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TitanMen – Sex Scen – Demolition – Eric Nero & Jason Vario


Eric Nero stops from destroying a wall, Jason Vario. “ What've you been supplying me? the building stud that's disappointed is required by ”. “I got something for ya, responds the cook, obtaining out his huge manhood. Jason releases his meat, equally patting. That rsquo & rdquo; admires huge penis, man,& Eric. “ Require me to draw on it?”...

TitanMedia – Demolition – Eric Nero & Bruce Beckham flip-fuck


Eric Nero strokes his massive meat, but has to tuck it into his pants when the doorbell rings. Architect Bruce Beckham eyes it immediately: “Is that why they call you the Big D?” he asks. “Sure is,” answers Eric. “Wanna see it?” Bruce is wide eyed on his knees as Eric’s huge cock pops out. He devours it (“Choke...

Blueprint – Eric Nero & Max Sargent

TitanMen – Blueprint – Eric Nero & Max Sargent

Big Load Cement Company wants a job with Big D, who’s impressed with Max Sargent’s firm handshake. “Years of handling big cement pipe,” smiles Max, rubbing his bulge. Eric opens wide to engulf Max’s thick slab, his nose tickling the muscle dad’s pubes: “Slide your mouth all the way down!” Max licks his lips and swallows Eric’s meat, begging...

TitanMen – Blueprint – Matthew Bosch & Eric Nero

TitanMen - Blueprint - Matthew Bosch & Eric Nero

TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch and Eric Nero “Why do they contact you Big-D?” requires Matthew Bosch of Eric Nero, who laughs: “Trigger I acquired a large dick…wanna see?” Eric makes out his animal: “continue, pull it!” Matthew worships it as channels of throw slide-down Eric’s lengthy base and drop towards the ground. “Coat my balls,” claims Eric, who appears...

Taxman Cumeth: Eric Nero, Tex Davidson

Taxman Cumeth Eric Nero, Tex Davidson

Tex Davidson whips out his huge cock for a live webcam show, then pumps it up. He’s interrupted by a knock at the door—agent Eric Nero needs to conduct an inspection for a home office deduction. Tex is happy to show off how he works, sliding his meat out and putting it back in his cock pump. “You wanna...

TitanMen – OUT! – Diesel Washington, Eric Nero

OUT! - Diesel Washington, Eric Nero

A.J.’s interview airs on GSPN, surprising player Eric Nero. He’s getting a massage from trainer Diesel Washington, who isn’t fazed: “Coach and I have been buddies for years.” Diesel’s hands and tongue tease Eric’s massive cock, which disappears inside the trainer’s mouth. Diesel then plants his own monster on Nero’s face (“Fuckin’ love that dick!”). They 69 each other’s...

Jailbreak- Agent Jackman hunts fugitive Eric Nero

Jailbreak- Agent Jackman hunts fugitive Eric Nero

Escapee Eric Nero runs through the woods as a helicopter hovers overhead—with armed officer Jesse Jackman hot on his tail. He gets tazered to the ground by the muscle cop: “Get on your knees!” demands Jesse, soon stuffing the prisoner’s face. Eric strokes his own big dick as he worships Jesse’s meat—the officer then dragging him into a nearby...

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