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LucasEntertainment – Drae Axtell’s Corporate Threesome With Dylan James And Stas Landon


Drae Axtell is determined to work his way up in New York City’s corporate world, even if that means staying in the office after hours and answering the needs of his boss, Dylan James. Dylan shares Drae with his business partner, Stas Landon, so the subordinate has his work cut out for him if he’s going to earn a...

LucasEntertainment – Tomas Brand Barebacks Ace Era In The Ass


Ace Era is not a guy to turn away an alpha muscle daddy that’s hot and horny to fuck him. And when Ace gets a chance to roll around with the king of all alpha muscle daddies, Tomas Brand, it’s a dream come true that he can’t pass up. The two jocks start out with an interview befitting of...

Lucas Entertainment – Josh Rider and Marq Daniels


Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Josh Rider is sunning himself by the pool when he and fellow exclusive Marq Daniels check each other out. It’s been awhile since Marq fucked an ass, and Josh Rider is always up for sneaking away and getting pounded out bareback. Josh can’t resist the inviting sight of a big uncut cock that’s hard and...

Lucas Entertainment – Ass-Fucking Alpha Males (Full HD) 2017 Ace Era, Andrey Vic, Bogdan Gromov


Are you ready to learn a lesson in submission from Lucas Entertainment’s “Ass-Fucking Alpha Males”? Dylan James and James Castle take turns using Bogdan Gromov’s throat and ass. Bulrog and Michael Roman breed Ace Era. Andrey Vic and James Castle rough up the asses of Ricky Verez and Klim Gromov. And Jon Bae hands over his pink little fuck-hole...

LucasEntertainment – Sergeant Miles Dominates Jon Bae


Sometimes a guy needs a firm hand to learn how to properly service a true man, and Sergeant Miles takes the time to teach this lesson to Jon Bae. At the onset he’s being led around by a belt tied around his neck and wears only briefs. This is Jon’s uniform while Sergeant teaches him what he demands to...

LucasEntertainment – Andrey Vic, James Castle, Klim Gromov, Ricky Verez


Blue-eyed Russian twink Klim Gromov and sexy Latin twink Ricky Verez are two wild bottoms who need a firm hand to keep them in line and teach them how to be good receptacles for raw cock and cum. James Castle and Andrey Vic both have the skill and patience to show Klim and Ricky how to properly service the...

LR – Devin Franco And Lee Santino Open Their Asses With Dildos


In this excerpt from Devin Franco and Lee Santino's upcoming bareback sex scene from "Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work," we see these two young guys loosening up each other's asses with dildos intermingled with them fucking each other bareback! Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

LucasEntertainment – Raw Double Penetrations vol.4 – Stuffed (Full HD) 2017


Cast: Adam Killian, Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, Bogdan Gromov, Brian Bonds, Damon Heart, Dominic Arrow, Ibrahim Moreno, Javi Velaro, Ken Summers, Marq Daniels, Michael Roman, Sean Xavier, Viktor Rom, Jon Bae Prepare to have your tight little hole “Stuffed” in “Raw Double Penetrations 04”! Join Ibrahim Moreno as he gets his ass invaded by the big uncut dicks of Marq...

LE – Raw Double-Penetration – Adam Killian, Marq Daniels, Brian Bonds, Michael Roman


Brian Bonds and Michael Roman are cruising in the woods when Marq Daniels and Adam Killian show up looking for some action. Brian follows after Marq while Adam and Michael admire each other’s muscles and kiss. The two couples join up to suck each other’s cock and share in fucking Michael and Brian in the ass. Adam Killian and...

LucasEntertainment – Viktor Rom, Ken Summers, Dominic Arrow, Bogdan Gromov – Bareback Double-Fucking


Ken Summers and Dominic Arrow are the hot and horny bottoms passed around between Viktor Rom and Bogdan Gromov, who is in training of sorts learning to be a stronger top by following the example of Viktor. Viktor Rom is the total top in charge of the situation, and Ken and Dominic take turns gets fucked at the same...

