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LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Naked Latino Men Profit


Age 18 - Peak 6? 0? - Fat 150 pounds. - Panamanian Sunday, March 23rd 2017 - This Thursday Fresh Inexperienced Movie This week’s-model is just a high attractive 18-year old having a large cock that launches a large fill (while you can easily see from his cum-shot pictures). He revealed he may&rsquo after smashing that large...

LatinBoyz – Sex Scene – Latino Bareback Twinks FELIPE and DEZINO


Felipe and Deziño are two 20 year old twinks that started fucking a couple months ago. Their first encounter happened in the restroom of a department store when Deziño spotted Felipe’s big uncut Latino twink cock as he was taking a piss. As soon as he finished he dropped to his knees and started sucking his cock. From there...

LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Naked Latin Men DANTE


Age 21 – Peak 5′ 7″ – Fat 150 pounds. – Brazilian While our photographer spotted Dante walking across the seaside he couldn’t consider his eyes off his Or his attractive 6-pack abs… Or his company round ass… or even the fat in pants. He should have been also apparent since Dante blurted out, “Are you likely to simply look...

LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Naked Colombian Men SETH


Age 21 – Height 5′ 7″ – Weight 140 lbs. – Colombian Sunday, March 9th 2017 – This Thursday New Latino Amateur Video We met Seth in a strange place… His car! You see, he’s been making some extra money working for a car sharing service and he picked us up after a night of partying at a club. We found...

LatinBoyz – Bareback Scene – Latin Bareback Action Fabio and Luther


Fabio takes Luther’s big uncut cock up his tight ass bareback. Tuesday, March 7th 2017 - This Tuesday Hot New Amateur Action Video Fabio did his first scene on LatinBoyz last month when Conejo fucked him hard and raw. He liked it so much that he’s been begging the photographer in Brazil to find another hot guy with a big dick...

LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Latino Twinks with Hard Bodies STEPHEN


Our newest model is a cute 20 year old construction worker. It has been raining a lot here in L.A. recently so he hasn’t been working very much and needed the money. We’ve actually been trying to convince him for a while because we saw him walking around with his shirt off all summer and knew he had a...

LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Latin Twink with Uncut Cock DL


We were informed by 19-year old DL he ‘Likes to obtain mind once in some time and is sexy as fuck-all the full time but it’s mainly about this booty’. We never discovered if he’s right or gay but whoever he's fucking reaches appreciate that uncut penis of his up the butt in either case. Their interests discovering some booty...

LatinBoyz – Sex Scene – Gay Latin Porn Deezie and GBoy


While he did his photo-shoot we requested Deezie if he was bi right or homosexual and solution is didn’ted by him. He simply informed us “I speculate the only path to discover would be to get with we discovered he's never been having a man at-all but was prepared when the cost was correct to check it out. So...

LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Sexy Nude Latinos SPYKE


Age 21 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 145 lbs. – Hispanic Thursday, February 16th 2017 – This Thursday Hot New Amateur Video Last summer we presented three Latino rock musicians (Phenix, Topaz and Sinner) that all had worked together in a band that has since broken up. Phenix is working in a new band and introduced us to his new...

LatinBoyz – Solo Scene – Nude Latin Men JAIME


Age 18 – Height 6′ 0″ – Weight 160 lbs. – Colombian Thursday, January 26th 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This adorable 18-year old using the physique that is swimmer’s is Jaime from Colombia. He's that attractive swimmer’s body since he’s a real swimmer (on a single group as current versions Jay N and Valentino). He stated he likes...

LatinBoyz – Latino Uncut Cock RAFAEL


Friday, January 2017 – This Friday Fresh Amateur Video This week’s design is just a high Guatemalan having a large uncut Latino dick called Rafael. He just began fucking men in regards to a year-ago but truly enjoys it and a woman was banged by hasn’t since that time. He’s a high who’s greatest switch on is just a man...

LatinBoyz – Gay Latin Porn HOT THREE WAY – Feliz with Menace & Chico Valle


Feliz Area do adult for that very first time with Nuisance Tuesday 17th 2017 – This Wednesday Fresh Amateur Action Video We’ve desired to view LatinBoyz design Chico Valle set his large fat penis that was Latino to work-in an adult picture to get a very long time. We were informed by him which was an issue since they’re both covers...

LatinBoyz – Hot Naked Mexican Men OSKAR


We first met Oskar last year driving the streets of Puerto Vallarta like a mad man in is ATV. Unfortunately we found out later that he had an accident in that ATV but luckily was not hurt seriously. After that incident he has been working out harder and is a little more muscular and even more cut up. Even...

LatinBoyz – Naked Latin Men with Uncut Cock FELIZ


Age 21 – Height 5′ 9″ – 140 lbs. – Hispanic Sunday, December 25th 2016 – This Sunday Hot New Latino Amateur This week’s new model is a 21 year old college student from Texas that always has a smile on his face. And with that big uncut cock we bet he puts a lot of smiles on the faces of...

LatinBoyz – Cute Latin Twink G BOY


Age 18 – 5′ 9″ – 130 lbs. – Mexican-American Thursday, December 15th 2016 – This Thursday New Latino Amateur Video This week’s new model is 18 year old GBoy from Galveston. He’s bi and only recently started fooling around with guys and has done mostly oral. He loves getting his dick sucked most of all and can cum multiple times...

LatinBoyz – More Than Just a Big Latino Dick Python


Age 20 - Peak 5? 9? - Weight 140 lbs. - Brazilian Thursday, December 8th, 2016 - This Friday Hot Fresh Amateur Movie Your latest design is just 20-year old kick-boxer that informed us he really wants to be recognized for significantly more than simply having a large Latino dick. But, we informed him around calling oneself Python you re likely...

LatinBoyz – Marcos fucks his gym buddy Filipe raw


It’s been a couple months since we last saw Marcos on LBZ when he fucked Brazilian twink Rodrigo. He called the photographer of that scene and told him he is now fucking a buff 19 year old from the gym and that they wanted to do a video together. Everything was going fine until Marcos dropped a load in...

LatinBoyz – Huge Latin Cock on VALENTINO


Age 21 - Peak 5? 8? - Weight 140 lbs. - Colombian Thursday, December 1st 2016 - This Friday New Amateur Movie 2-3 weeks before we offered a sweet Latino twink called Jay N who assured us when we visited Colombia to photograph him he'd acquire some of the people on his university swimming group to design for all of US,...

LatinBoyz – Uncut Mexican Cock COMMANDO


Age 20 – Height – 6′ 3″ – Weight 148 lbs. – Mexican-American Thursday, November 13th 2016 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This week’s new model is a cute 20 year old Mexican-American from Southern California that hates to wear underwear (hence the nickname). He doesn’t want anything to slow him down from pulling that big uncut Mexican cock out...

LatinBoyz – Latino Sex Action KATRACHO and JESSE


LBZ model Katracho called us last week saying he met a cute 18 year old at his gym that was interested in modeling for us so he brought him over. He’s cute and and has a really nice body but he was super nervous during his photo shoot and asked for some ‘help’ from Katracho getting hard. We’re not...

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