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FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue24 – Derek Jenkins And Nino Valens


When we release the casting video with Derek Jenkins last year the reception from some of you was rather lukewarm, and the usual anti-tattoo prejudice was on full display. The result was that we only filmed a couple of scenes with him and then discontinued the collaboration, which is a pity as I consider him to be very nice...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue24 – Nate Donaghy And Justin Saradon


Nate and Justin’s scene starts with Nate trying to make Justin look ‘tough’. It is, of course, an almost impossible task as there is not a bit of toughness in him, except for the occasional fit of verbal aggression. I was surprised to see Nate bottoming, so this had to be part of this storyline. Some of you...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue25 – Lars Norgaard And Claude Sorel


This is one of the earlier scenes which we shot with Lars in Budapest. As such, it won't have the same exotic feeling as the series we shot in Capetown. But we believe that Lars' Nordic good looks and huge dick will make up for any shortcomings in the locale. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue25 – Nino Valens And Jamie Durrell


In this scene we decided to pair up a passive, brunet Hungarian with an active, blond(ish) Slovak. In this scene, shot in Budapest, Nino is bottoming. This is the situation he prefers, and as you can see he enjoys it enormously! Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue26 – Jason Bacall And Hoyt Kogan


Today's scene was shot as a part of the African production last December. I admit it is neither an early, nor the only scene with Hoyt/Jason. I selected it for Jason's debut simply because it was good, and thanks to its opening, also untraditional. Admittedly it is a bit out of context because it was shot as a part...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue26 – Kieran Benning


Kieran is one of those rare boys who doesn't create controversy and has something to offer to every customer. Teejay is under the wrong impression that this interview/solo is three years old. It is also from last December's Africa. Kieran started to shoot in January 2016. As a result you'll gradually see him with different hairstyle attempts and different...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue26 – Mikk d’Ancona And Helmut Huxley


"What did poor Helmut do to deserve this?" one of you asked in a comment on last week's preview. Well Mikk might not be in same league as Helmut at this moment, but I recommend you to go back to Helmut's casting and his equally atrocious early haircut. In any case, you can't have only star-class newcomers. We...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 21 – Sex Scene – Benny Saverin And Gino Mosca


Therefore anticipate him to be always a small “rounded about the corners” when I occasionally set it this really is scene. What he lacks in real fitness he significantly more than comprises for in power. He's an all natural created erotic artist with boyish appeal and impatience to obtain the (setback) work done. I really hope you prefer him...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 21 – Sex Scene – Jarrod Lanvin And Joaquin Arrenas


Jerk and this dual meeting off with Jarrod is just a prelude for their complete picture together. These kids were mixed because they equally get dicks somewhat larger than typical but enthusiasm that's extra, extralarge Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 21 – Sex Scene – Tommy Poulain And Adam Archuleta


The next home-video from our current African journey is likely to be enjoyable to look at despite the fact that Tommy Poulain isn't the best dessert within the barrel. It was explained by DeHanoia in sex’ which clearly doesn't need significantly speaking from Tommy as masterclass. I believe you’ll concur that Tommy, while without additional areas of research, is...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 23 – Sex Scene – Damian Chapelle And Helmut Huxley


Listed here are two wonderful kids in a summertime picture that is calm. Additionally they reveal a clear penchant for sporting caps aswell despite both kids having complete brains of stunning hair. Despite performances, these kids are only individual and therefore are susceptible to the sporadic terrible time as previously mentioned above. Therefore, I really hope you are able...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 23 – Solo Scene – Jason Bacall


I understand the watch for Jason continues to be extended. We had a need to transfer him from his unique Feb place completely to really get your feedback about the new versions in mind. Jason needed to delay because they were important. No vetting is needed by Jason whatsoever! After viewing solo picture and his first meeting nowadays I...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 23 – Sex Scene – Miguel Estevez And Claude Sorel


After some doubt, I chose to expose Miquel Estevez within South African picture that was this slower intimate . I really hope a number of you are able to include your frustration the cumshots aren't more creative. They're simply individual and in the beginning may flunk of one's objectives as the versions might seem like gods. You'll observe Miguel...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 22 – Sex Scene 2 – Peter Annaud & Henrik Bjorn


Going through our archives I realized that we have 2 scenes with Henrik and Peter. In the first one Henrik is topping Peter and in the 2nd, Peter was the dominant partner. After a little hesitation I selected the one where Henrik is bottoming, which he does with evident ease and pleasure. Since this time he has bottomed for quite...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 22 – Solo Scene – Colombian XL Jhon


When tweeting about this model, watch your auto-correct as that’s not a spelling mistake. Jhon is how his name is spelled. Obviously different countries have different spellings. You might remember Jhon from Probar, Columbia. We’re not sure who will love him most, twink lovers? Or size queens? Then the answer became obvious-twink loving size queens of course. We will...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue 22 – Sex Scene 1 – Andre Boleyn & Justin Saradon


This video contains a tease. Not quite as big a tease as Kevin or Andre, but a tease. When you see Kevin and Justin in the opening you’ll no doubt anticipate watching Kevin pound the lucky newcomer. Some may be disappointed that Luke decided to give the enviable task to Andre instead. But I have faith you’ll get over...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue20 – Sex Scene 2 – Tony Conrad And Bastian Dufy


You'll observe throughout their starting discussion that-along with adorable people warm systems, and large dicks, equally Tony are blessed by having an abundance of charm. You may dislike them when they weren’t so adorable. They're within their erotic functions that are “usual” below as base while Bastian… is preferred to by Tony. Bastian is just a omnivore who favors...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue20 – CROSS JERK – Justin with Jerome And Helmut


This JO picture was meant like a picture that was complete but was never completed. Therefore, we mixed this with this About The Collection substance to create a fun to include flavor to some normal blowjob documentary Download full video from:

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – Issue20 – Sex Scene 1 – Danny Defoe And Nino Valens


We're back again to our routine that is regular. We recognize all of the new-boys was only a little frustrating. Therefore, have a breathing, prior to the sexiness of Danny Defoe and Nino Valens go away! This picture was shot within our Budapest business using Lenny Hamill’s home-video design. A nice second is when Danny launches at his weight lower...

FreshMen – KinkyAngels – INTERVIEW & SOLO – Issue19 – Miguel Estevez


This problem this is actually the first severe launch of Miguel Estevez consistent with our choice. Their picture is arriving fourteen days with issue. You’ve therefore no unique launch is needed, observed Miguel formerly. He's of Hungarian source, probably as previously mentioned. He's the model Latin heart throb who’d look to Andalusia at home everywhere from Columbia. Absolutely from Lawrence...

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