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BrokeStraightBoys – Brendens 1st Time Fucks Jared – Jared Marzdon, Brenden Steel


Brenden Steel has never been with a guy before, so he’s a little nervous, but Jared Marzdon is here to help him through the experience. They start with a kiss, but Brenden is still unsure if making out with a guy is different, so he lets Jared guide him and we find out that Brenden loves some tongue when...

BrokeStraightBoys – Sex Scene – Vadim Spreads Rowan’s Tight Ass


These two studs don’t need an introduction, they get right to it as they make out and slowly lose their clothes piece by piece. Vadim Black places some kisses across Rowan Adam’s body before grabbing that cock and lubing it up with his spit as he strokes and sucks it. Vadim gets Rowan’s curved cock hard in no time...

BrokeStraightBoys – Bareback Scene – Cage Kafig Pounds Chris Taylor’s Tight Ass


Cage Kafig hasbeen about the split that is little, but this country boy has shipped towards we’re and the company pleased to welcome him back. Frank Taylor is currently relaxing alongside him today and they’ll understand each other pretty quickly inside the company although these males didn’t acquire a chance to certainly satisfy nevertheless! Cage gets at manhood, while...

BrokeStraightBoys – Solo Scene – Preston Scott Jerks Off On Himself


Fresh man Preston Scott currently has ideas for that income he’s likely to create on BSB, but he's to generate that money before we are able to shell out! He reveals us his nice body and excellent butt and strips along, and when we get him commenced he rubs it to that penis and lubes up until it’s slipping...

BrokeStraightBoys – Bareback Scene – Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb


Just a quick “what’s up” for Tanner Valentino and Robb Davis and then these guys are diving right in, kissing each other and touching tongues while they get undressed. Tanner gives Robb’s nipples some attention and then goes straight for that cock, sucking on it as he holds Robb’s balls and pauses for a few more kisses before using...

Broke Straight Boys – Brenden Steel Explodes On Himself After Stroking His Big Cock


Brenden Steel’s favorite time to jack off is right after he finishes his 2 hour gym routine, and although he hasn’t gotten a workout in today yet, he’s still willing to stroke one out for us in a solo scene! He loses his shirt right away and finally shows off that sexy muscled upper body, and when his pants...

BrokeStraightBoys – Bareback Scene – Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback


Ronan Kennedy the previous few times continues to be catching-up on his rest, meaning he’s perfectly-relaxed for his picture with Flip and these kids spend virtually no time finding things began! Ronan falls on Flip drawing it until it’s throbbing hard and getting that penis in his mouth, then allowing Switch provide mind next to him. Ronan forces his...

BrokeStraightBoys – Bareback Scene – Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep & Raw – Cage Kafig, Tanner Valentino


Tanner Valention moves in, producing out with him as both of these men undress themselves draws Tanner’s penis from his fighters and installing a hug on Crate Kafig’s lips. Crate hurts Tanner’s huge penis after which each man receiving his mouth full of Tanner and penis obtaining his butt consumed as Crate begins to edge his small opening when...

BrokeStraightBoys – Bareback Scene – Rowan Adams Fucks Gage Owens Tight Ass Raw


Rowan Adams get things began fairly fast, because they get each other’s shed their garments and cocks acquiring. Rowan falls on Gage allowing as he hurts that nice penis Gage forced his prick. Rowan shows his deepthroating capabilities off while he provides mind to Gage, so when his change is up for many dental Gage ensures to provide. Gage draws...

BrokeStraightBoys – Vadim Takes Chris’ Bareback Cock – Vadim Black, Chris Taylor


Chris Taylor and Vadim Black kiss hard as they get their scene started, and after some making out Chris frees Vadim’s big cock and sucks that sweet dick, getting him nice and hard with that skilled tongue. Vadim returns the favor when he goes down on Chris, taking that cock down his throat then jerking that hard dick with...

BrokeStraightBoys – Bareback Scene – Cage Kafig Fucks Robb Davis Raw


Robb Davis and crate Kafig are equally nation kids, therefore when they have other things in keeping we’ve introduced them in to the business to determine! They get started doing some bears, getting for all those cocks because they shed their garments and drop on one another and producing out. Crate hurts dick after which Robb returns the dental,...

Broke Straight Boys – Flip Gives Oliver Saxon A Creampie Bareback


Switch informs Oliver Saxon about his work like a fitness expert, that leads Oliver by what he is able to do to repair a drawn muscle from lifting…of program into some concerns Switch was wanting to assist function out it ! Switch gets herself hard while he gets Oliver’s butt moist after which increases about the mattress, advances Oliver’s butt...

BrokeStraightBoys – Sex Scene – Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham


So John Durham hasn’t gotten the opportunity to understand him also well…yet Rowan Adams is just a fairly peaceful man! They’ll obtain a good deal sooner than they’ve actually been once these men begin their picture however! They begin with some bears after which John falls on Rowan, deepthroating that Rowan forces and tricky dick is further into his...

BrokeStraightBoys – Mikah Lake And Chris Taylor Flip Fuck After Sucking Cock


Both write out to get a moment before Dakota requires Chris’s penis in hits and his mouth him, making some moans from Bob as Dakota notes and deepthroats that base that is tough! He lies back and allows Bob function that penis, pressing Chris’s head-down and creating him choke on that penis as Dakota gets tougher and harder while...

BrokeStraightBoys – Solo Scene – Robb Davis Jerks His Thick Cock

BrokeStraightBoys - Solo Scene - Robb Davis Jerks His Thick Cock

Robb Davis, our latest BSB design, is seeking to generate some additional spending arrived at the best location and two decades old! Whenever we ask him to remove along, we’re handled to a good size penis along with an attractive, slim, bald body that’s just likely to develop when Robb begins pressing herself. He reclines back about the mattress...

BrokeStraightBoys – Solo Scene – Levi Jackson Toy Play


Shattered Straight Kids have been achieved a number of scenes with different guys below on by Levi Jackson, but this attractive red-head has to bottom in virtually any of these moments. Therefore because he wants some support finding cozy starting that butt up for all of US, we’ve chose to allow herself eases involved with it with a few...

BrokeStraightBoys – Sex Scene – Vadim Black And Brandon Evans


Brandon Evans and Vadim Dark reveal some comparable encounters using their work background, but previous encounters apart, both of these attractive guys are prepared to provide some clean taste to BSB! They appreciate each other’s ideal, carved systems because they write out, so when they get bare each goes along on one another, while they get tougher in each...

BrokeStraightBoys – Raw Fucking With Issac & Shawn – Issac Lin, Shawn Andrews


Issac Lin and Shawn Andrews get directly into it because they start their picture with a few kissing, and when they’re bare during sex Issac is certainly going along on Shawn and drawing that huge penis. Before he shoves his throbbing member allowing him experience that penis bareback as Issac gets another great flavor of prick. They write out to...

BrokeStraightBoys – Sex Scene – Rowan Adams Sucks & Fucks Flip


Switch each and Rowan Adams have their own method of planning themselves to get a picture, but regardless of how they are doing it, the end result may be the same: 2 sexy men who're prepared to destroy a fan. They begin producing out as well as their garments come down, and Rowan’s penis is just free to get...

BrokeStraightBoys – Sex Scen – Jared Marzdon Dominates Kaden Porter


Kaden Porter and Jared Marzdon possess some attractive chemistry happening between them, so when they begin Jared addresses every-inch of Kaden in bears as his penis teases through his trousers. They reel along and Kaden gets a mouth-full of Jared’s penis that is hard as he hurts on his balls and provides him mind. Once they begin to 69,...

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