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MachoFucker – Maulfotzen Special

Two extremely hot studs with big-ass dicks having their way with the throats and asses of their regular Sub-bois. Watch the first Top and what he is doing at the end of the vid: he doesn´t look THAT nasty, does he!? Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

MachoFucker – Romero Breeds Leo


This Leo-guy truly is re-defining the term "Very Fuckable, Phatt Latino-butt". Look at this wicked culo, stretching out, waiting to have his buddy`s bbc inside. Watch what happens when an insatibale Boriqua-butt meets an equally insatiable bbc. Enjoy. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

MachoFucker – Impaled By Big Marcos


Henrique has to open wide, veeeery wiiiiide, to be able to accomodate Big Marcos` notorious beercan-thick babymaker. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

MachoFucker – Whose Pussy is This


No doubt whose pussy this is, when nasty Motherfucker Slim Thug meets bubble-butt Bottom Lil Papi. Slim Thug roughly drags the poor boy into the room and takes charge of Papi`s holes from the very first minute. For the lovers of dominant, nasty-talking, big-dicked Daddies and sexy, submissive Latino slut boys - our today`s update. Go through the captcha to...

MachoFucker – Antonio Biaggi & Cam Christou – Breeding Sexy Christou


The list of new Machofuckers and Machofuckees keeps growing, folks. We are adding today one sexy tattoo-boy from the U.S., whose bubble-butt was seemingly designed for on purpose only: Accomodting the fattest dicks he can get and taking the biggest loads they will spill. Bienvenido, Christou! Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

MachoFucker – Francisco & Pablito – Brutal Bugarrones 6


Another of those mount-put, actually-starving Hispanic Bugarrones enters the machofucker-phase today. Fulfill Francisco, designed with 10 precariously-bent, fat and meaty ins and also the child who gets crammed by this beast, the youthful Bugarron`s "bootycall" Pablito. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

MachoFucker – Bareback Hardcor Scene – DANGEROUS! FOREVER


THIS VIDEO CONTAINS PORTIONS OF VIOLENT AND ABUSIVE SEX. BOTH MODELS PARTICIPATED VOLUNTARILY IN THIS VIDEO AND WERE IN FULL CONSENT OF THE ACTION THAT IS DISPLAYED. Lots of unpublished footage + re-edited, re-mastered Highlights from the infamous DANGEROUS!-Tetralogy + the hottest, most outrageous, most controversial Real-Life-Dom/Sub-couple you have ever met make this Triple X-Video the ultimate trip for all...

MachoFucker – Bareback Scen – Cum Dumpster Punk Boy


Ever watched a lil punk boy being fucked like a rag doll and transformed into a human flesh light? Well, this is just the way nasty Argentina-Jock ELOY likes to fuck and breed his stable of submissive punk boys. Today`s booty-call went to JEAN. You better hurry, boy! Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Sex Scene – Mav & The Rude Boyz


Within the lack of Mr. Marky (We miss ya all, brother!) we discovered an ideal companion for JAMAICA METAL, ultimately ready to carry on our very popular "RUDE BOYZ"-sequence. Beginner Mav`s skilled the brand new group is put by muscle bottom instantly to some examination that was difficult. Download full video from:

Machofucker – Bareback Scene – Latino Power – Mauricio and Claude


Mauricio and bi-sexual a Brazilean, -created Jack-Of all-Trades. He became recognized for his shows as our galleries most violent and many raw Top. "Latino Energy" may be the ruffest movie from these years. Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Bareback Scene – The Biaggi-Files 5 (Breeding Eli)


Some dudes are getting hotter and hotter, the more mature they become. ANTONIO is definetely one of them. His lust to fuck and breed boipussy never faded, anyway. Just look what a hot and sexy lil fucker he picked-up for Part 5 of the notorious "BIAGGI FILES". Animalic man-sex at its best. Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Sex Scene – Alejandro Rubio & RED – Nasty Creampie 2


Fat dick that is Daddy`s is again, seeding and reproduction an attractive Machofuckèe- ALEJANDRO RUBIO, Beginner. Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Sex Scen – Ipanema Sauna – Bareback


Some stunning "Garotos de Programa" were covered- up -as-fuck within this really erotic Brazil adult movie, offered in 2 autark films. View nowadays among the best Bi-kids we actually achieved from Bahia, who's "crossing the point" having a large Bodybuilder in business -base from Rio. Prolonged, re- edited remastered MF-Vintage. Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Trade XXL 3 – The Russian Masseur


A questionable, run down Gay Sweat in London, a European Masseur usually warm and prepared to fuck throats and bottom pockets, along with a curious sub-slut looking for a "therapeutical massage" - these would be the elements to get a raw mouth- and butt fuck Movie in "Amateur-Style". The Russian is let me make it clear among the best...

MachoFucker – Tae-The-Doug, Red – Tattoo Boy Breeding


TAE-THE-DOUG (hit me hard if I have mis-spelled it) is one sexy Mothafukka. Tattoos all over, fit body and that special sexiness and attitude that makes him the kinda Bottom stud a lot of Tops want to put their hands on. Let`s see how he did with his first Daddy-Dick... Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Peto Coast, Ex-Boxer Alex, Marcel – Double-Dosed


After this movie we were stunned what skinny German boy MARCEL was able to take. Watch PETO COAST and our Cuban EX-BOXER totally unleashed in one of the most brutal fuck-downs ever video-taped. Digitally enhanced and re-edited video-version of an older MF-Classic.. How much can you take!? Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Just a Hole – Bareback


For Dominican Straight freak ANGELO boy butts have just one function: providing the hole he needs for his ever-horny pinga and to fuck till he nuts, if real pussy is not disponible. Hear MARCO moaning, groaning and screaming when the tattoo-stud used him as a pussy-substitute. You sub-boys out there will be all jealous, for sure... LOL Download full video from:

MachoFucker – Eloy Feeds Kendro – Bareback


What a cutie just joined the stable of Machofuckès: Welcome, KENDRO! Just the kinda jock-boy our freaky Argentinian Bugarron ELOY loves to feed his babies - after fucking the shit outta KENDRO`s butt, of course. Hot, hot, hot.. Download full video from:

MachoFucker – TRADE XXL 2 – Bareback


Our "TRADE XXL"-Series continues with a Brazilean Straight dude climbing down the stairs to face-fuck and breed a horny fag. Download full video from:

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