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ChaosMen – Antonio Cervone & Easton RAW


Talk about instant chemistry! These two were making-out with each other even before I got the cameras rolling. Both Antonio and Easton have amazing oral skills, but once Easton saw how much Antonio liked to be bossed around, he was in full-command. He makes Antonio service his big cock, pushing it deep down his throat. Easton returns the favor, but when they...

ChaosMen – Lorenzo & Sam RAW


I mentioned to Lorenzo that I would love to see him in a flip-fuck video, and that Sam was a totally versatile guy. Lorenzo said that he had been eyeing Sam on the site, so was eager to work with him. Lorenzo begins by sucking on Sam's cock. I think Sam loves to have his dick sucked, and it is...

ChaosMen – Matthieu Solo


Matthiue is a hot Latin guy with a really nice uncut cock. He is confident and really enjoyed showing-off to the camera. His dick is real nice, but for you Tops out there, his ass is amazing! He is straight, and is really into boobs and eating girls out. I get the vibe he might be curious about guys, but not...

ChaosMen – Dakota Payne & Ledger RAW


Ledger was really into this video. The dude is a pretty good Top, but you can tell he really likes to suck dick. Dakota does plenty of enthusiastic cock sucking too, making Ledger moan with ecstasy, but I love watching Ledger really get into sucking cock. Pay attention to just how intent he is on pleasing Dakota. And like I said,...

ChaosMen – Michael And Wright- Serviced


Wright has been showing-up to the shoots a lot more relaxed and confident. He seemed down to work with new guys, so I thought I would pair him up with Michael. Wright likely won’t be working with guys that he would only have to Service, but swapping blowjobs with other dudes really interests him. They both are a little awkward...

ChaosMen – Harrison Solo


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ChaosMen – Barton & Caspar RAW


Barton sent me a few pics of guys that he thought were hot on the ChaosMen site. He definitely had a type, and with Caspar recently starting work, I knew he would be way into him. Caspar is down for anything, mostly enjoying being dominated and fucked, but he mentioned he was a pretty good Top too. Barton is more of...

ChaosMen – Ansel & Kodi Serviced


It took Ansel a couple weeks to decide to come back and get head from a guy. I assured him that porn would be playing, and it was a pretty chill experience. You may remember how easy it was for Ansel to cum during his solo video, and I was relieved to hear that he said he could easily cum...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Michael


Michael is a Bi guy who really likes the ladies, but is also totally down to play with a dude. He is also into gymnastics and mixed martial arts. He has a hot 8-inch cock, with full, natural pubes. When he messes around with guys, it sounds like he is down for anything. Sucking cock, topping and bottoming! I think he really...

ChaosMen – Alonso & Kodi RAW


I saw Alonso at the gym and he reminded me he would love to fuck some ass. I hit up Kodi with some pics of Alonso, and he quickly jumped at the chance to play with his huge uncut cock. Kodi starts by worshiping that cock, swallowing as much as he could down his throat. He pays special attention to his...

ChaosMen – Bryan & Kouri Serviced


Kouri is definitely into mature guys, so I thought I would step in and work his amazing cock. I set this up as a traditional Serviced video, mainly because for his solo he relied a lot on watching his porn. I knew I had my work cut out for me. Sure enough, he does watch quite a bit of porn during...

ChaosMen – Ansel


Ansel did a photoshoot with a local photographer, and he got pretty turned-on showing off his cock and body. So, when he was referred to me, we both felt confident he would have fun doing a solo. Ansel is 23, and likes Latinas, and fucking them in the ass when he can. Has nice 7-inch cock, that he says girls...

ChaosMen – Heath & Solomon (Raw)


This is Solomon’s second attempt at taking it up the bootie and he did soooo much better! It is a tough call with him because he loves pain, so you never know if what he is feeling is a good pain or a bad pain. Or maybe they are the same for him? The biggest hurdle was trying to get a...

ChaosMen – Sex Scene – Dakota Payne & Wright RAW


Wright said he was down to get fucked, but he was really unsure about succeeding. He has had girlfriends play with is ass, but it was small time stuff, and was worried going big would be too much. I believe this is Dakota’s first full-scene with ChaosMen, and he is really a Power Bottom. BUT, he has also shown he...

ChaosMen – Blowjob Scene – Kodi & Peter Serviced


About obtaining his cock sucked with a man Chris was anxious but positive. He'd one prior encounter wherever he got drawn-down with a guy therefore for him it had been about carrying it out on-camera more. Although fortunately he's not only resting there viewing the adult we've opting for him this movie absolutely feels as though An Initial Period occasion....

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Kouri


When Kouri’s scout submitted him to me, he said Kouri was really was only into older guys and thought I might like to work with him personally. Kouri doesn’t seem to want to label himself, but for the photos he watched some trans themed porn, and for the solo he stuck to straight porn with girls squirting all over the...

ChaosMen – Bareback Scene – Easton And Vander RAW


Pure Power! Applied movies have been done by Vander but hasn't been the main one obtaining the 'massage.' Easton, who likes to be considered a Top, required control is greater than a prepared Base. Bless his center, and we reach observe Easton base for that very first time, I simply needed to begin him with heavy-dicked...

ChaosMen – Blowjob Scene – Blaine and Lorenzo Serviced


Let me make it clear, Blaine point would be to view blowjob crafted movies. Therefore, I realized we'd a jump-start on obtaining him turned on to get a Maintained movie. Not just does he enjoy seeing them, he absolutely likes to get mind. Lorenzo begins by acquiring his physique down and up, and he appears only a little uneasy. His...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Peter


You might be able to tell by Peter’s tan lines that he is a cyclist. With his lean muscular build and big quads, I am sure he is quite the speedster. He says he likes girls shorter than him but with nice round butts, but not too big. Peter seems like a smart and friendly guy, and I enjoyed working with...

ChaosMen – Bareback Scene – Daniel & Jerome RAW


While Jerome arrived set for his solo/maintained, he explained he'd hardly any total-conversation with women or men. He was reluctant about stroking dick back, but he was trembling with pleasure once he was on-set. Ahhh to become so youthful! Works out we turned a change and he was wanting try everything and to return in. He actually regarded bottoming out...

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