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FalconStudios – Urban Spokes – Brent Corrigan, Griffin Barrows


Bicycle messenger Griffin Barrows it is star and makes a shipping to a flat struck when he understands his customer is renowned Bay Area app creator Brent Corrigan! Brent is pleased that Griffin got during rush-hour in mere 24 units across city. ‘If you've another package to provide,’ claims Griffin, ‘I’d be pleased to do this if you're able...

FalconStudios – Ryan Rose drills Rod Peterson – Urban Spokes


Rod Peterson is cycling through the Presidio, enjoying the beautiful Pacific coastline of San Francisco. Suddenly, his chain breaks. Luckily for him, a good Samaritan named Ryan Rose offers to help. Ryan brings Rod back to the shop where Ryan runs a bike messenger service called 'Urban Spokes'. Their eyes meet, and suddenly they burst into frenetic kissing. Stripping...

FalconStudios – Pitching Tents – Woody Fox & Seth Santoro


Muscle stud Woody Fox hits the outdoor showers at the campgrounds. Hidden beneath enormous redwoods, the area offers up some instant excitement when Woody spies Seth Santoro naked under the water. Slowly stripping down, Woody casts subtle glances towards Seth, and Seth looks over his shoulder to return eye contact. As Woody turns on the water in the next...

FalconStudios – Pitching Tents – JJ Knight, Jeremy Spreadums


After horsing around in the river, JJ Knight and Jeremy Spreadums strip off their wet clothes to their tight, white briefs. Their sexual chemistry is so intense, Jeremy can’t resist dropping to his knees and sucking JJ’s insanely huge cock in broad daylight. Retreating to their tent for more privacy, they make out on the bed and Jeremy deepthroats...

FalconStudios – Brent Corrigan rides JJ Knight – About Last Night

FalconStudios - Brent Corrigan rides JJ Knight – About Last Night

After a long night of bachelor partying, Brent Corrigan finds his buddy JJ Knight, the groom, crashed out on the couch. It's early in the morning, and they've barely slept, but that doesn't stop them from having one last fling before JJ's married off to someone else. Brent pulls back the blanket and opens his mouth wide to get...

FalconStudios – Deep Release – Colt Rivers And Sebastian Kross


Muscled Alexander Volkov arrives for his spa day, and Ryan Rose lets him in. Alexander strips down, revealing an incredible physique worthy of a Greek god. With massage oil, Ryan delivers deep tissue relief to Alexander's bulging muscles, but Alexander's huge, uncut cock demands attention as well. Stroking Alexander's cock with one hand, Ryan slips the fingers of his...

FalconStudios – About Last Night – Jacob Peterson, JJ Knight


When the party at the club gets a little too wild and crazy, JJ Knight retreats to the back room to chill. JJ's friend, Jacob Peterson, comes in to check on him and help him relax. Falling to his knees, Jacob takes out JJ's dick. With his right hand wrapped around the base, Jacob opens his mouth and sucks...

FalconStudios – About Last Night – Jacob Peterson & Alex Mecum


John Peterson walks alone towards the bachelor party coach he required towards the membership together with his pals. Alex Mecum, the driver, allows him in and requires, 'Where would be the men?' 'They Are out having a good time,' John responds, obviously feeling omitted. Alex ties John within the back of the coach to maintain him organization, and Alex...

FalconStudios – About Last Night – Topher Di Maggio & Ryan Rose


Ryan Rose hired go-go dancer Topher DiMaggio for his friend's bachelor party, and Topher's so good that Ryan can't keep his hands off him. Ryan is turnt up with Topher, and the action starts getting extra heavy! As the music bumps, Topher grinds his massive bulge against Ryan's ripped body, and Ryan figures why not go with it since...

FalconStudios – Deep Release – JJ Knight and Brendan Phillips


After relaxing in the hot tub, Brendan Phillips arrives to give JJ Knight a rejuvenating salt scrub. When he turns over, JJ's massive cock throbs. As Brendan runs his hands along JJ's body, he gets closer and closer to JJ's meat. When Brendan works out a particular's tight area on JJ's thigh, JJ's cock swells and jumps with excitement....

