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DreamboyBondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 9


Bradley has been hanging by his wrists for an hour, his smooth, lean torso covered with lash marks, his nipples, cock and balls tortured with clothespins. He whimpers and moans, thrashing against the steel chains holding him upright. Jared can’t resist: He whips the boy three more times, sending him into spasms of new pain. Finally, he unchains Bradley’s...

DreamboyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putins Revenge part 1


Alex, 23, is a professional figure skater from Russia who managed to secure political asylum in the United States, claiming that being gay in Russia endangered his life. He has become a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin, speaking at gay rights rallies and doing TV interviews. Last week Alex received a letter from the State Department telling him his...

DreamboyBondage – Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock part 4


Stunned after hours of abuse, Aden is not quite sure what is happening to him. His whole body aches from the whip. He hasn’t eaten, slept or had but a mouthful of water in over 24 hours. When his bowels and bladder where evacuated a while ago, the man douching him said “We want you clean for your first...

DreamboyBondage – Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock part 3


After cumming all over Aden’s abs, filling the muscle-boy’s deep navel with cum, Jared jerks off the helpless stud, coating his abs with even more cum, this time from his own cock. After being electro-tortured for hours, Aden is stunned but still flexes against his chains and moans in protest. Jared just laughs. “I guess you’re having fun, too,”...

DreamboyBondage – Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock part 2


Jared begins Aden’s electro-torture with a full 30-second blast of current that literally lifts the muscle-stud off the table. The current flows directly into the base of Aden’s cock and radiates shocks of agony up his torso and down his legs. The straight jock is naked but for a blackout hood and ball-gag. After several shocks, Jared removes the...

DreamboyBondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 8


Bradley is a dream-come-true for anyone who fantasizes about torturing the perfect teen heartthrob: a beautiful, blonde, 18-year-old swimmer, fit and lean, with flawless, creamy skin shaved smooth. The kid is dazed from hours of abuse but still strong and full of life. As the single-tail whip, expertly wheeled by Jared, cuts into his body, Bradley absorbs the pain...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Dreams Come True 7


In a unique, three- episode, Jared proceeds to lash at Bradley’s back and butt using the simple-tail-whip, producing the little one scream. Your customer, viewing on near-signal Television a large number of kilometers away, is certainly going insane with wish. Pressure and he orders Jared to reel the little one to pull down him. Jared happily complies, rising having...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock 1


Jared places Aden in the gym visited by Neill. Aden is spread eagled about the desk that was bondage, searching Oh so-attractive, battling and bending his navel popping from under his top, against his ties. He’s dressed up in spandex trousers along with a sleeveless tshirt, foolish that was traditional -jock equipment, garish but attractive ashell. Massages the 21-yr-...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Neill – Dumb Jock 3


He hasn’t done something wrong. We merely enjoy seeing him obtain fucked against his will and endure and bend. The appearance of discomfort on his harmless, experience that is vapid like a dildo that is firm is pushed his ass up again and again is much more stunning than bulbous butt and his slice abs. Jared operates the stupid...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Neill – Dumb Jock 2


There's anything of a right jock that brings the sadist in us about. It’s less that Neill is arrogant or smart. It’s not only he includes a body. His real maleness, insufficient brainpower and his huge muscles, like only a sex-machine that is simple. We've to harm him, handle him just like a part of meat. Not just pleasures...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Dreams Come True 6


Jared’s customer includes a factor for kids in jocks, but he enjoys Bradley’s large penis, therefore the jock easily releases down. Bradley, after having his body and butt shaved searching even newer, is extremely lashed using the simple-butt, creating him gear and squirm and addressing butt and his back with heavy, red lines. Jared stops cooking the child just...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Dreams Come True 5


But his balls which are at risk. Jared ratchets down a metal ball-crusher, producing Bradley’s balls that are large turn and fat crimson. “My customer desires to observe your posture that is back,” Jared claims issue-of-factly, pulling up Bradley and making him hanging in mid air. Bradley whipped using the simple butt, and is bolted to some whipping article,...

DreamboyBondage – Neill – Dumb Jock – Part 1


Neill, today 26, may be the description of all brawn, the stupid jock with no mind – simply the way in which we like’em, foolish large and saturated in cum! Neill is duct-recorded towards the seat sporting a sleeveless muscle-shirt along with a little jock. He’s hooded and gagged incredibly scared and –. After viewing the stupid jock battle...

DreamboyBondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 4


Your client’s teenaged reward continues to be turned around onto his back and secured towards his curved the lightweight wooden stand and his slim belly drawn in seductively. The person behind the experience that was boy’s is preoccupied not just his childhood and large penis but additionally together with his elegance and purity. He teaches Jared to cut all...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Nikolai – Russian Wrestler part 8


Nikolai has strung about the mix for eight hours as this occurrence starts. He's coated in discomfort and obviously in work, but he's this type of good sample, has running power and endurance, he nevertheless controls to put on herself vertical and breathe easily. Many healthy, teenagers are by this time near-total fall. Some actually need attention to prevent...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 3


Bradley is secured down face first, totally bare, to some wooden system that is lightweight, developing a set V that retains his good swimmer’s butt raised. “What have you been likely to do today?” he demands. My customer wishes,” Jared responds. “And he wants me to cut your Jared employs a power clipper a blade to cut Bradley’s fuzzy...

Dreamboy Bondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 2


“I can’t do it. I’m in so much pain,” beautiful Bradley tells Jared as the muscle-stud works the teen’s cock. Bradley hangs naked from a cross, in a concrete dungeon, fulfilling the fantasy of some man Jared calls “the client” who is watching via closed circuit TV. “If you want to come down off that cross, you will cum...

Dreamboy Bondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 1


We have a rich friend who is obsessed with his son’s new roommate at an elite university – an 18-year-old freshman named Bradley. When we spot the boy dressing in the gym after a long workout in the pool – he’s on a swimming scholarship – we can see why: He has the body of a teenaged swimmer, broad...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scen – Nikolai – Russian Wrestler part 4


Youthful player Nikolai suffers with resignation. He knows he should endure. All he is able to do is experience. Back and the leather bullwhip proceeds to reduce his butt, slash after cut, followed closely by agonizing mists of booze about the clean injuries. Subsequently Nikolai is raised up onto his feet, every muscle in his body extended as though...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scen – Luca – Italian Beauty part 9


Luca is terrified, laying on his back on the ground, destined to some wooden mix with leather straps. But he understands why: These males are torturing him due to his elegance, since they're sexually stimulated by viewing his healthy, although to not punish him for almost any offense, youthful body ripped aside in pain. It requires significantly less than...

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