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ChaosMen – Sex Scene – Dakota Payne & Wright RAW


Wright said he was down to get fucked, but he was really unsure about succeeding. He has had girlfriends play with is ass, but it was small time stuff, and was worried going big would be too much. I believe this is Dakota’s first full-scene with ChaosMen, and he is really a Power Bottom. BUT, he has also shown he...

ChaosMen – Blowjob Scene – Kodi & Peter Serviced


About obtaining his cock sucked with a man Chris was anxious but positive. He'd one prior encounter wherever he got drawn-down with a guy therefore for him it had been about carrying it out on-camera more. Although fortunately he's not only resting there viewing the adult we've opting for him this movie absolutely feels as though An Initial Period occasion....

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Kouri


When Kouri’s scout submitted him to me, he said Kouri was really was only into older guys and thought I might like to work with him personally. Kouri doesn’t seem to want to label himself, but for the photos he watched some trans themed porn, and for the solo he stuck to straight porn with girls squirting all over the...

ChaosMen – Bareback Scene – Easton And Vander RAW


Pure Power! Applied movies have been done by Vander but hasn't been the main one obtaining the 'massage.' Easton, who likes to be considered a Top, required control is greater than a prepared Base. Bless his center, and we reach observe Easton base for that very first time, I simply needed to begin him with heavy-dicked...

ChaosMen – Blowjob Scene – Blaine and Lorenzo Serviced


Let me make it clear, Blaine point would be to view blowjob crafted movies. Therefore, I realized we'd a jump-start on obtaining him turned on to get a Maintained movie. Not just does he enjoy seeing them, he absolutely likes to get mind. Lorenzo begins by acquiring his physique down and up, and he appears only a little uneasy. His...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Peter


You might be able to tell by Peter’s tan lines that he is a cyclist. With his lean muscular build and big quads, I am sure he is quite the speedster. He says he likes girls shorter than him but with nice round butts, but not too big. Peter seems like a smart and friendly guy, and I enjoyed working with...

ChaosMen – Bareback Scene – Daniel & Jerome RAW


While Jerome arrived set for his solo/maintained, he explained he'd hardly any total-conversation with women or men. He was reluctant about stroking dick back, but he was trembling with pleasure once he was on-set. Ahhh to become so youthful! Works out we turned a change and he was wanting try everything and to return in. He actually regarded bottoming out...

ChaosMen – Oral Scene – Anton & Sean Peyton


Anton and Sean certainly know how to give each other head! No newbies this day! Anton was giving-off a bossy vibe in this video, so after some making out, he makes Sean suck on his cock. Anton is a lot less nervous than he was for his solo, so he is horny and eager to play with Sean. He sucks Sean...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Blaine


Blaine is just a warm military guy having beautiful pubes and a heavy penis. He's some good minimal-hangers also! He's committed, but appears in tinkering with men only a little interested. Their woman seems to be helping him in his homosexual adult efforts, to ensure that is fairly awesome of her. He enjoys women with circular bottoms that are little and...

ChaosMen – Bareback Scene – Barton & Jackson RAW


I realized I needed to obtain him back immediately after Barton arrived set for his solo movies. I understood in 2-3 weeks I'd a design put up to work well with Jackson who acted flaky. Therefore in the place of threat a ‘No Show’ Barton was swiftly reserved by me another trip back again to the business to work...

ChaosMen – Blowjob Scene – Jerome & Lorenzo Serviced


Something you are able to claim about Jerome, he's acutely concentrated within this movie. We'd right adult opting for him, but it was mostly ignored by him. He's among the several versions that created excellent eye contact, and he completely appears to be within the second. So Lorenzo isn't needing to work hard like his solo take your day he...

ChaosMen – Bareback Scene – Solomon & Troy RAW


I think I figured out the key to getting Solomon into Topping. It requires two things. One he has to actually like the dude and I dunno, respect his build, and the other thing is if the guy actually is really into being fucked. He did really good with Vander who can really take it. Solomon and Troy had chemistry...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Anton


Anton is 25, but I think he looks quite a bit younger. He has been dating the same guy for over 2 years, and he seems very happy being in a relationship. I think he has done most every type of job, but it sounds like working with computers and online programming is now his main field of expertise. He does...

ChaosMen – BlowJob Scene – Caspar & Easton Edge


Caspar said he liked any kind of fetish play, something and particularly FemDom regarding his butt. And so I understood An Advantage movie was in his potential. Although I had been a little worried Easton’s penis may be a lot of for Caspar Easton also offers some fetish abilities, therefore it was an ideal complement. We included a baseball spreader along...

ChaosMen – Blowjob Scene – Barton & Sean Peyton Serviced


Sean was particularly happy after I delivered him some images of Barton the night time prior to the blast. Sean is definitely pleased to use all of the men, but provide a hot-looking Dad kind to him and he's much more excited. And that I am confident exactly the same approach was experienced by Barton and there is immediate chemistry. Whenever...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Jerome


Jerome is ethical simply so dang cute, skilled, and SEXY! I will say I've never noticed his penis gentle! Each time he visited remove-off his garments, his penis might increase on up. the dental movie the next evening had him really worried, although Jerome had no concerns concerning the solo. I kept encouraging him that seldom do I notice anybody get...

ChaosMen – Sex Scene – Antonio Cervone & Wright- RAW


I had been only a little amazed that Wright struck on me-up to complete a sex movie that is full. But he explained he type of loved receiving mind, and he did not believe fucking a could be much tougher. He's this type of body that is warm and that I truly desired entirely-motion to his large uncut penis. You...

ChaosMen – Oral Scene – Caspar & Lorenzo Serviced


Caspar says he enjoys FemDom kind of play. Together with his powerful speech that is heavy, it may be difficult to envision him being bossed around. Let us wish we are able to observe this difficult and gruff guy together with his legs within the atmosphere. That said, he appears to be good bossing a Child around. I actually donot believe...

ChaosMen – Solo Scene – Burton


Barton has just been Out a few decades. He explained he was when he was 25, a late bloomer, which may have now been, therefore it does not appear that delayed in my experience. Obviously, it appears men emerge significantly newer today, therefore possibly 25 could be regarded 'overdue' nowadays. He comes with a relaxed, strong feel. Barton is along...

ChaosMen – Sex Scene – Easton & Phineas RAW


This really is some of those movies wherever I simply chased around the people . Plenty of effective and natural power within this one!! Easton was prepared to switch fuck, but he simply couldn’t end beating his butt once he noticed exactly what an Energy Base that Phineas was. If you should be some of those audiences that protest about ‘gay-4-pay’...

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