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HardKinks – Breeding The Twink Slave – Abraham Montenegro, James Silver And Yago Sinner


braham has hunted a new submissive and takes him to the house of his new dominant buddy, James. They’re going to give him a frenzied kinky session of domination, feet, spit, to finally breed the little piggy. Direct Download

HardKinks – Lucas Costa & Rafa Marco – Friendpigs

Lucas and Rafa can be really nasty pigs, they love to get horny eating their cocks, doing fingers in their asses, licking eachothers feet and armpits and fucking as if there was no tomorrow. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

HardKinks – Alec Loob, Angel Garcia – Don’t Wake Me Up


Alec is sleeping but his slave is eager to serve him, he needs to smell and lick his feet, and it have to be now, he’s addicted to them, and they are the reason for his pathetic existence. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

HardKinks – Josh Milk & Rafa Marco – The Tunnel


Two scally guys are walking in a tunnel on the way home. They are young, Alpha and wanting to fuck like animals so they decide to set up a big session of sex and debauchery. Who will dominate the other? Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

HardKinks – Blowjob Scene – CockSucker – Aday Traun, Lukas Costa


100% Lukas that was top was not fucked. The problem is permitting him execute along with his bottom although he fits to obtain his manhood Aday. He ll have to create to obtain gone his virginity it & rsquo;s gonna. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

HardKinks – Fetish Scene – Aaron Lautner & Mario Benedet – Strangers Feet


There is nothing warmer than likely to intercourse cafes to place herself in the feet of Leader toes for Aaron. Nowadays Mario is likely to be his Grasp, creating him combine together with clothes, shoes and his toes, he’s simply base dust. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

HardKinks -Fetish Scene – Angel Garcia – Pain Slave


Are you aware that servant # 5 is directly? So we're able to have a great time torturing him their Mistress has delivered him back again to us. We’ve named Angel Garcia, who not wait to place it in the first moment in his location.   Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links  

HardKinks – BULLFIGHT EDITION vol5 – Alec Loob, Angel Cruz, Dmitry Osten, Dominique Kenique, Josh Milk


There are of pupils a group adhering to a "reality or sport that is dare” to generate some cash, which causes them to devote acts that are significantly dreadful, dipping them within an large control of intercourse and BDSM without switching back. This movie contains: Anal Sex, Armpits, Bad Language, Blowjobs, Bondage, Deepthroating, Dog Training, Extreme, Fantastic, Feet, Humiliation, Muscles,...

HardKinks – Dominique Kenique & Ricko Star – Shaved


Dominique is tired of finding hairs in the food that his young slave prepares for him. To solve it he decides to give an exemplary punishment while he shaves his head, a perfect way to show him who's in charge. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Lucas Costa & Mario Benedet – Sweaty Feet Cleaner


Lucas wishes an overall total servant who satisfies all his purchases and is truly sexy today, therefore we've introduced him Mario, who'll need to pull on his penis and create a great licking function of his soaked feet. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Sex Scene – Alec Loob, Mario Benedet – Top To Sub


His pal is leading, although Alec really wants to fuck. Issue? No way! Since our scally Leader likes to change a high right into a servant and make him pleading for penis and closing displaying his butt. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Sex Scene – Pablo & Ricko Star – The Cleaning Boy.


Ricko may be the child who washes the home of Pablo. Now John wishes windows washed with plenty of throw, toes, and his penis. If he really wants to maintain his work Ricko should follow. May he obey his Master’s purchases? Download full video from:

HardKinks – Fetish Scene – Aytor Wess, Cristian Martin – A Total Slave


Cristian is just a right child who trips smoking to prevent. However the Wess uses his prominence to embarrass him, creating him become his human-dog that is personal. He is able to just follow, and he have to publish to his wishes although no option... Download full video from:

HardKinks – Abraham Montenegro, Ricky Ruiz – Feet Licker


Bob Ruiz returns to Hardkinks starving for providing and licking all our Leader males' toes. Therefore a program was organized by we’ve with Lucas Costa, who'll produce him again right into a complete puppy slave. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Abraham Montenegro, Rafa Marco – Bondage


We start a new year with a change of roles, this time we have left Abraham Montenegro tied for Rafa Marco, who will not hesitate to enslave him totally and make him his dog pup. Ready for Hardkinks action? Download full video from:

HardKinks – Feetchat – Alec Loob


Young, smart, arrogant, and enjoys having slaves at his toes doing great massages. Match Alec Loob within this Feetchat wherever he discusses all of the perversions he does together with his slaves. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Evan Bull, Josh Milk, Robbie Rojo – Under Total Controll


A young photographer comes to take some pictures to two porn actors but ends up being assaulted by them. Robbie and Josh wants to play with their new slave and humiliate him without mercy. Tied up and unable to resist these two Alphas. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Ares Camacho, Josh Milk – Worshipping a Young God


Ares get down to Josh’s feet and becomes his obedient dog slave, in order to fulfill all the bastard brat’s orders. He’s just an object for using and abuse to give pleasure to his master. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Angel Cruz, Jean Favre – Christmas Feet Slave


Christmas is coming and Angel wants a dog slave who sucks his sweaty feet and to fuck him without care. Wish fulfilled, this year we have given Jean as a present to do with him what he’ll want. Download full video from:

HardKinks – Cocksucker – Dani Basch (with Aday Traun)


Your youthful Leader Aday results using the need to punish your dog servant and obtain a great cleansing of his wet balls. Dani Basch is prepared to place herself at his support. Prepare to determine the cocksucker. Download full video from:

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