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CorbinFisher – ACM – Brant Piledrives Trenton


Brant’s come quite a long way since arriving at CF, going from being the shy and quiet type to completely letting go and having some hot, intense fun with his fellow CF studs. I’m quite pleased Brant’s come out of that shell, as he is fun to watch in action and has himself a great dick that needs...

CorbinFisher – ACM0897 – Double Double


“If you see only one explicit video this year - this is it!” - Alan Hole, Paducah XXX Review “I laughed! I cried! I came more than Pussies!” - Balldeep Strokinlong, Foxxx News correspondent “Travis delivers in the role he was born to play!” - Rolling Boned “ … an explosive thrill ride … the feel-up movie of 2010!” - HardOn-line Reviews Now...

CorbinFisher – ACM1277 – Chandler Takes It From Reed


NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing. Reed is one of those guys that is super-responsive to his partner. I think Reed simply likes to make people happy! He sure makes Chandler (and probably a lot of you out there) extremely happy when he makes Chandler take his...

CorbinFisher – Rocky Pounds Thomas


Rocky beats the pants off Thomas during a foot race. Though Thomas is quite the athlete, he was no match for Rocky’s height advantage and lean-muscle stamina. As most competitions go here at CF, we quickly thereafter find Thomas on his knees giving his victor the spoils. Thomas works Rocky’s cock over really good, until Rocky’s dick can’t get any...

CorbinFisher – Nicholas Gets Fucked


A cold front might have swept through the city, but the CF guys can always figure out how to heat things up. One of the best ways to get a guy introduced to something completely new and unexpected for them is to have the right guy around to draw out the freak within! Calan is perfectly suited for this as...

CorbinFisher – Josiah Takes Charge


If you saw Josiah’s solo video, you already know that coed Jamie is in for a treat. I mean, we expected that Josiah could work some wonders with that huge thick dick of his. We expected the sex to be hot after seeing how in control and erotic he could handle himself sexually in his initial video. Looking at his...

CorbinFisher – Collegiate Flip Fucking Vol.4 (Full HD) 2017


When Corbin Fisher gets two ripped, hot and versatile college boys together, all bets are off. These studs can give and take, and their time at CF has taught them they thoroughly enjoy both. Cameron and Josh, Chuck and Trey, Quinn and Dawson, and Reed and Jon headline this forth installment of CF’s Collegiate Flip Fucking series, with every...

CorbinFisher – Dave


Dave is a desert riding dirt biker with a friendly and masculine demeanor. So color us surprised when we found out that this tough jock is also a classic pianist! His favorite song to play is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata - can this guy get any hotter?! Well I quickly and abruptly find that, yes, he absolutely can - because this...

CorbinFisher – ACM – Beau Tops Baker


The premise for today’s episode is easy enough. We have two incredibly attractive, young men together and asked them if they wanted to fuck while we film them. What makes this even better, is that we get to see Beau one-on-one with another fresh-faced CF newcomer - Baker! It seems like people can’t get enough of seeing them - and for...

CorbinFisher – Bareback – Dane Rides Steven


Steven and Dane have become quite the enthusiastic bottoms since they first started their CF education, but they’re also happy to top when the right bottom is presented to them. I felt like Steven’s big dick could use some attention - and Dane agreed! “Do you think you’re going to be able to handle it?” Steven teased. With that mischievous...

CorbinFisher – Bareback – Kent & Kenny Get Wet


The blonde, buff, boys-next-door are back to have some fun in the sun, show off their ripped bodies, get a little wet- and of course a little dirty! Starting off out by the pool, Kenny pulls down Kent’s shorts and goes down on him right there and then! Tonguing his nuts, he swallows his head and shaft nice and deep!...

CorbinFisher – Rory Blows His Load


Rory brings his washboard abs and dynamic sex appeal to the set today to put a pounding on our lucky coed. Clearly he knows, as she does, how much of a prize he is (I mean how could he not with those burning hot good looks!) and uses that to take full control. Rory’s cock is ready for action by...

CorbinFisher – Breaking In Evan


A whole lot of fucking happens in today’s bi release. This time Evan doesn’t just settle for just a girl’s mouth and pussy - Thomas and he take advantage of every hole presented to them! With Evan taking her from the front, Thomas comes in from behind and we watch as both their thick cocks Double-penetrate the frenzied coed -...

CorbinFisher – Solo – Josiah


Starting Josiah’s solo video with him at the gym seemed the ideal way to go. Following him through bench presses, squats, pull-ups, etc. allows us to see the majority of his built muscles in action. There is another big and built muscle that we can’t see worked out with weights though - but here at CF, we always make time...

CorbinFisher – Bareback – Daniel Takes It From Henry


Henry has been loving getting his hole pounded here at CF just as much as he’s enjoyed barreling his fat cock into all the tight little holes that have been offered to him. The same can definitely be said for Daniel, so they were quite surprised when they realized they hadn’t yet hooked up! When it came time to choose...

CorbinFisher – Bradley Gets Dicked


Knowing Tom has the ability, and quite likes, to fuck deep and hard, it was a must we pair him up with Bradley. Bradley has come to truly enjoy getting fucked since arriving at CF, and is incredibly hot to watch while getting fucked - his expressions and noises are priceless! I wanted to see Bradley get fucked...

CorbinFisher – Bareback – Calan & Jacob’s Gym Fuck


Want help with your lift? Let Calan know! Calan let Jacob take care of swelling and pumping his arms, chest, and legs - but then he takes care of Jacob’s cock himself! Putting Jacob’s man muscle in his mouth, Calan doesn’t break until Jacob’s dick is rock hard and at full alert. With Calan taking care of the lift -...

CorbinFisher – Bareback – Xavier Deep Dicks Quinn


We start today’s episode delving more into Xavier’s first experience with a guy. It was a blowjob at a party, but didn’t go further. That won’t be the case this time! In Quinn’s capable hands, Xavier receives the best blowjob of his life - complete with deep-throating, ball licking, and face fucking! As good as it felt for Xavier to get...

CorbinFisher: CF Crush – Travis (Full HD) 2017


Corbin Fisher resident Boy Next Door, Travis won over CF fans right from the start, and went on to blow us all away each and every time we’d see him in action. Charming, handsome, cute, endlessly horny, and packing that big, hot dick, Travis has it all! Whether pounding 3 loads out of Aiden, soaking Dawson’s hole in cum,...

CorbinFisher – Ellis Takes On Bryce


Ellis was so eager to get fucked by Bryce that he spent the previous night edging, thinking about Bryce’s lovely body over him, abs flexing, and dick driving into him. He pictured himself on his knees, running his tongue over the cock that was just in his ass moments ago. Ellis jerked his cock fantasizing about his ass full of...

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