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DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Nikolai – Russian Wrestler part 8


Nikolai has strung about the mix for eight hours as this occurrence starts. He's coated in discomfort and obviously in work, but he's this type of good sample, has running power and endurance, he nevertheless controls to put on herself vertical and breathe easily. Many healthy, teenagers are by this time near-total fall. Some actually need attention to prevent...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 3


Bradley is secured down face first, totally bare, to some wooden system that is lightweight, developing a set V that retains his good swimmer’s butt raised. “What have you been likely to do today?” he demands. My customer wishes,” Jared responds. “And he wants me to cut your Jared employs a power clipper a blade to cut Bradley’s fuzzy...

Dreamboy Bondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 2


“I can’t do it. I’m in so much pain,” beautiful Bradley tells Jared as the muscle-stud works the teen’s cock. Bradley hangs naked from a cross, in a concrete dungeon, fulfilling the fantasy of some man Jared calls “the client” who is watching via closed circuit TV. “If you want to come down off that cross, you will cum...

Dreamboy Bondage – Bradley – Dreams Come True part 1


We have a rich friend who is obsessed with his son’s new roommate at an elite university – an 18-year-old freshman named Bradley. When we spot the boy dressing in the gym after a long workout in the pool – he’s on a swimming scholarship – we can see why: He has the body of a teenaged swimmer, broad...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scen – Nikolai – Russian Wrestler part 4


Youthful player Nikolai suffers with resignation. He knows he should endure. All he is able to do is experience. Back and the leather bullwhip proceeds to reduce his butt, slash after cut, followed closely by agonizing mists of booze about the clean injuries. Subsequently Nikolai is raised up onto his feet, every muscle in his body extended as though...

DreamboyBondage – Fetish Scen – Luca – Italian Beauty part 9


Luca is terrified, laying on his back on the ground, destined to some wooden mix with leather straps. But he understands why: These males are torturing him due to his elegance, since they're sexually stimulated by viewing his healthy, although to not punish him for almost any offense, youthful body ripped aside in pain. It requires significantly less than...

DreamboyBondage – Nikolai – Russian Wrestler – Part 3


“You have five minutes ” the person of torturing Nikolai informs the youthful player, tired as well as in discomfort after spending hours in change together with his genitals coated with stinging clothespins. Regardless of the still noticeable injuries on his cock Nikolai gets hard and provides these males with his erect penis, wishing they'll recognize their guarantee to...

DreamboyBondage – Luca – Italian Beauty – Part 8


Luca today stands his legs spread with a metal club, within the dungeon, his arms chained on either part of him towards the surfaces. As he's been for times, shown just like a bit of beef he's totally bare. He challenges against his stores, bellowing “Fuck!” in disappointment. Jared enters by having an additional-large metal collar, which he employs...

DreamboyBondage – Nikolai – Russian Wrestler – Part 2


Like a good Russian, Nikolai suffers stoically, moaning and gasping, a look of intense agony on his beautiful face. He never imagined that something as ordinary as two-dozen clothespins could cause so much pain when clipped to his cock, balls and nipples, an intense, throbbing pain that never stops. He also learns that his tortures will be combined, that...

DreamboyBondage – Luca – Italian Beauty – Part 7

DreamboyBondage - Luca - Italian Beauty - Part 7

Luca’s incredible beauty, until now, has been a great advantage, his ticket to success. He walks the runways of Milan. He spends Christmas in the Swiss Alps. He visits the finest hotels in the world, on the arms of rich men or women who love his chiseled body, gleaming teeth and easy charm. Sure, occasionally he allows his body...

DreamboyBondage – Luca – Italian Beauty – Part 3


Poor, tortured Luca’s pecs, navel, cock and balls still throb from the clothespins. He is a lovely piece of ass who is well accustomed to performing sexually for a more dominant man. Usually, Luca has no problem jerking off on command, but now he is terrified and confused. He tries desperately to cum for the man torturing him, but...

DreamboyBondage – Ian Greene – Sex Slave Training – Part 5

Young Ian is flipped over onto his stomach, his arms wrapped around the horizontal X-cross and cuffed at the wrists, his legs spread and velcroed at the knees. Jared is warming up his new slave for another round of ass-fucking, first whipping the soles of his feet, then beating his ass until it is bright red. “Your days with women are over,” Jared tells the prostrate, whimpering youth. “All that’s left for you is sucking dick and getting fucked,” Jared adds, before shoving the tapered, rigid dildo up the kid’s well-greased ass and rhythmically fucking him for a good 45 minutes. A sex slave is born.

Young Ian is flipped over onto his stomach, his arms wrapped around the horizontal X-cross and cuffed at the wrists, his legs spread and velcroed at the knees. Jared is warming up his new slave for another round of ass-fucking, first whipping the soles of his feet, then beating his ass until it is bright red. “Your days with...

DreamboyBondage – Luca – Italian Beauty part 2


It's just starting to destroy into Luca’s instead vacant mind he is definitely hopeless and condemned to endure whatever tortures and sexual humiliations this guy needs to cause on him. Jared, the person, eliminates the remainder of rsquo & Luca;s swings and trousers his penis under his hot bikini briefs. Then your pain results. Jared bands Luca s pecs...

DreamboyBondage – Ian Greene – Sex Slve Training part 4


Right child Ian - who, a couple of days before, was yet another early-20-anything All American child - is spread eagled on his back, totally bare. The child who simply pushed Ian to pull down him has become operating his penis, purchasing Ian generate lots of cum and to obtain difficult. After two moments operating rsquo Ian&;s penis to...

DreamboyBondage – Luca – Italian Beauty part 1


Luca, 23, is an extremely beautiful young man from Milan with the charm, sense of fashion and social grace that make him just the sort of boy a rich man would love to have on his arm at the opera or an art opening. Luca travels to Minneapolis to meet a wealthy client, but little does he know the...

DreamboyBondage – Ian Greene – Sx Slve Training part 3


Ian has lost track of time. He thinks he has been in this dark, dank basement for days, but he’s not sure. He is either in a cage, eating food from a bowl like a dog, or strapped to some kind of device. Today, he’s flat on an X-cross, on his back, wearing the same skimpy briefs he was...

DreamboyBondage – Ian Greene – Sx Slve Training part 2


Ian’s training as a sex slave continues. He is strapped to a weight bench, nearly naked, his cock and balls pulled out of tiny bikini briefs. He will rarely, if ever, wear more than this for the rest of his life. “Push it!” Jared screams, whipping Ian’s abs and pecs. The boy’s beautiful torso, from cock to neck, is...

DreamboyBondage – Mark – Custom Order part 7


Jared continues to bullwhip Mark’s muscular back and ass, making the young man shriek in pain - especially when a thin midst of alcohol is applied to create an extra level of agony. We love how Mark’s thick blonde mane flops around in front of his face as he shakes and yelps. Mark is 100% straight. His fine, supple...

DreamboyBondage – Mark – Custom Order – Part 6


Mark, still trapped in the pillory, looks down at his cock and balls with disbelief. Jared, the muscular young man who has been torturing him, has tied a rope around his balls and stretched them out, using a steel weight as ballast, forcing him to arch his back painfully. What Mark doesn’t know is the man paying for his...

DreamboyBondage – Mark – Ian Greene – Sex Slave Training – Part 1


Ian is a 22-year-old from a working-class town in a Midwestern state. Last week he just vanished. His friends have been trying to text him. His mom has been up late crying. But the cops say there is little they can do. Boys his age sometimes just leave town. After all, he had a crummy job, a pregnant girlfriend...

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