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KristenBjorn – Wild Seed – Lucas Fox, Gabriel Lunna, Andy Star


Gabriel Lunna and Lucas Monk aren’t pleased consider their pal Tim Superstar home and they had a need to reject the account. Since it is Andrew s issue they had a need to maintain early they are receiving their concerns on Tim. Slipping to his thighs Tim is attempting to draw on substantial and Gabriel cocks ’ Lucas. Tim...

KristenBjorn – Pride 1 & 2. The Director’s Cut


Country: Spain Studio : Kristen Bjorn Video, Sarava Productions Cast: Alex Brinsky, Andreu Perez, Armando Del Toro, Arthur Gordon, Bruno Jones, Carlos Montenegro, Daniel Marvin, Dany Vargas, David Dirdam, Dennis D'Nello, Francesco D'Macho, Gustavo Arrango, Jean Franko, Jesus Moreno, John Cemax, Julio Cesar, Lucas Lucky, Luciano Prado, Marco Salgueiro, Mateo Perez, Pedro Andreas, Ricci Julian, Ross Hurston Director: Kristen Bjorn Videographer: Kristen Bjorn The...

KristenBjorn – Rocks & Hard Places #2


Country: Spain Studio: Kristen Bjorn Video, Sarava Productions Cast: Adam Rosa, Carlos Caballero, Carlos Montenegro, David Salazar, Fernando Marquez, Gregoire Chevalier, Honza Kozel, Jean Franko, Lucas Rocha, Marko Hansom, Mauricio Goldstein, Peter Stallion, Rocko Magnus, Tibor Cernan, Tomas Sebastiani Director: Kristen Bjorn Elsewhere in the mountains, Tibor Cernan and Marko Hansom team up to double fuck their buddy Tomas Sebastiani. Muscle hunks Carlos...

KristenBjorn – Rocks & Hard Places #1


Year: 2007 Genre: Orgy, "love train", oral, anal, rimming, cock sizes, cumshots, bodybuilders Length: 2:28:02 Director: Kristen Bjorn. Studio: Kristen Bjorn Video, Sarava Productions. Cast: Alex Ferrari, Alexandro Gonzalez, David Vega, Eloy Martinez, Gregoire Chevalier, Jean Franko, Lukas Botelho, Matthias Vannelli, Oldrich Smile, Rocko Magnus, Rocky DeOliveira, Rodrigo Ferrais, Roland Brinski, Sergio Del Castillo, Thomas Hrebec, Tommy Alvarez, Victor Souza, Viktor Vesely. When Jean Franko...

KristenBjorn – Sex Men – Black And White – Logan Moore & Titan Tex


While out experiencing some delicious tapas, Logan Moore sees an extremely swarthy guy that attracts his attention, Titan Tex. Logan uses him from the cafe and back again to his level. We begin to see the plentiful jockstraps restraining their productive cocks whilst the males start to remove their apparel. Titan opens rsquo & Logan;s starts to provide an...

KristenBjorn – Casting Couch #363 – Alejandro Torres, Alex Gomes


A day at home binge watching television for Alex Gomes is interrupted by Alejandro Torres, who turns it into a day of pleasures. Alex is excited for the interruption and quickly switches from television to Alejandro. As quickly as Alejandro strips away his “tight whites” Alex is devouring his huge, meaty cock. Alex is an expert cock sucker and...

KristenBjorn – Wild Seed – Viktor Rom & Gabriel Lunna


Viktor Rom and Gabriel Lunna have achieved up previously and required an opportunity to proceed at one another once more. With knowledge comes the data of just how your companion enjoys and what and provides you the capability to force limits. Viktor starts by worshiping Gabriel s reliable penis because it seems that his penis keeps growing tougher and...

KristenBjorn – Sex Men – Our Eden – Julio Rey, Santi Nogeira


Julio Rey is house learning on some art by Picasso when Santi Noguera comes and discovers Julio excited by among the works of art. the apple Julio is eating and also the-art makes him recognize the meaning between your two. Santi accumulates and goes in where the-art left down. Both males rob along and his marvelous penis is fed...

KristenBjorn – Wild Seed – Ely Chaim, Sergyo


Ely Chaim and Sergyo are attempting to get ready for work, but are have a hard time at it. Both are horny as fuck and can’t contain their raging hard-ons in their underwear. So, they figure they will stroke each other off, but the desire for more is mounting. Sergyo drops down and takes Ely’s long, luscious, uncut cock...

