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TitanMen – Beards – Bruce Beckham and Alex Mecum get buzzed and fuck!


Not able to maintain their hands-off one another, both males shed the trimmer, shed their inhibitions because they enter motion immediately about the barber’s seat and shed their trousers. Alex gasps for atmosphere and and falls first, engulfing penis in his mouth building a large grin as he chokes. Bruce can’t delay to obtain his on the job Alex’s...

TitanMedia – Demolition – Eric Nero & Bruce Beckham flip-fuck


Eric Nero strokes his massive meat, but has to tuck it into his pants when the doorbell rings. Architect Bruce Beckham eyes it immediately: “Is that why they call you the Big D?” he asks. “Sure is,” answers Eric. “Wanna see it?” Bruce is wide eyed on his knees as Eric’s huge cock pops out. He devours it (“Choke...

DylanLucas – Bad Cop – Bruce Beckham and Leo Anthony


Leo is chilling out smoking some medicinal herb when power hungry cop Bruce comes around the corner and begins to harass him. Leo is within his rights to but Officer Bruce could care less. He has other things on his mind. He takes Leo back to his place and tells him the only way out of this is to...

RagingStallion – Destroyer – Brogan Reed, Bruce Beckham


Lazy sea hand Brogan Reed is lounging in his bed looking at a dirty magazine when muscle man Bruce Beckham barges in and reams him for how messy their quarters are. As punishment, Bruce orders Brogan to get drop down and give him 50 followed by making Brogan clean his asshole with his tongue. Down on his knees, Brogan...

TitanMen – CAUKE for FREE – Scene 3 – Jason Vario Fucks Bruce Beckham


Special agent Jason Vario eyes the action in the hotel suite during election night. He’s approached from behind by lobbyist Bruce Beckham, who whispers into his ear: “You like watching?” He reaches around and rubs the tattooed stud’s bulge, the two soon swallowing each other’s big dicks to the root. Bruce mounts the top, his beast of a boner...

TitanMen – Parole – Officers Bruce Beckham & Eddy Ceetee take frisking to a whole new level!


Parole officers search for their man, who is nowhere to be found. With two hours to kill, they decide to practice their frisking technique on each other. Bruce Beckham gets up against the wall, but laughs at partner Eddy Ceetee’s skills: “You gotta be more thorough than that! Really get in there…make sure you get in the crotch area,...

RagingStallion – Primal – FX Rios, Josh Conners, Bruce Beckham


Categories: Anal, Bodybuilder, Boots, GroupSex / Orgies, Interracial, butt play, Oral, rimming, Tattoos, latinos Starring FX Rios, Josh Conners, Bruce Beckham Naked except for their black leather boots, three horny men indulge their primal urges. Hairy bodybuilder Bruce Beckham and tatted FX Rjos stand over smooth Josh Conners, who is crouching with his spread ass cheeks in the air. Bruce and...

RagingStallion – Primal, Scene #03 – FX Rios, Josh Conners, Bruce Beckham


Three men stand in a dark room, their white jockstraps barely containing their huge boners. FX Rios is tatted, pierced, and lean. Josh Conners is handsome, smooth, and muscled. Bruce Beckham is a hairy bodybuilder with a macho attitude. After intense kissing, Josh leans down and sucks on Bruce’s nipples and fondles his hairy chest. FX’s nipple piercing offers...

TitanMen – Say Uncle – Uncle Bruce Beckham shows Matthew Bosch how to flip fuck!


Luke returns the favor to Matthew Bosch, who arrives to work with his best friend’s uncle Bruce Beckham. As the older handyman loosens his overalls on the job, Matthew can’t help but marvel as the muscle man’s body. “I used to jerk off thinking about you,” confesses Matthew, who soon has Bruce’s massive dick buried deep in his mouth....

C1R – Buff & Scruff, Scene 3 – Bruce Beckham & Wesley Woods


Length: 1.03 GiB Duration: 29mn 19s 561ms Video: AVC at 4 994 Kbps,Aspect: 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 29.970 fps Audio: AAC at 33.8 Kbps Download full video from:

MEN – Turning Point – Part 3 – Bruce Beckham Fucks Alex Mecum

MEN - Turning Point - Part 3 - Bruce Beckham Fucks Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum calls for a plumber and to his surprise opens the door to hot straight muscle man Bruce Beckham. Alex offers himself up hoping Bruce will take the bait. A horny Bruce rationalizes that a mouth is just a mouth and gives in. After all, what harm can a good dick sucking do? Length: 577 MiB Duration: 19mn 34s 770ms Video:...

DylanLucas – Busted and Banged Part 2 – Kyle Kash, Bruce Beckham

DylanLucas – Busted and Banged Part 2 – Kyle Kash, Bruce Beckham

Once Officer Trenton and Trent go their separate ways Bruce sits his offender down at the table to discuss with him what’s going to happen. Bruce tells him that he the new Daddy in town and to pull his pants down so he can lick it really well. Kyle isn’t sure what to do at first but Bruce is...

HotHouse – Cruising Grounds – Chris Bines, Bruce Beckham

HotHouse – Cruising Grounds – Chris Bines, Bruce Beckham

Officer Bruce Beckham patrols the warehouse after dark, looking to catch trespassing cruisers in the act. Bruce comes across Chris Bines; suspecting that Chris is looking for sex, Bruce threatens him with a ‘stiff sentence.’ To avoid another mark on his record, Chris asks if they can work something out. ‘Get down on your knees,’ says Bruce, and Chris...

TitanMen – Blueprint – Dallas Steele & Bruce Beckham

TitanMen - Blueprint - Dallas Steele & Bruce Beckham

Builder Bruce Beckham gets to a palatial property with ideas for that roofline. “I’m excited to exhibit you what I’ve got,” he claims to Texas Steele, who checks out his butt as he laughs again, “I’m excited to determine it.” Texas pushes the stud’s neck, then techniques set for a hug as their stubbly chins link. He pushes rsquo...

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