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EastBoys – Sanchez Paolo – Handjob, Cumshot


Sanchez Paolo is looking extremely sexy in his stretch undies, massaging and stroking his dick until he gets nice hard on. That is before our very own Mr. Hand Jobs will rescue him to show how it should be done properly. This video has it all, nipple exploration and tickling, ass shots, jerkoff and finally a cumshot! Watch Sanchez...

EastBoys – Johnathan Strake – Cute Jonathan – Handjob Part Two


And here we go again with Jonathan Strake! We get right into middle of the action, with our producer working Jonathan's massive dick, then exploring his ass and finally guys take turns jerking off Jonathan's cock to nice cumshot finale! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Casting, Handjob, Part One – Alessandro Katz


Alessandro Katz, our new twink round the block, is slim yet ripped and strong dude, who will first entertain us with some biceps curls and flexing. But wait till you see that nice hard 6pack and nicely formed chest, which Mr. Hand Jobs will explore himself! And Alessandro has one more surprise for us, perhaps you can guess it...

EastBoys – Cute Jonathan, Handjob, Part One – Johnathan Strake


Seeing Jonathan Strake in those undies and socks besides a Teddy Bear is priceless, but our horny Mr. Cute will soon pull out his cock , while stroking his flat and ripped tummy... but then Jonathan is happy to find out, that Mr. Hand Jobs is available to offer some help, and some help it is! Have a look...

EastBoys – Part Two – Exclusive Handjob Featuring Alvaro Rivers


More fun time with Alvaro Rivers, this time on our kitchen table! Mr. Hand Jobs is slowly feeling Alvaro's body, playing and fondling his nipples, ever so slowly progressing down to his cock...which gets rock hard in no time, ready to explode it's load to the not miss! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Eastboys Remastered Collection 18 – Gilberto


We try to find best dudes on the planet for you. Sometimes we come damn close, as with our old fav Gilberto. Gilberto is one beautiful hunk of an alpha male, with awesome muscular body, bulging biceps, ripped 6 pack, and face you just want to keep kissing. Enjoy this full 1.5hr blast from the past, resampled to highest...

EastBoys – Part 2, The second view – Ronald Bradley


Ronald Bradley visited us and did a casting session back in May. Ronald is cool handsome dude with piercing eyes and massive cock. We have received many requests for a sequel, but while we were not able to arrange a follow up so far, here is Ronald's previous casting from another camera view, to ease your pain waiting! Enjoy! Download...

EastBoys – Alfie – Village Boys, Outdoor Sex Action


that one is in the records, in the times when Luis Blava attempted first-person camera watch. Encounter fuck firsthand, notice Alfieis head below taking the penis down. These men discover revolutionary way-how to fuck one another, and Luis discovers a myriad of sights that are good Download full video from:

EastBoys – Alvaro Rivers – Casting First time Handjob Part 2


Continuation with Alvaro Rivers for ya! See Alvaro, his beautiful athletic body shine, his muscles flex, his face in agony of pleasure - during this handjob finale! See how he enjoys every minute of it! Download full video from:

EastBoys – Jonas Petersen – Casting Handjob Cumshot


We are working hard to bring you new duded for your enjoyment! Jonas Petersen is big strong guy one would not want to mess with. Solid body, big arms. Jonas had quite some fun during his 1st casting, flexing, oiling up, massage, even handjob with massive cumshot! Download full video from:

EastBoys – First time Handjob – Alvaro Rivers


Aaaah we have a new cutie for you! Alvaro Rivers appears to enjoy his 1st ever casting session. Cute, lean and athletic dude with irresistible smile does not mind our producer to explore his smooth body in great detail, touching his flexed muscles, and his cock, at first limp, then getting harder and harder.... Download full video from:

EastBoys – Part Two, Handjob, Cumshot – Peter Homely


And fun with Peter Homely continues! Peter is a big muscular guy and he he happy to flex his muscles for our producer and you - before his body gets oiled up and his cock gets now most of the attention. Mr. Hand Jobs and Peter then take turns jerking off - see how Peter enjoys every second of...

EastBoys – Young Boys in Blowjob Action – Dario Dolce


We have an eye candy from the archives from you. Belami model Dario Dolce, handsome, strong and muscular hunk getting fucked by another, slim dude. These guys are sure hungry for action, and before you know it they strip to full nude, their cocks are hard and they are into each other, literally! 27 Minutes of real hardcore action! Download...

EastBoys – Casting, Web Cam, Jerk-off – Olle Lindman

EastBoys - Casting, Web Cam, Jerk-off - Olle Lindman

We have yet another casting session for you, with nice, smooth, slim, athletic dude. Olle Lindman is using our now famous white sofa to perform, flexing his muscles, workout, and eventually dick comes out, and they both start performing! Shorts come off as they are in the way of action, and one must admire Olle's nice slim yet athletic...

EastBoys – Web Cam Solo Action – Tim Brlej


We have new dude for you! Tim Brlej (highly unlikely but that's really his name) has big smooth body, and one cannot miss his rather huge dick! Tim got camera and simple mission, try to look sexy, strip and and jerk off until cum shoots out. And that is exactly what he did, beating his cock until the predictable...

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