KristenBjorn – Casting Couch #362 – Mylo K, Julio Rey


Julio Rey has noticed the incredible flexibility and gymnastic skills Mylo K demonstrates at the gym and invites him over to explore his abilities further. As the guys strip down they enter into a little cock fight before Julio begins to suck on Mylo’s vaulting cock. Julio sucks and swallows Mylo’s cock as his legs spread further apart for...

KristenBjorn – Hot Stuff – Deep and Tight – Wagner Vittoria, Sergi Rodriguez & Xavi Garcia BAREBACK


Wagner Vittoria has arranged for a little sex party at his flat and eagerly awaits the arrival of Xavi Garcia and Sergi Rodriguez. Sergi is anxious to get started and immediately begins sucking on Xavi and Wagner’s huge, uncut cocks. Both men feed and fuck Sergi’s deep throat with ease. Wagner then dives tongue first into Sergi’s tight, pink...

KristenBjorn – Wild Seed – Ivan Gregory, Xavi Garcia, Manuel Olveyra


Following A crazy evening in the groups Ivan Gregory encourages his crazy fuck buddies, Xavi Garcia and Manuel Olveyra back again to his location. These men appear prepared and sexy to fuck. Manuel may be the first to fall to his legs and support his buddie s large uncut cocks together with language and his gifted neck. Till he's...

KristenBjorn – Hot Stuff- Ice Cream – Hugh Hunter & Viktor Rom


A humor of mistakes develops when Hugh Hunter efforts to see his visitor chart and consume his icecream once the fine, carved nearby, Viktor Rom arrives and preserves your day. His icecream drips onto Viktor&rsquo as Hugh fumbles using the chart . Possibly, or without thinking he was, Hugh starts to pat the melted icecream and requires his napkin....

KristenBjorn – Casting Couch #361- Wilson Blanco, Salvador Mendoza


Salvador Mendoza is home enjoying a good book when Wilson Blanco comes in the room with a better idea. Wilson leans in and begins to kiss Salvador tenderly and passionately. This immediately leads to throbbing hardon’s and sexy, naked bodies. Salvador moves in and swallows Wilson’s cock whole, choking on his long shaft, feeling it grow stronger and harder...

KristenBjorn – Horndogs, sc. 12 – Sergyo, Ansony – Bareback


Ansony invites Sergyo back to his flat after the gym. As the guys remove their shirts we can see that Ansony’s jeans find it impossible to contain his excitement and his monster cock. Sergyo is impressed and intimidated when Ansony releases his massive anaconda from his jeans, but a tender kiss reassures Sergyo as he drops to his knees....

KristenBjorn – Hot Stuff – Pure Pleasure – Dolf Dietrich, Ivan Gregory And Titan Tex


While out for a walk, Ivan Gregory catches the attention of Dolf Dietrich and Titan Tex, who immediately invite him up. The guys all know what the others want and each man exposes his own gigantic cock to the pleasure of all prying eyes. Ivan plunges right in and begins to suck on Dolf’s huge cock, feeling the long...

KristenBjorn – Casting Couch #360 – Adrian Monroy & Xavi Garcia – Bareback

KristenBjorn - Casting Couch #360 - Adrian Monroy & Xavi Garcia

Xavi Garcia has spotted Adrian Monroy at the club and invites him back to his hotel. It is a hot and interesting mix of scruffy, muscle bear and smooth, mocha muscled stud. Adrian loves the feel of Xavi’s hairy muscular chest and pierced nipples as he runs his hands through his fur and tugs on his piercings. Of course,...

KristenBjorn – Horndogs, sc. 11 – Robin Sanchez And William Bravo – Condom free


William Bravo is in town for a business meeting and has little free time and is horny as hell, so he invites an old friend over, Robin Sanchez. Robin puts on a show with his massively muscled body that gets William’s monster, dark chocolate cock hard as a rock. William takes Robin’s fat and firm cock into his mouth...

KristenBjorn – Hot Stuff – Vertigo – John Rodriguez, Alejandro Torres


Hot Stuff: Vertigo – John Rodriguez, Alejandro Torres Download full video from:

KristenBjorn – Casting Couch #359 – Ely Cheim & Stephan Raw


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