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BelAmi – Sex Scene – Raphael Nyon And Roald Ekberg

He may have been with us for just a year and a half, but Raphael Nyon certainly knows how to take control of a situation. Today he is paired up with Roald Ekberg, and despite the lack of a common language, the 2 have no problem communicating their desires to each other. What starts our with a massage ends up as steamy and sweaty sex with Raphael Nyon in the drivers seat and setting the pace as he wants it. Roald Ekberg, as usual is up for anything his partner asks of him, pulling out just in time to shoot his load all over Raphael Nyon‘s satisfied ass. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Rhys Jagger And Rick Lautner

Our 2 boys today have something in common that is not evident from just looking at them. They are both production assistants for us, Rick Lautner in Prague and Rhys Jagger running the BelAmi Bratislava Studio, and today’s scene is filmed in our 3rd main location, Budapest. Sleepy head Rhys Jagger is woken up in the nicest possible way by Rick, who after finishing his morning ablutions, is horny and can’t wait for Rhys to wake up on his own. Rick Lautner is on top for this encounter, although it could have gone either way, as both are terrific versatile performers. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Rhys Jagger And Torsten Ullman

Today you get a special treat. Not only have we paired two of your favourites, Rhys Jagger and Torsten Ullman, but the “cum celebration” in this flip flop scene is truly beautiful. Rhys so enjoys being fucked by Torsten that he rewards him with 2 orgasms. Torsten also cums twice! Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Rocco Alfieri And Allen Koshkin

We have had a few scenes recently where we asked some of our more experienced boys to go out and find their own scene partner that would not mind being on camera. Last month we had Andrei Karenin with his buddy Wes, and today we have Rocco with his friend Allen. As a special guest, we only filmed this one scene with him and a casting which will come your way a little later on. Direct Download

BelAmi – Orgy Scene – Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan And Julien Hussey Part 1

We end our ‘Loving Kris‘ special back in Budapest with this terrific 3way between Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan and Julien Hussey. After a lot of planning, poor Julien misses his tram and almost misses out on all the action. Luckily for him, Zac and Kris decide that they can get by with a lot of sucking and rimming while waiting for their tardy friend to arrive. Once he gets there he sets about making up for lost time, by planting himself firmly between Kris and Zac and taking turns sucking them until they both shoot all over his face. Direct Download

BelAmi – Orgy Scene – Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan And Julien Hussey Part 2

Following right on from yesterday’s oral extravaganza we join our boys as they are cleaning up all that sticky mess in the shower. This time it is all about Kris Evans and Zac DeHaan pleasuring Julien Hussey, orally, anally and every which way they can think of until they all end up in another creamy mess. We hope you have enjoyed the ‘Loving Kris’ series and starting up in another week is our Christian Lundgren special. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Kris Evans And Miguel Estevez

We’re going All-Hungarian today when Kris Evans gets together with Miguel Estevez. Prior to this month, you have only seen Miguel in solo scenes and one blow job with Julien Hussey. But he makes his hardcore debut on both BelAmiOnline and Freshmen this month, with more coming next month and over the summer. For those of you who don’t follow our comments on the boys intently, today’s scene opening is typical of Kris, both in the fact that he is walking around the apartment naked, and in the fact that he is trying to convince Miguel Estevez not to waste money. When it comes to cash, Kris Evans may be a saver, but when it comes to sex, he is definitely a very generous giver, and it seems Miguel is happy to accept everything with pleasure. Direct Download

BelAmi – Kris Evans And Zac DeHaan

Today is part 2, and the video part of Bel Ami‘s photo special with Kris and Zac. They are here today in front of the camera of their regular guest photographer, Rick Day for the first part of the video. For the 2nd part they managed to convince Rick to put down his camera for a bit so that they could film the JO part of the clip. We’re sure though that if the day had more than 12 hours, Rick would have been quite happy taking photos of this pair until the end of time. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Marcel Gassion And Orri Aasen

Sometimes it is nice to swap things up a bit and move out of the bedroom. Marcel Gassion and Orri Aasen today take it all the way and do their best to steam up the kitchen completely. We all know Marcel as a very talented bottom, but in today’s flip flop scene he shows that he knows how to use his dick as a top as well. Please don’t ask why the boys had a fridge full of dildos instead of in the dishwasher…. Some things in life are destined to forever remain a mystery. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Nino Valens And Miguel Estevez

