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LucasEntertainment – Sean Xavier & Stas Landon Flip-Fuck In Suits BAREBACK


Sean Xavier is sustaining Stas Landon business at the office while some overtime works. But rsquo Sean&;s give maintain out is seated inside an alternative objective, and that & rsquo;s to ascertain so just how excellent Stas seems out-of his fit. Stas Landon s' body is big: he & rsquo;S A personal wall of Sean and muscle s never...

LucasRaunch – Dylan James Opens Up Brandon Wilde’s Ass With Big Black Dildos


In this excerpt from Brandon Wilde's gay bareback sex premiere co-starring Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Dylan James, we see Brandon is in need of working on his ass a bit. Dylan James is know for his really big dick, and lately he hasn't been taking it easy on his bottom guys at all. Brandon Wilde works on his hole...

LucasEntertainment – Fabio Lopez Fucks Around Three Different Ways


Fabio Lopez is simply too really adorable for their own great. He is let a bit grows out, providing his look a dash of childhood, which attracts the interest of Raff Owen, Fernando Torres, and Aaron Mark. What develops between your two of these is just a natural fuck-party on the pool table that'll not quickly be overlooked. Gay...

LucasEntertainment – Raw Roughnecks (Full HD)


Release Date: Mar 17, 2017 Type: Gay Porn Artists: Viktor Rom, Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof Jacen Zhu, Ken Summers Marq Daniels Tyler Berg By evening these farmhands that are tough obtain fingers dirty operating the areas. Nevertheless when no body is about they rapidly turn with zero inhibitions into “Raw Roughnecks”! Of packing hay onto the tractor following a morning, Bulrog requires...

LucasEntertainment – Jacen Zhu Bottoms For Damon Heart


Damon Heart loves showing off his versatility in bed. He’s quick to service a top’s hard cock with his mouth and ass - and the action is always bareback sex -- but when he feels the need he’s not shy about finding a bottom to breed in the butt. In this encounter Damon is hungry for some black hole....

LucasEntertainment – Spencer Reed and Junior Stellano


Spencer and Jr live via a NYC summer heat-wave. The movie starts wuth both rinsing along at Christopher Street Pier within the dog-days of summer and producing out. But ranking in small speedos using their ripped bodies writhing against one another, dripping wet? Things get much to avoid. Both gender begin their fuck madness and men strip along in...

LE – Ken Summer’s Raw Roughneck Gang Bang – Alex Kof, Bulrog, Ken Summers, Viktor Rom


Ken Summers may be the fresh man round the plantation, and he got the task since he understands the trustworthiness of another men that work-there. He bumbles on his day-to induce the impatience of Bulrog Viktor Rom, and Alex Kof -- three of the leader-beer covers focusing on the plantation. No-work gets completed: they re not timid about utilizing...

LucasEntertainment – Seriously Hard Fucking (Full HD)


Release Date: Mar 02, 2017 Runtime: N/A Genre: Gay Porn Performers: Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, Bogdan Gromov, Damien Crosse, Dominic Arrow, Ibrahim Moreno, Javi Velaro, Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom, Wolf Rayet, Zander Craze Hot European men, huge uncut cocks, and bareback ass pounding: you’re in for a “Seriously Hard Fucking”! Ibrahim Moreno takes on the huge raw dicks of Zander Craze Jacen Zhu,...

LucasEntertainment – Raw Roughnecks – Scene 3 – Marq Daniels Fucks Tyler Berg


Tyler Berg has had his eye on Marq Daniels ever since he started working on the farm. Marq is a beautiful guy to look at, and his body is perfect; there’s not an ounce of fat on him. Tyler has been eager to see Marq’s dick for a long time, and one night as it gets dark out Tyler...

Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, Jacen Zhu, Mario Domenech & Viktor Rom Visser – Raw Roughnecks – Scene 2


There’s a lot of work going on around the farm: Viktor Rom Visser, Mario Domenech, and Alex Kof are hard at work making repairs to the equipment. Alejandro Castillo brings Jacen Zhu over to the equipment garage to offer everyone some water. But it’s his throat and ass the guys are interested in, and each guy gets his turn...

Alejandro Castillo, Bogdan Gromov, Damien Crosse, Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom Visser – Seriously Hard Fucking – Scene 4


Damien Crosse might look macho and butch, but when he’s put into the right scenario he turns into a submissive bottom. And the kind of scenario needed is four sexy guys surrounding him ready to use his body. Those guys are the power tops Alejandro Castillo and Viktor Rom Visser, and the versatile men Mario Domenech and Bogdan Gromov....

