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MilitaryClassified – Brando


Ok guys today I’m introducing a new recruit to the line up and this one is young! Brando is 18 years old! Yep! I had to card this dude. Brando hails from the LA area and was looking for pussy to beat up and for an 18 year old this boy’s had some experience with the ladies. Today I’ve managed to talk this straight boy into letting me take that 8 inch uncut cock down my warm throat for some head that blew this boy away. Direct Download

MilitaryClassified – Cleveland blowjob

I’m excited to introduce a new straight cutie I’ve meet recently. He’s a very fit and muscular man in his 20’s, former Marine. What caught my attention about this former soldier was his enormous weenier that I fell in love with.. literally. Watch as Rob falls in love with Cleveland’s 9 inch cut cock and give it the attention and love it deserves. Direct Download

MilitaryClassified – CLASH 5

Clash contacted me and said he needed to do another movie and asked what he could do. I love these questions because it gives me the upper edge. I told him in order to shoot another movie he will have to suck my cock this time and I was surprised when he agreed. Today Clash will suck cock for the first time in his life, restrained to his seat and blindfolded. Rob delivers a load on Clash’s face before Clash turns around and fucks Rob’s ass for revenge. Clash was very pensive as we got the paperwork out of the way and when I began to roll the cameras he was beginning to regret his decision to go down on me so I sweetened the deal with more $ and he finally agreed. I tied this tattooed straight guy to my chair including his legs so he literally couldn’t move. I placed the blindfold on his and then I told him to just go with the flow. He couldn’t see a thing then all of a sudden a cock was touching his lips and before long it began to grow! Clash attacked this predicament with enthusiasm ..

MilitaryClassified – Jerren

Jerren is up this week and he’s a mild mannered Latino straight boy from the southern California area and when I hit him up on CL he was interested in doing porn and has been since he was very young. Before long he was standing in front of my front door and in front of my cameras today to show off how the 909’ers do it and blow a load that was definitely worth taking note! Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

MilitaryClassified – Logan


Today I'm introducing a new recruit to the MilitaryClassified line up and Logan is a 21 year old Air Force recruit, well educated, well mannered and horny as hell. I met this stud while he was seeking hot chicks online needing to get laid as he sows his seeds in California. I told him about my work and he...

MilitaryClassified – CASE 4


CASE is back in the studios and he’s about to make a move to the area so he contacted me looking for work and I was only to happy to accommodate. Today I’ve invited Case to come back to my studios and doing this ass pounding that definitely left me satisfied from the size of that stud’s man meat!...

MilitaryClassified – Bryce VII anal-restricted


Bryce is back and I've managed to convince this straight guy who is now to of the air force and into civilian life now but still a virgin to a few things sexually speaking. Today BRYCE tries sucking some cock for the first time in his life and surprising even me at how well he did despite. Watch as...

MilitaryClassified – Rod


Rod is this tattooed dude I met online who was looking to make some money and when he saw the response to his ad I placed he decided to investigate. Well one thing led to another and soon he was at the front door of my studios ready to make money. Watch as I take this straight boy to...

MilitaryClassified – Dell blowjob


Hey everyone meet Dell! He's new to the line up but definitely worth the work of getting him in front of my cameras today. He's from the Riverside area or a "909er" as they call um. Today he's made his way to Laguna Beach and here at my studios finally let a guy suck his cock... what was even...

MilitaryClassified – Ari 2 anal


Ari is back and this time its personal! He contacted me after we did our first video and told me that he actually didn't mind the work and he wanted to jump to the next scene that would pay more. In enters the anal scene and Ari was faced with sticking his enormous cock up my small brown ass...

MilitaryClassified – Alton 4


Alton is a special model to me because he's not typical of the guys I usually run into on the social media outlets. He's beautiful! gorgeous eyes, healthy cock but also has a personality that I immediately was drawn too because he really does seem to enjoy the work and trust me I know he's straight. It perplexes me...

MilitaryClassified – MARCIANO 2


Now here is a character that I shot a few years back and he’s one of the most precarious persons Ive ever laid eyes on. He contacts me wanting to make some money doing porn and when we make plans, he flakes. I know straight guys get nervous about the work, trust me I’ve been around it long enough,...

MilitaryClassified – Ari blowjob


Today I'm introducing a new recruit to the line up at MilitaryClassified and his name is Ari. This latino stud stands way over 6 feet and weighing a good 185 pounds with a tight and muscular, tattooed body. Oh yea and a 9 inch uncut cock! Yep! 9 Inches of latino weaponry. Watch as Ari feeds Rob his fat...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – ADAMSON 4


ADAMSON is back and he recently contacted me after he did a little “time” at the facilities and needed some money! This straight stud is one of the few models I have that sport one of the fattest cocks I’ve ever laid eyes upon! Watch as ADAMSON tried with great difficulty to slide that weapon up my ass and...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – Jalen 5


I have been getting a large amount of needs that I made a decision to supply him back again to obtain a circular two fuck and for this stud. Jalen is a little that's cute correct civilian I've could convince to allow I take him within the "homosexual for pay" stage and begin his eyes today was no unique....

MilitaryClassified – Blowjob Scene – DIXON 6


I’m sure you remember this person! Yes DIXON! He’s back with a revenge! He approached me lately when he arrived of the resort he stayed at DOUBLE SYSTEMS in LA. He did some time for… nicely I didn’t request but I really could tell he was sexy and keen to obtain back to function style and allows his drinks...

Military Classified – Sex Scene – Alton 3rd video


Alton is back and today Rob has taken him to the next level in the gay for pay process he has so masterfully created. ALTON agrees to stick his dick inside a guy's ass for the first time and give Rob the ass fucking of his life. Watch as Rob manipulates this straight boy into letting Rob sit on...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – MILO 2


MILO is back and tattoo free this research filipino has adorned my cameras to activity his rock solid right penis on the rock solid physique, and smooth-as a baby’s butt! Supply and nowadays Milo results Rob his penis again for that correct sum of money! Rob rests with this stud’s penis and the blowjob created its method to some...

MilitaryClassified – Blowjob Scene – Antonio 2


Antonio is back and works out this stud has been doing some work with a competitive site but I actually donot believe they got the responses today I acquired from him! Antonio delivered for many more of neck and Ron's mouth! View as Ron manipulates this child that is right into providing lots that leaves Ron seeking more. View...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – Julien 4


Julien is again and he does not have a great deal to state since he is in a and requirements some money immediately! They texted myself requiring several assist that was monetary and that I was just wanting release his beast and to possess them return to the home from the ocean! His happy bit of beef rule down...

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