LucasEntertainment – Sex Scene – Hans Berlin & Kayden Gray Flip-Fuck


Kayden Gray has a thing for older guys, especially when they have blond hair and blue eyes. That makes Hans Berlin the perfect match for him. He has the blond hair. He has the blue eyes. And he also has a thick, muscular body and a hard uncut cock ready for sex at all times. Hans invites Kayden to...

LucasEntertainment – Sex Scene – Michael Lucas Tops Donato Reyes


Anyone who has the chance to hook up with Donato Reyes is one lucky guy. He’s so handsome, and with his furry beefcake body and thick uncut cock, he’s a sure bet if you’re looking for a hot romp in the sack. Michael Lucas has been eyeing the guy up for awhile, and when he moves in for his...

LucasEntertainment – Sex Scene – Edji Da Silva & Tyson Tyler


The minute Edji Da Silva sees Tyson Tyler’s thug look, he knows he has to have him. Tyson isn’t going to put up a fight, because he wants nothing more than to feel Edji’s thick Arab cock deep inside his ass. That’s right: he might look like a sexy thug on the outside, but the minute he takes his...

LucasEntertainment – Sex Scene – Mathew Mason Services Fernando Torres’ Cock


Mathew Mason is a grease-monkey mechanic, who is more interested in checking out his colleague, Fernando Torres. When the day comes that they’re alone together in the garage Mathew moves in and lets Fernando know just how into him he really is. It’s a risky workplace hookup, but both guys are willing to take the chance. Mathew is an...

LucasEntertainment – Sex Scene – Arpad Miklos & Justin Cruise


This is the ultimate scenario for anyone with a daddy fetish: Arpad Miklos appears in all his furry, muscle-bear glory and the object of his affection is the slim and slender blond bottom Justin Cruise. They begin by exchanging text messages, which eventually leads to Arpad escorting the twink back to his bedroom for some hardcore fun. Arpad moves...

LucasEntertainment – Dani Robles Bottoms Bareback For Rico Marlon


When Dani Robles was invited to the March production in Spain to film his bareback premiere, he wanted to be paired up with a gorgeous top that was hung like a horse. The production team didn’t have to look far for the perfect match: Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive model Rico Marlon was an idea choose to fuck Dani in the...

LucasEntertainment – Bareback Boyfriends & Bros (Full HD) 2017 – Angelo Di Luca, Bogdan Gromov, Klim Gromov


Cast: Angelo Di Luca, Bogdan Gromov, Klim Gromov, Marq Daniels, Rico Marlon, Tomas Brand, Viktor Rom Tomas Brand makes his return to Lucas Entertainment in the studio’s new movie, “Bareback Boyfriends & Bros.” Tomas, an enduring fan favorite for his intense muscle-daddy appeal, was invited to have bareback sex on camera with his real-life boyfriend, Angelo Di Luca. Klim...

LucasEntertainment – Viktor Rom Owns Bogdan Gromovs Ass


As mentioned in his threesome with his step brother Klim Gromov and the alpha top Marq Daniels, Bogdan is a versatile guy who has skill in the bedroom both giving and taking dick. Bogdan and Viktor Rom (another alpha top who uses his fat eight inches of uncut cock as a battering ram) are no strangers to each other....

LucasEntertainment – Raw Double-Penetration – Adam Killian, Marq Daniels, Brian Bonds, Michael Roman


Brian Bonds and Michael Roman are cruising in the woods when Marq Daniels and Adam Killian show up looking for some action. Brian follows after Marq while Adam and Michael admire each other’s muscles and kiss. The two couples join up to suck each other’s cock and share in fucking Michael and Brian in the ass. Adam Killian and...

LucasEntertainment – Sex Scene – Tomas Brand Breeds His Real-Life Boyfriend Angelo Di Luca


The return of Tomas Brand to Lucas Entertainment has been a long time coming. He’s the ultimate muscle daddy top in the gay porn industry (even if he bottoms once and awhile). He and his real-life boyfriend Angelo Di Luca (a sexy muscle bear) were invited to the set so they could give us a glimpse into their private...

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