LucasEntertainment – Gentlemen 17: Oral Office (HD)


Release Date: Feb 03, 2017 Performers: Alexander Volkov, Brandon Wilde, Devin Franco, Dylan James, Emerson Palmer, Jacen Zhu, Sean Xavier, Sergeant Miles Stop by for a visit to the “Oral Office” in the seventeenth installment of Lucas Entertainment’s Gentlemen series. Brandon Wilde plays out his boss/employee fantasy with Dylan James in his bareback premiere. Emerson Palmer and Sergeant Miles work overtime...

LucasEntertainment – Gentlemen 17 Oral Office Scene 4 – Sergeant Miles & Emerson Palmer


Emerson Palmer has a crush on his business associate, Sergeant Miles, but he has yet to break the professional boundary and make a move. There’s been flirtation, but that’s the extent of it. There’s no denying Sergeant looks awesome in a suit, so we can empathize with Emerson’s feelings. But if Emerson Palmer knew how easy it would be...

LucasEntertainment – Urine In Ibiza


Get ready to be drenched and piss soaked! Ten thirsty guys lap up warm man piss in their mouths and all over their hot and hard bodies. Rough blow jobs, ass licking and much more is waiting for you. The film is divided into five scenes with two hot actors in each one. Cast: Ben Brown, Bruno Knight, Drake Jaden,...

LucasEntertainment – Ibrahim Moreno, Alex Kof, And Javi Velaro’s Uncut Flip-Fucking


Alex Kof finds a minute to himself to play with his big (and very beautiful) uncut Russian cock. He’s discovered by Latino buddies Ibrahim Moreno and Javi Velaro. The two of them have a thing for Alex and join him. This threesome of Lucas Entertainment exclusive models all have incredibly beautiful lean and muscular bodies and throbbing uncut cocks...

LucasEntertainment – Down To Fuck (HD)


Darsteller: Rafael Lords, Sergeant Miles, Drae Axtell, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Xavier Hux, Rikk York, D.K. Regisseur:Michael Lucas Sprache:Englisch Studio:Lucas Entertainment Land:USA Are you Down To Fuck? Because the Lucas Men are always ready for a bareback romp in the sack! Sergeant Miles shows off his stamina to Rafael Lords, who takes it in the ass long and hard. Drae Axtell sneaks off to...

LucasEntertainment – Interracial Sex In Suits – Sean Xavier & Alexander Volkov BAREBACK


Sean Xavier is working as a high-end real estate agent selling a New York property to international businessman Alexander Volkov. When the papers are all signed, Sean and Alexander celebrate with some hardcore bareback sex. Sean Xavier worked for Alexander Volkov to find him the perfect apartment, and now it’s time for the Russian beefcake to break a sweat...

LE – Alejandro Castillo, Wolf Rayet, Dominic Arrow, Dennis Sokolov – Raw Sucking And Fucking


Wolf Rayet and Dennis Sokolov take some time to themselves in a spare bedroom so Wolf can suck on Dennis’ uncut Russian cock (oral sex is Wolf’s favorite activity). Alejandro Castillo, meanwhile, has a sixth sense for when sex is going on nearby, and he brings along his fuck buddy Dominic Arrow to see what’s going on. However, it’s...

LucasEntertainment – Devin Franco Flip-Fucks With Suited Stud Jacen Zhu


Devin Franco is a young professional with a strong libido. He’s always horny, even at his demanding white-collar job. He stays after hours one evening, but it’s not to work. He allows his perverted side to take over and he starts jerking his big dick to porn on his office computer. He doesn’t realize his suited colleague Jacen Zhu...

LucasEntertainment – Rough Double Penetration – Ibrahim Moreno, Jacen Zhu, Wolf Rayet, Zander Craze

LucasEntertainment - Rough Double Penetration - Zander, Jacen, Wolf And Ibrahim Moreno

Performers: Ibrahim Moreno, Jacen Zhu, Wolf Rayet, Zander Craze Ibrahim Moreno is Lucas Entertainment’s reigning star of bareback double penetration. This gorgeous exclusive model is full of excited sexual energy and always ready to please. Because when Ibrahim is pleasing another man, he’s getting a lot of pleasure out of the experience himself. Check him out at 19:10 sensually riding...

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