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EastBoys – Johnathan Strake, Will Simon – POV vol 2 – Part Two


Because of common demand we shall proceed to-to provide these POV (perspective) movies. Jonathan Strake blast begins with meeting, Jonathan is timid and contains his penis first before abruptly starts up holds and makeris trousers and begins drawing it! Discuss escalation! Observe on your own! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Jason Buell – Handjob – Part One


Jason Buell settled a trip, pleased to us and calm he's experiencing quality time with this own Mr. Handjobs, whose fingers are gradually discovering hidden items of Jason'd body that was fine... Fundamentally cautiously eliminating Jasonis heavy penis from his undies. Because it might ruin a pleasant shock what goes on next I'll not explain! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Heandjob Scene – Web Cam – Jerk-off Featuring Herbert Nottingham


Herbert Nottingham from Kingdom of Rottengham is showing us how he can perform solo on a camera. Dreaming with eyes closed about sexy guys and stroking his cock slowly, then jerking off until nice cumshot on his smooth flat tummy.. then taking shower with another hot dude, we will properly introduce shortly! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Luis Blava – Two Young Twinks Fuck Bareback Featuring Benedikt & Spencer


Two Young Twinks Fuck Bareback Featuring Benedikt & Spencer Download full video from:

EastBoys – Part Two – Handjob – Cumshot Featuring Martin Polnak


And Martin Polnak is here again! We continue where we left off, on a massage table, where Martin is in capable hands of Mr. Hand Jobs, who is taking care of Martin’s sexual needs, fondling his cock, playing with it, jerking it off! And at the end we have a blastoff! Cummy on a tummy! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Sex Scene – Mark Ramos & Sanchez Paolo


People who'd prefer to observe dual cum within the experience - your delay has ended, because of Luis' Blava. Two twinks, the additional super-hot and also one hot, proceed at full-throttle at it. First kissing drawing on the cocks of one another. Licking butt after which fucking one another difficult. View within the encounter for that magnificent cum! Download full...

EastBoys – Darell Thomas – Casting – Handjob – Cumshot


And we've still another new-model, next in one single week! Sleek and running Darell Jones may remove during his 1st casting program to complete nude, and present people before getting jerked herself off how effectively he is able to pull on the huge dildo. Notice Darell during his 1st homosexual encounter in pain! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Casting, Handjob, Muscle Worship – Martin Gajda


Part Two with Martin Gajda is here now! This time around all of the motion is invest patting, fondlin , having fun with Martins penis, before huge cumshot and good jerkoff climax! Good muscle/ biceps praise at the conclusion, Martin has good football arms many might envy! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Sanchez Paolo – Handjob, Cumshot


Sanchez Paolo is looking extremely sexy in his stretch undies, massaging and stroking his dick until he gets nice hard on. That is before our very own Mr. Hand Jobs will rescue him to show how it should be done properly. This video has it all, nipple exploration and tickling, ass shots, jerkoff and finally a cumshot! Watch Sanchez...

EastBoys – Johnathan Strake – Cute Jonathan – Handjob Part Two


And here we go again with Jonathan Strake! We get right into middle of the action, with our producer working Jonathan's massive dick, then exploring his ass and finally guys take turns jerking off Jonathan's cock to nice cumshot finale! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Casting, Handjob, Part One – Alessandro Katz


Alessandro Katz, our new twink round the block, is slim yet ripped and strong dude, who will first entertain us with some biceps curls and flexing. But wait till you see that nice hard 6pack and nicely formed chest, which Mr. Hand Jobs will explore himself! And Alessandro has one more surprise for us, perhaps you can guess it...

EastBoys – Cute Jonathan, Handjob, Part One – Johnathan Strake


Seeing Jonathan Strake in those undies and socks besides a Teddy Bear is priceless, but our horny Mr. Cute will soon pull out his cock , while stroking his flat and ripped tummy... but then Jonathan is happy to find out, that Mr. Hand Jobs is available to offer some help, and some help it is! Have a look...

EastBoys – Part Two – Exclusive Handjob Featuring Alvaro Rivers


More fun time with Alvaro Rivers, this time on our kitchen table! Mr. Hand Jobs is slowly feeling Alvaro's body, playing and fondling his nipples, ever so slowly progressing down to his cock...which gets rock hard in no time, ready to explode it's load to the not miss! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Eastboys Remastered Collection 18 – Gilberto


We try to find best dudes on the planet for you. Sometimes we come damn close, as with our old fav Gilberto. Gilberto is one beautiful hunk of an alpha male, with awesome muscular body, bulging biceps, ripped 6 pack, and face you just want to keep kissing. Enjoy this full 1.5hr blast from the past, resampled to highest...

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