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JasonSparks – Maxx Simms & Scott DeMarco Bareback in Nashville

Maxx Simms is a lucky guy – for his first time on camera he’s with the ever sexy Scott DeMarco. The two bearded hotties embrace and kiss. Maxx is soon on his knees worshiping Scott’s mighty thick cock. The cock is soon fucking his ass bare – Maxx has great tattoos on his back as Scott can check out with him on all fours as he fucks him. Scott breeds a huge load deep inside the furry faced Maxx which he is stoked to receive! Direct Download

JasonSparks – Chad Porter & Jake Matthews BAREBACK in Grand Rapids

OK full disclosure we shot this one a while ago but we got so many people asking for more of both Chad Porter and Jake Matthews that we thought we’d spoil y’all and give you a scene with the two of them together. Chad looks incredible with his legs in the air and Jake’s tongue wedged firmly in his ass. Almost as good as he looks bouncing up and down on Jake’s big bare dick. By the simultaneous cum explosion the two have you can tell they had an awesome time! Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

JasonSparks – Logan Everett & Scotty Knox BAREBACK in Indianapolis


All the way from Kalamazoo car buff Logan Everett wanted an adrenaline rush and thought that appearing in a porn scene might do the trick. Of course given the opportunity to get into bed with the gorgeous Scotty Knox most guys would jump at the chance! Both these guys have big dicks as you'll see... Go through the captcha to...

JasonSparks – Damien Piers & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Norfolk


Our latest porn star model find is a super sexy power bottom. He's tattooed and a military boy and loves to be the center of attention of as many tops as he can find! Brogan Reed has no problem giving him orders and he's soon on all fours sucking Brogan's cock. Brogan flips him - spits in his hole and...

JasonSparks – Cody Quest & Jack Hunter Bareback in Nashville


Hairy hottie newbie alert! Cody Quest is gorgeous and has a killer smile - he's well travelled - intelligent - confident and close friend Jack Hunter convinced him to try porn. What an incredible scene this is between these two - it oozes genuine passion and intensity! The embrace and kiss passionately before Cody is on his knees worshipping Jack's...

JasonSparks – Seth Taylor & Owen Powers Bareback in Albany


Bareback in Albany: Seth Taylor is our newest find and he's a big time car guy. His engine is definitely getting revved by the ever sexy Owen Powers - damn that smile of his is intoxicating. Owen starts by using is mouth to deepthroat Seth's cock - banging his balls with his chin. Seth then shows off his oral...

JasonSparksLive – Aiden Wolfe & Devin Wager BAREBACK in San Antonio


Meet two new porn models today – Aiden Wolfe and Devin Wagner. Devin is a go go dancer with a bit of a wild side – he loves the outdoors but also loves public fucking. Hairy Aiden is also a fan of the great outdoors but doesn’t mind finding himself in a pile of bodies for a good old...

JasonSparksLive – Mark Kent & Landon Wright BAREBACK in Syracuse


Today’s fresh adult breakthrough is Mark London and Landon Wright discovered him before we actually began therefore the two of these previously had some chemistry. There has to be anything within the ether recently as Landon determined aswell that to base he desired for that very first time in 5 years! “Son of the bitch – fuck that’s big”...

JasonSparks – Braxton Ryan & Scott DeMarco BAREBACK in Dayton


This attractive frat kid likes to have his top off and Braxton Ryan may be the newest Jason Sparks Bareback Road-Trip breakthrough and his sexy bod makes people pleased he does. The huge cope with this update is the fact that the beautiful Scott DeMarco is currently bottoming for that very first time below! Both brunette girls seem amazing -...

JasonSparksLive – Christian Blue & Joshua James BAREBACK in Wichita


Fresh adult model Religious Orange was the jock at senior school playing soccer, monitor and hockey and has design visual appearance. He’s a fortunate and top for him Joshua James is resting beside him and he enjoys receiving his assfucked that is good. Once they business blowjobs – Orlando exhibits simply how much he enjoys butt by lubing it-up...

JasonSparksLive – Chandler Mason & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Indianapolis


We've a lot of hot people our latest and this month – find Chandler Mason is not exclusion. The two of them and together He’s below with your muscled hottie Brogan Reed deliver a desirable picture that will have you hard as Brogan’s pecs. Chandler does a superb task at deepthroating Brogan’s tool – Brogan subsequently face fucks the...

JasonSparks – Sex Scen – Kyle James & Marcus Ryan BAREBACK in Dallas


The JasonSparksLive breakthroughs simply continue today and cumming we expose Kyle Wayne completely from Texas. Kyle has got the greatest language I believe I’ve so people who're followers of rimming are likely to hit your thoughts viewing him show that language completely around Marcus’ happy pit actually noticed. These flexible and warm men subsequently provide a bareback flip-flop fuck...

JasonSparks – Kyle Steele & Cash Lockhart BAREBACK in Allentown


Cash discovers Kyle lying on the bed - his naked body barely covered by a robe. His big dick is soon at attention as they strip down. Cash takes Kyle cock in his mouth - whilst his own cock is begging for some attention too. Kyle puts his mouth to work first on Cash's cock and then Kyle tongue...

JasonSparks – Scott DeMarco & Zack Grayson BAREBACK in Shreveport


It's hard to believe but this is Scott DeMarco's very first shoot - he's rock hard from the get go, surely a sign that he was meant for a career in porn. And with a big cock like that we're all the better for it. He's here today with another big dicked hottie Zack Grayson. The two of them...

JasonSparks – Brogan Reed, Zack Grayson – JSL Christmas 2016


Santa's jingle balls are blue but here comes Jack Frost and even though his tongue is cold Jack knows how to suck Santa's dick like a good boy. He deepthroat's Santa so good that he's going to permanently make the nice list. Santa smacks him in the face with this bare dick and then rim's his chilly... Download full video...

JasonSparks – Dustin Tyler & Alex Mason in Memphis


Is there something much better than an excellent blowjob. One which is intended to become simply the beginning of fucking but their mouth in your penis of a night seems then and so fucking great that you simply do not need them to prevent... well you'll find nothing greater is there? Alex sucks on Dustin's penis so nicely he...

JasonSparks – Jake Archer & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Memphis


Meet Jake Archer - the newest porn star find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model search. He's from Houston and is a big ol' power bottom telling us about being the only bottom in a ten man gang bang! This is his first time on camera but he feels like this was the role he was born to play. He's...

JasonSparks – Ty Thomas Solo


Download full video from:

JasonSparks – James Brooks & CK Steel BAREBACK in Detroit

JasonSparks - James Brooks & CK Steel BAREBACK in Detroit

CK had a big night last night but that isn't going to stop him from showing new porn model James Brooks a damn good time. James is true athlete who's done a bunch of different sports. He's got a nice fat dick which CK sucks til it's hard. James then turns CK over to rim his hole and get...

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