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CockSureMen – Luke Ward Barebacks Ondrej Filip


Muscle stud Luke Ward sits on the couch jacking his big uncut cock. He tells Ondrej Filip, nicknamed Viktor, to bring him something, which he never does. Porn is weird. Anyway, shirtless muscle jock Ondrej sits on the couch and they kiss. They stroke each other’s hard cocks and kiss again. After Luke takes off his shirt we get...

CockSureMen – Ryan Cage Barebacks Petr Skala


On a sunny afternoon Ryan Cage eagerly waits for Petr Skala to drive up. When Petr arrives they waste no time getting to Ryan's apartment. Ryan throws Petr on the couch and gets on top, kissing him passionately. They feel each other's muscular bodies before Ryan takes out Petr's uncut cock and sucks. Soon they're naked and Petr sucks...

CockSureMen – Tyler Mendes Barebacks Rick Vegas


Tyler Mendes is in the shower jacking his Brazilian cock. Rick Vegas arrives at home looking for his boyfriend. Seeing him jacking in the shower gets Rick hot and bothered. He takes off his clothes, pulls down his pants, and juts out his Brazilian ass. Tyler walks in, fresh out of the shower, and rims his boy’s hole. They...

CockSureMen – Tomas Decastro Barebacks Erik Spector


Mega hunks Tomas Decastro and Erik Spector have finished working out their big muscles at the gym and head into the showers. They eye each other and both guys pop a boner. How embarrassing! The only thing to do is to work through your embarrassment by grabbing the other guy’s meat. That worked. Erik sucks Tomas then Tomas sucks...

CockSureMen – Martin Muse Barebacks Ivan Invictus


Martin Muse and Ivan Invictus kiss passionately as they make their way to the couch. Martin takes off Ivan’s shirt, then his jeans. He sucks Ivan’s cock as Ivan moans softly. Matin gets up and takes off his clothes. Ivan sucks him as Martin stands on the couch. Martin throws Ivan on the couch and lifts his right...

CockSureMen – Klaus Tomas Barebacks Dom Ully


Klaus Tomas and Dom Ully are young tattooed men who are hot for each other. They kiss passionately and take out their cocks. Klaus kneels and goes down on Dom. Klaus lies on the bed and Dom returns the favor. Dom lays on the bed and Klaus explores Dom’s hole with his fingers before plowing him bareback. Klaus...

CockSureMen – Bareback Scene – Andrew Lewix Barebacks Ryan Volta


Blue eyed muscle jock Andrew Lewix throws young Ryan Volta onto the bed and kisses him. Both guys are horny as hell. Andrew feels up Ryan and starts blowing him. They rip their clothes off as they kiss. Andrew stands on the bed, showing off his amazing body, and Ryan suck his dick. Andrew throws Ryan down on the...

CockSureMen – Bareback Scene – Brick Morewood Barebacks Ondrej Oslava


Blond muscle jocks Brick Morewood and Ondrej Oslava workout at the gym. Ondrej wants help with his crunches. Brick touches Ondrej's abs to make sure he's doing them right, then goes for his cock. Ondrej's feels Brick's big biceps and pecs. They suck each other then get naked. Great gym! Ondrej bends over and Brick rims his ass. Ondrej...

CockSureMen – Bareback Scene – Shon Kostka And William Lim


William Lim and small jocks Shon Kostka hug within the room receiving warm to get a bareback fuck. After some cock stroking that is shared Bill covers first, providing a punch to Shonis butt before pressing in his natural penis. Bill is just a road guy that is tough and he fucks Shon hard, putting many times to Shonis...

CockSureMen – Sex Scene – Andrew Crime Barebacks Dom Ully


It’s your normal trip to the gym. The man you’re touring swings herself hard and draws out his penis. As usually you hit him and head-over. When Dominic Ully eyes Tim Offense exercising That’s precisely what happens. Short’s that is Dom’s slip and his penis is sucked on by Tim. Quickly they’re bare (should be a sluggish period) kissing...

