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BoundGods – Fetish Scene – Lust for Latex – Jaxton Wheeler, Alex Mecum


A bronzed, muscular slave stands clad in latex and bound in rope, awaiting the ministrations of his master. First, his large cock is unzipped from his tight rubber shorts and his chest, cock and balls are cropped mercilessly before his well-hung master decides it is time to fuck his sub’s face with his hefty dick. Next our hot latex...

BoundGods – Fetish Scene – Jessie Colter & Chance Summerlin


Hanging together with his mind secured in a, in the roof, home dom Jessie Colter is awaited for by Opportunity Summerlin. Master Colter inspects needs and his child to listen to how he expects to please his master. Jessie draws about the childis penis and balls, moving him within the atmosphere till he learns an effective reaction as Opportunity...

BoundGods – Fetish Scene – Max Cameron, Lance Hart – Horny Mechanic Gets Reamed by the Boss!


Warm carved bike technician Lance believes the chef is absent, meaning he is able to perform... But once his boss Max attracts him jerking off at work, Lance discovers that his warm chef that is tattooed loves to perform in a method that is significantly different. Max shoves his huge penis down Lance's neck, fucking his encounter hard and...

BoundGods – New boy with a big cock at Mr Ducati’s mercy – Trenton Ducati & Nate Grimes


Secured in a crate, as his tormentor methods, Nate stimulates to locate herself having a string around his throat. The vicious leather dom fails his encounter from the cafes, often zapping him as Nate shouts in pain and holds his child from the string. Since he understands his location, Nate starts his mouth because it slams completely down his...

BoundGods – The Arrangement – Kaden Alexander, Colby Jansen


Kayden Alexander has been with his girlfriend for a while, and she thinks he needs to spice it up in the bedroom. While they were browsing online for new kinks, they stumbled upon the studly Colby Jensen and his pro dom services. Kayden is in for a rude awakening when he shows up at Mr. Jensen’s house for a...

BoundGods – Jaxton Wheeler & Alex Hawk – Slender stud humiliated and abused at the hands of his muscled tenant


Alex Hawk has been really individual for his gym together with the rental contract and also his tenant Jaxton Wheeler, however now weeks have handed and Jaxton nevertheless has not compensated and Alex is frustrated. While Alex provides an ultimatum to pay for or be out by sunday to Jaxton, Jaxton chooses to pay for him in a significantly...

BoundGods – Muscled hunk begs for his master’s abuse – Dolf Dietrich, Christian Wilde

BoundGods - Muscled hunk begs for his master's abuse

Leather servant, Dolf Dietrich awaits Religious Wilde, pleading to experience his contact. Mr Wilde requires with large blows to Dolfis muscled body before operating his penis up. Pleading for misuse, Dolf continues the kitten-o-nine tails before he is destined towards the wall, having a joke stuck in his mouth. Drooling the certain servant, throughout herself requires the blindfold covering...

Jackson Fillmore & Jessie Colter – Bound gym whore gets the cum fucked right out of his uncut cock


Jackson Fillmore gagged waits about the dirty gymnasium flooring and immobilized as Jessie Colter completes his exercise. Today it is play, Jessie reductions away his underwear and drags his child over the ground, revealing his difficult, uncut penis. Jackson's penis right teases until he is going to hit his weight but Jessie has additional ideas. Jessie rams his penis...

BoundGods – Online hookup turns into a night of kinky sex for BDSM virgin – Christian Wilde, Grayson Frost


Grayson is in amazement whenever Religious Wilde walks through his doorway. Religious could inform so he gets to company, informing him the child is just a little anxious: “When I perform, I play tough. Grayson is pressed to his legs Don’t waste Before he understands it. Their hands before getting every-inch of Christian’s bound hard penis down his throat...

BoundGods – Connor Patricks & Max Cameron


Hung stud finds a dirty bathroom pig to worship his giant cock Greedy bathroom-pig Connor is perched in a grungy stall in the public bathroom anxiously awaiting more steaming golden showers when Max comes in, armed with a giant cock and an extra full bladder. Max drenches Connor, letting his fluids stream down the dirty sluts body and into his...