It’s shower time for Nino Valens as the opening to his scene today with Miguel Estevez. Both dark haired, latin looking lovers, the contrast in body types between Nino Valens and Miguel adds something special to this clip with Nino’s litheness complimenting Miguel Estevez‘s athletic physique. Nino Valens starts by demonstrating his oral skills, and it isn’t long before Miguel Estevez responds by shooting a big creamy load down his throat. Nino though won’t be satisfied with just that as they move around the apartment taking turns in fucking each other until they each cum again. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Jeroen Mondrian And Raoul Vargas

While we were preparing this video for you, it struck us that in the 6 short months between his casting and today’s video that Raoul Vargas had changed so much that we needed to also update his profile picture as well. A bit of exercise and a nice haircut made him almost unrecognisable! This fact seems to have the desired effect on Jeroen Mondrian as well as both boys have multiple cum shots this fast paced encounter. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Joel Birkin And Dylan Maguire

It is an Evening Rituals Tuesday again today and we have a special one for you featuring our ‘biggest’ star, Joel Birkin with the insatiable Dylan Maguire. Although almost all of our night scenes are filmed in the Bratislava studio, for a change Marty Stevens took to the road and headed down to Budapest for this one. The evening format seems perfectly suited to Joel, whose intensity and devotion to his partner are enhanced by the soft and romantic feel of the night time setting. If there ever was a guy whose love of a huge dick made him a match for Joel Birkin, it has to be Dylan Maguire. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Joel Birkin And Jon Kael

This is a pairing that I’ve personally been waiting to see for a while, with our new power bottom, Jon Kael taking on Joel Birkin. They have been together before in a 3some with Raf Koons that we showed to you in May last year, but this pairing is obviously a lot more intimate than that encounter, and as Jon so aptly puts it, he ‘wants a scene where he doesn’t have to share Joel with anyone else’. The only surprise here is that Jon Kael thinks that Joel Birkin‘s dick may be a little bit too small for him! Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Johnny Bloom And Jason Clark

After Johnny Bloom‘s appearance last month in a photosession with Tom Pollock, he is back again today in a scene with Hungarian beauty Jason Clark. The boys show us here their real motivation for exercise. Most of us I am sure would be inspired to do a few extra sit ups if it meant getting a kiss from Johnny each time! Today’s encounter was filmed in South Africa and has Jason Clark bottoming for Johnny Bloom. We hope you enjoy this scene… we know that we did! Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Kevin Warholn And Orri Aasen

It seems as if our darling Kevin Warhol saw himself as a bit of a gatekeeper to the KinkyAngels inner circle, and that if Orri Aasen wants to be part of this exclusive little social group he’s got to pass Kevin’s inspection first. As this is a test of Kevin’s devising, it involves a lot of kissing, sucking and fucking with no written answers allowed! If it were up to me I would say Orri passed, but Kevin judges only on the size of Orri’s load. Take a look for yourself and see how big his pass mark was. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Jack Harrer, Kris Evans And Vadim Farrell Part 1

This is the first of our hardcore updates that form part of our ‘Loving Kris’ special. It was filmed over 2 days a few years ago, so on day one we have the oral part and on day 2 the fucking. The combination of Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell and Jack Harrer is sure to go down as one of the most memorable 3ways as our 2 Hungarian Gods take turns in fucking our resident naughty boy, Jack Harrer. Direct Download

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Jack Harrer And Andrei Karenin

We have a treat today for all the Jack Harrer lovers out there as he is joined by Andrei Karenin to help him fulfil a little wish list he has made. Andrei Karenin here is probably in the best physical condition he has ever been in, and obviously very turned on by Jack Harrer‘s attentions. With a dick like Jack’s, we often see it become the center of attention in a lot of encounters, but this time it is all about the pleasure that Jack Harrer can give Andrei, first with a deep blow job and then long and erotic rimming session… so erotic in fact that Andrei Karenin shoots his load right there and then before the fucking even starts. Don’t be fooled however into think that it may be enough for Andrei Karenin, as within minutes he is hard again and impaling himself on Jack’s dick. Often Jack Harrer has to be a bit careful how hard he fucks a guy, but this time it certainly isn’t a problem at all, the harder and faster he goes, the more Andrei Karenin enjoys it. This is definitely one of o..

BelAmi – Sex Scene – Jack Harrer And Marc Ruffalo

I’m all for the old adage that ‘Two are better than One’, especially when the 2 are Jack Harrer and Marc Ruffalo, says George Duroy. This week’s featured models have been paired up once before in a scene that we showed you a couple of years ago, and we are happy that we were able to get them together again for this photo shoot. In the upcoming video you will see that everyone was in very good humour for this shoot, with lots of joking and general camaraderie, which always makes for a good photo shoot. Direct Download

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