CockSureMen – Sex Scene – Hans Berlin and Sean Duran Bareback

CockSureMen - Sex Scene - Hans Berlin and Sean Duran Bareback

Hans Berlin is in his space in a clothing optional resort in California. Although Hans swings his heavy penis, his lover walks in nearly difficult and bare. Both bare muscle hunks speak only a little Sean increases about the natural motion begins and also the mattress. Sean have chemistry that is excellent. There’s lots of ass and cocksucking ....

CockSureMen – Sex Scene – Hugo Marista and Allan Muniz Bareback


The jockstraps come down and also the drawing starts. Called Allan when it is time for you to fuck Hugo may be the first someone to ram his natural penis right into a nice bit of butt. Allan gets his dick sucked after getting fucked bareback. Allan subsequently lbs doggystyle is barebacked by Hugo. The latin hunks pull more...

CockSureMen – Ryan Cage Barebacks Ondrej Filip


Blonde muscle stud Ryan Crate is currently moving metal in the gym when youthful muscle jock Ondrej Filip would go to aid him. With one of these two super hunks alone everybody requires a “gym buddy” and the connection quickly becomes “fuck buddy”. Ryan draws out Ondrej’s large uncut penis and sits down his loads. While Ryan draws out...

CockSureMen – Chris Viktor Barebacks Peter Comely


Chris Viktor is fast asleep when Peter Comely gets into bed. Peter lifts the covers to find Chris' morning wood waiting for him. He sucks Chris' cock then sits on the raw cock for a bareback ride. Chris wakes from a sweet dream to find that real life is even better. Peter lays next to him and they kiss,...

CockSureMen – John Cruz Barebacks Adan Stefan


Let's take a look at a hot Brazilian couple in the morning. Adan Stefan is making sure he looks good in a mirror when John Cruz walks in behind him. Adan wears a jock and John wears briefs. John comes up behind fondling and kissing Adan. The couple make out then head to the jacuzzi tub. John and Adan...

CockSureMen – Victor Creed Barebacks Tomas Decastro


Muscle stud Tomas Decastro jacks his hard cock as he cruises from his balcony. He spots young jock Victor Creed and invites him up. Victor wastes no time when he finds Tomas on the couch, pole in hand. Victor kisses Tomas’s mouth and strokes Tomas’s cock. Tomas pulls out Victor’s prick and sucks it hard. Soon they are 69ing,...

CockSureMen – Andrew Lewix Barebacks Erik Spector


Muscle jocks Tim Lewix and Erik Spector get down seriously to bareback sex. They are available in towards the space acquiring and pressing. Tim draws up his t-shirt Erik and bears his way. He hurts and draws out Tim's penis. They take their garments off exposing their systems that are incredible. After drawing one another Tim then prods Erikis...

CockSureMen – Miky Bolton Barebacks Oscar Kovak


Hung and young Miky Bolton and Oscar Kovak are horny studs on a couch. They touch themselves and get their cocks hard. Miky pulls out his huge uncut dick and Oscar follows with his. Oscar can't wait to service Miky's long pole. These two young bucks from Prague suck each other and 69. Miky licks Oscar's ass getting it...

CockSureMen – Diego Canales Barebacks Shon Kostka


Jocks Diego Canales and Shon Kostka can't wait to fuck. They enter a living room and immediately head for the couch where they kiss passionately. Shon pulls out Diego's cock and sees that it's already half way there. Shon sucks it to get it fully hard. They take off all of their clothes and Diego sucks Shon's big uncut...

CockSureMen – Ryan Mondo Barebacks James Elster


Swarthy stud Ryan Mondo lays in the park jacking his big uncut cock. Young jock James Elster, walking naked by the river, sees Ryan and takes a detour. James sucks Ryan's cock as Ryan lays back and enjoys. James turns around and they 69. Ryan puts James on the ground and his ass in the air. Ryan rims James's...

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