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MEN – Diego Sans & Jake Ashford – Spies Part 3


The double agent remains found, if he gets what he needs: Diego Sans hot throbbing manhood, but speak. Diego plows rsquo Ashford. Download full video from:

MEN – Dad’s Diary (Full HD)


Download full video from:

MEN – Drill My Hole – Fuck Him Up Part 3 – Dato Foland & Tayte Hanson


Tayte Hanson gets an opportunity to encounter Dato Foland’s penis. Download full video from:

MEN – Drill My Hole – American Sex Story Part 3 – Tom Faulk & Trevor Long


Trevor Long gets an urgent customer in Los ranch-hand from home: Tom Faulk. As it happens Ben is searching for the liberty that Trevor acquired in LA—he can’t be herself in the farm in the nation, therefore he created his method to the town to acquire some penis and also to get Trevor off his toes. Tom’s butt is...

MEN – Roman Todd fucks Wesley Woods – Doorman Dick


Wesley Woods and Roman Todd flavor each other’s revel in a great opening fucking and cocks. Download full video from:

MEN – Made You Look Part 3 – Dato Foland & Jean Favre


Dato Foland slams Jean Favre’s ass with his beautiful uncut cock. Download full video from:

MEN – Colby Keller and Jay Roberts – Maybe a Match


How about certainly a match? Colby Keller and Jay Roberts cocks fit perfectly inside each other. What starts off as a passionate make-out session turns into a loving suck session as Colby pleasures Jay’s dick and balls with his warm mouth and roaming tongue. Jay takes his time loosening Colby’s pink hole with a wet rim job before stuffing...

MEN – Soap Studs Part 2 – Brenner Bolton & Noah Jones

MEN – Soap Studs Part 2 – Brenner Bolton & Noah Jones

Brenner Bolton has a devious plan to steal Noah Jones’ family wealth, and it begins with a quick lay. Watch as Noah pumps Brenner’s ass with his hard cock, unaware of the scheming taking place behind his back. Download full video from:

MEN – What Happens In Vegas (Full HD)


Starring: Aspen, Brandon Evans, Griffin Barrows, Jaxton Wheeler, May Braun. It’s guys weekend in Nevada, where something sometimes happens. Jaxton Wheeler weighs back again to look after aircraft once the kids venture out to celebration -lagged May Braun. After interrupting rsquo May&; jack-off that is s program, obtain down too and Jaxton chooses to participate in. May chooses to provide...

MEN – Diego Sans & Jacob Peterson – Spies Part 2


There's lots of profit the planet of strategies. The brokers require their brains to clear to be able to finish the objective. What better method than fuck and a fast pull? Diego dips his penis into John, obtaining his mind in the sport and fucking him difficult. Download full video from:

MEN – Brenner Bolton and Trevor Long – American Sex Story Part 2


Trevor Long is ready for his biggest shoot yet—slamming Brenner Bolton’s tight little hole with his throbbing country cock. Download full video from:

MEN – Sorry Sister – Brenner Bolton & Dennis West


Brenner Bolton runs into his sister’s old ex from college—Dennis West. The guys catch up, and Brenner is reminded of the crush he had on Dennis all those years ago. Things escalate and heat up once back at Brenner’s for a drink, and Dennis can’t resist Brenner’s advances. Download full video from:

MEN – Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Johan Kane – Made You Look Part 2


It’s time for Dato Foland to use Johan Kane’s hole as his pleasure center and Paddy O’Brian doesn’t miss a minute of the action. Download full video from:

MEN – Jimmy Durano Fucks Jackson Grant – Reconnecting


Jackson Grant is ready to repair his damaged relationship with his ex-best friend Jimmy Durano. The men reconnect with hard dicks in hand and eager holes ready to be pumped. Jimmy loosens Jackson’s hole with a sloppy rim job, then jams his long cock deep in there. Download full video from:

MEN – Arad Winwin Fucks Dennis West – Soap Studs


Drama is engulfing Dennis West’s fashion house Salem Couture. His cunningly grand plan to win his company back involves Arad Winwin’s rock hard body and delicious cock seducing his son-in-law—but first he needs to make sure Arad has the goods. And boy does he, proven as he shoves them into Dennis’ eager hole. Download full video from:

MEN – Dato Foland, Ken Summers – Made You Look Part 1


Dato Foland takes Ken Summers as his fuck toy. Download full video from:

MEN – Diesel Washington, Micah Brandt – Lies And Affairs


After a harsh break-up, hunk Diesel Washington begins to heal with the help of Micah Brandt. Some intense foreplay and deep throating prepares Diesel’s delicious cock to take the plunge into Micah’s wet open hole. Diesel drills deep into that ass, fucking Micah until he explodes all over his chest. Download full video from:

MEN – Gabriel DAlessandro, Trevor Long – American Sex Story Part 1


Country boy Trevor Long travels to Hollywood in order to make some cash to save his family’s failing farm. His audition with an agent heats up faster than the American west on a midsummer afternoon. Trevor finds himself pumping Gabriel D’Alessandro’s hole in the office, securing him a modeling contract. Download full video from:

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