BoysOnEdge – Milo – A Warm Wet Evening – Milo Fisher

BoysOnEdge – Milo – A Warm Wet Evening – Milo Fisher

Milo - A Warm Wet Evening

Milo turns on the showerhead and the warm water begins to fall onto his toned body. He displays his face and torso, but withholds in anticipation, the sight of his his package below.

He grabs some soap and begins to lather himself up, then finally revealing his cock, only slightly aroused at this point.

Milo starts to get into himself as he tries to stay focused on his shower ritual, but finally he gives into temptation

Turning off the water, he sits himself down in the corner of the tile-covered shower.

Now fully erect and completely drawn into his temptation, Milo begins to masturbate, playing with the tip of his cock as if imagining an accompanying hand other than his own.

Stroking and stroking, his abdominals tighten and legs twitch as he oozes his cum out of his cock letting it drip down onto his hand, still slowly stroking. Then he begins to stroke faster and harder. It’s a surprise when in the final moments; he releases a second load, shooting into the air and onto the tile of the shower beneath him. Steamy to say

Length: 334 MiB
Duration: 19mn 24s 600ms
Video: AVC at 2 276 Kbps,Aspect: 1440 x 816 (1.765) at 20.000 fps
Audio: AAC at 128 Kbps

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