BoundGods – Jordan Boss, Jett Jax – Welcome to the House, Master Boss


New House Dom Jordan Boss is hot, muscular, and equipped with a deliciously thick cock and a sadistic hunger for power that few can match! Eager to punish, Jordan finds House slave 996 awaiting him as a welcoming gift - and because no gift can be given without proper presentation, slave 996 is wrapped indeed; bound and struggling on...

BoundGods – Returning House Slave Must Prove His Worth! – Trenton Ducati, Brian Bonds


Brian Bonds has been negligent in his service to the Bound Gods, and upon his return to the House he must now prove his loyalty, devotion and servitude to tall, muscular House Dom Trenton Ducati in a series of grueling punishments! First Brian is manhandled, punched, slapped and then flogged mercilessly with a giant, unforgiving flogger that pairs with...

BoundGods – Jordan Boss & Tyler Rush – Officer Boss is THE BOSS!


Kinkmen preferred Jordan Chef makes his home Dominic introduction within this super-hot picture! The beautiful Tyler Rush has discovered herself wastes virtually no time looking to get to understand the new fresh official about the stop, and closed up within the clink once more... But everybody knows if you don'tare searching for some severe consequence you do not fuck...

BoundGods – Max Cameron & Cameron Kincade – Hot Muscular Convict Torments His Duct-Taped Captive


Sexy tattooed convict Max says he was home all weekend, obeying his parole, but the duct tape bound and gagged Cameron Kinkade stuffed in his trunk would probably indicate otherwise! Max roughly pulls his captive out of storage and throws him down on the couch, burying his face in Cameron's crotch, cutting off his underwear and shoving his tongue...

BoundGods – Adam Randal – Door 2 Door Missionary


A young Mormon missionary (Randall O'Reilly) knocks on the wrong door, waking up a hungover, angry Adam Herst. Download full video from:

BoundGods – Hugh Hunter & Jessie Colter – Muscled pig slave gets his first taste of the cattle prod


Slave pig Hugh Hunter is ordered to his knees to worship his master's boots. His tongue slides up and down the leather while receiving an ass cropping, until he's earned the right to suck Jessie Colter's hard cock. On the wedge, the muscled slave has his hands above his head, hard cock exposed, while enduring a flogging from all...

BoundGods – Alexander Pays His Debts With His Holes – Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Gustavo


It's closing time in the sex shop, and Alexander is ready to call it a night... But his boss Jaxton has other plans for his handsome muscular employee; who has yet to settle up with Jaxton for the very generous loan he was given. Alexander knows he has no choice but to submit to Jaxton's demands, and before long...

BoundGods – Convict Series – In Prison, You’d be my Bitch! – Ruckus, Cody Winter


Getting a job is hard enough as an ex-convict, but luckily Ruckus was able to land a gig working in the wood shop. When his co-worker Cody keeps harassing him with questions, Ruckus decides to show him just what being a prison bitch is all about. Cody’s shoved to the floor with a boot on his back as Ruckus...

BoundGods – This isn’t fucking Zumba!!! – Dominic Pacifico & Trenton Ducati


Dominic signed up for a coaching session with Trenton hoping to gain more muscle mass… but he soon realizes he’s going to get much more of a workout than he bargained for with his hunky chiseled instructor. Trenton shoves Dominic to the ground, rips off his shirt and makes him do pushups and planks while paddling his backside and...

BoundGods – Scott Ambrose & Lance Hart – The Kink Avenger – Breaking Point


Defeated by The Orgazmatron, our hero Kink Avenger is dragged off to the evil Sado-Spectre's secret lair. The bound superhero endures electric punches to the torso and a cruel edging, before getting a face full of villainous cum. His torment continues as Sado-Spectre administers a merciless flogging and ramming his hard cock down the Avenger's throat. Unwilling to submit,...

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