FalconStudios – Deep Release – Ryan Rose, Alexander Volkov


Muscled Alexander Volkov arrives for his spa day, and Ryan Rose lets him in. Alexander strips down, revealing an incredible physique worthy of a Greek god. With massage oil, Ryan delivers deep tissue relief to Alexander’s bulging muscles, but Alexander’s huge, uncut cock demands attention as well. Stroking Alexander’s cock with one hand, Ryan slips the fingers of his...

FalconStudios – Deep Release – Sean Zevran, Brandon Rivers


Laying facedown on the massage table in a tranquil, white room, Sean Zevran awaits the expert touch of Brandon Rivers. Brandon slicks up Sean’s back with massage oil, working his way from Sean’s muscled shoulders down to his perfect, round ass. Flipping over, Sean reveals his massive, throbbing erection. Without hesitation, Brandon reaches down and strokes Sean’s hot, hard...

FalconStudios – JJ Knight and Colt Rivers – Deep Release


As Colt Rivers soaks his feet in the hot tub, JJ Knight makes himself comfortable on the ledge above. As JJ leans back, the towel wrapped around his waist falls open, revealing his massive cock. Turned on, Colt reaches for his hard cock, and starts stroking to catch JJ's eye. JJ likes what he sees, and his cock swells....

FalconStudios – Brent Corrigan, Jason Maddox – Deep Release


Brent Corrigan slips into a luxurious soaking tub; as he relaxes, his cock swells and hardens. Jason Maddox, Brent's masseur, begins the bodywork session with firm strokes along Brent's muscled backside. The round, meaty cheeks of Brent's ass are irresistible to Jason, who's fingers reach into Brent's tight hole. With his right hand, Brent reaches out and fondles the...

FalconStudios – Desert Getaway – Gabriel Cross, Derek Bolt


While the other adventurers at this ‘Desert Getaway’ are out enjoying a hike, Gabriel Cross comes back to the house early to find Derek Bolt all by himself. Feeling a bit shy and intimidated around so many hot, new guys, Derek had stayed behind instead of joining the other friends on the hike. Lucky for him, Gabriel is eager...

FalconStudios – Wild Weekend Part 2 – Ryan Rose & Wesley Woods

FalconStudios - Wild Weekend Part 2 - Ryan Rose & Wesley Woods

Wesley Woods continues to be pining for celebrity underwear style Ryan Increased all weekend-long, however the whole-time it appeared like Ryan was more thinking about European men Ken Rodeo and Brute. After hrs of partying within San Francisco Pride's vision, Wesley abruptly push into one another about the road, plus one presses. Ryan draws Wesley close to get a...

FalconStudios – Wild Weekend Part 2 – JJ Knight & Wesley Woods


JJ Knight and Wesley Woods make out on a wooden deck with a sweeping view of the Russian River wilderness. Peeling off their clothes, they run their hands over each other’s ripped, muscular bodies. JJ sinks to his knees and expertly services Wesley’s throbbing boner, licking the sensitive tip with his tongue and swallowing the entire humongous shaft all...

FalconStudios – Wild Weekend Part 2 – Colton Grey, Paul Canon


It's the day of the San Francisco Pride parade, and the guys are out having fun all over the city. Paul Canon makes eyes with a hot stud on the street, Colton Grey, and gives him some beads. They hit it off instantly, and they seize the moment to have some sexy fun. They beat it back to the...

FalconStudios – Wild Weekend Part 2 – JJ Knight & Ken Rodeo


After their activities up in the Russian Water, the people are in Bay Area and gearing up for that large Pleasure party. JJ Knight sits along about the sofa and fixes herself a-cup of day espresso. Ken Rodeo is failed on the family room ground of JJ, as he admires Kenis bare-ass plus one stirs in JJ's trousers. Moving around,...

FalconStudios – Wild Weekend – Part 1 Sc.5 – JJ Knight Fucks Josh Conners


At the gay bar near their Russian River vacation house, JJ Knight and Wesley Woods are gossiping about their friends’ hookups. So far JJ hasn’t gotten any action during the weekend, but as Wesley reminds him, ‘The night’s still young!’ After taking a piss, JJ exits the bathroom and finds Josh Conners cruising the hallway. They lock eyes and...

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