. Not this guy. He practically had his contraband out in the open, in a very large container. We don’t know who in the hell he thinks he is, but he gets taken down extremely fast. I barely had time to grab my camera before the fun began.
One of my House Manager buddies had seen him with his stash, and he rushed the dumbass into the private room. It didn’t take much of a search, and when confronted, he plays dumb. The problem here, I believe, is that he went to a Catholic school, graduating not more than a year and a half ago. He is used to a slap on the wrist and then back to business as usual. Well, the real world isn’t a church school playground, and he needs to learn this ASAP.

Before he knows it, he is naked and on the floor. Stunned, he doesn’t even know how to react. But once he has a dick in his mouth and another in his hand, he finally begins to see the full consequences of his actions. Once we have throat fucked him long enough, we tie him up on the bed and begin to examine his hole. It’s a tight one, for sure. Good thing we have a full bottle of lube on hand!

My buddy and I take turns fucking him, and it starts out as quite a chore. The guy is surprisingly tight. No matter, once we both have had him in a few positions, he is loose enough. The other House Manager is finally able to go to town on his hole, and then I get my chance. It feels good fucking a goody two-shoes schoolboy. I get close pretty damn quick, and drop my load all over his freshly de-virginized asshole. This piece of shit had better start learning the ways of the world, or his hole is going to look like ground beef by the time he gets out of the House.

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