BrutalTops – Session 334 – Master Derek and Master Edward

BrutalTops – Session 334 – Master Derek and Master Edward


Fag, My Mate Will Fuck You As You Suck My Dick!

Arse Fucking: Cock Sucking: Faggot Humiliation

Angry Masters Derek and Edward continue their vicious mistreatment of this pathetic runt. The sub is completely nude and the domineering tops take it in turns to scream abuse at him and thrash him with a belt.

Master Derek strips and rams his dick deep into the sub’s mouth, making him ream whilst Derek enjoys the view and barks more orders at the prostrate lad.

Soon Derek can hold himself back no longer and proceeds to fuck the living daylights out of the sub’s slack arsehole. This excites Edward who also fucks the runt with a huge dildo on a pole. Eventually Derek pumps his sticky load into the face of the defenceless wimp.

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