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MilitaryClassified – Antonio


I am showing a fresh mentor which correct kid is a looker nowadays! Their body is smooth and wooden and he really loved inside the Olympics (more with this particular later). This stud that was correct convinced into permitting me fall having a few monetary dedication. Watch as this stud that is correct is astonished, that's astonished that is...

MilitaryClassified – Jarrell


Today I'm introducing yet another new model to the line up and his name is JARRELL! He's a fine young country bumpkin that is out here in California looking for ways to make money and get his life started here. When he met me he knew he was destined to get things going financially for himself and Rob was...

MilitaryClassified – Channing


Today is just a big day since I am presenting a brand new design towards the Mc fall into line which is just a big-boy! Large child Channing that is right starts the entire year having a high-powered blowjob in the grasp off. Channing is in the LA - area and likes to fuck vagina and occasionally does not...

MilitaryClassified – Collin 6th Video


I was recently contacted by this stud who I haven't spoken too in quite a while. He's been having female problems with a girl he took in for a roommate and ended up being psycho bitch and ran up his credit card. In steps in Rob and saves the day by negotiating this straight boy into doing a little...

MilitaryClassified – Jalen 3


Looks like Jalen is needing money because I think that someone who lives with a girlfriend and has to come see me in the evenings to do this is probably not telling her anything. Jalen contacted me out of the blue one evening and said his girlfriend was out of town for the weekend and he needed to make...

MilitaryClassified – ALBRIGHT


Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the MC line up and this boy is sure to be a classic some day. Albright hails from the windy city and came to California to find new opportunities and happen to come across the likes of Rob Navarro. Within days, Albright was front and center at my studios with a need...

MilitaryClassified – Anders5 anal


Anders has returned and this time we've moved the action to my garage. I'm sure you all remember this former Air Force soldier and his conservative demeanor were no match for Rob's horny self! Anders is glued to the porn as Rob methodically breaks down this straight boy into a fucking machine by delivering his ass to Anders on...

MilitaryClassified – Judge 3


Alot of you have been requesting this guy and asking when is the Judge going to fuck! Well the day has arrived! Judge has returned and this time its personal. Watch as this straight Marine become groomed in the ways of gay for pay and learns how to fuck a guy in the ass for the first time. In...

MilitaryClassified – Norco VI


Ooooh guy looks whois back which 9-inch beast dick trainer Norco has delivered for many seriously needed cash. Norco may be right guy's type that actually does not make use of this " ewwww material". He fuck a so long as he is able to be paid for his time and will happily take a seat. Norco did that...

MilitaryClassified – Shea 3 anal


Everyone knows who's this little straight stud is... SHEA! He's back and this time he's crossing the line in what turns out to be an all day/and night shoot but what we captured was amazing! Watch as SHEA gets manipulated into giving up his 9 inch straight cock to penetrate a guys ass for the first time! What turns...

MilitaryClassified – Dwight 8th Video


I"m sure you all remember this little stud! Dwight has returned yet again. I can't seem to get enough of this little straight boy and today I've managed to bring this boy back under very unique circumstances. Today the tables are turning on Rob as Dwight turns the tables on Rob and puts him on the blowjob chair and...

MilitaryClassified – Tripp 2nd Video


Nowadays Tripp has delivered which southern attracted Ex-Marine has return to get a larger payback this time around because he is crossing the erotic collections with Ron. This 6'6" giant learns to Fuck a homosexual guyis butt and assumes Ronis ass. View ron separate him down item by item and systematically consider Tripp till Tripp provides and drops an...

MilitaryClassified – Case 2nd video


Case is back and this blue eyed stud has returned to make a little bit more cash! Yes the BJ must have been pretty good because he's back and this time he's here with a little more experience and 3 extra days of a big fat load he saved up. Watch as Rob sucks Case's cock and leave him...

MilitaryClassified – Landon


Today i'm presenting a fresh sponsor that I actually needed to examine his identification since he's that boyish face and resting around 6 feet high with in regards to a dollar 60 in fat, this 18-year old virile child was resting over the table from me prepared to begin earning money in adult. View as Ron provides a performance...

MilitaryClassified – Anders IV – Bareback


Anders has returned to the MC studios in need of some serious cash so I set up the cameras and before long Anders was sitting in front of my television monitor watching some porn and ready to make some cash. Watch as Anders shows off his 8 inch uncut cock then rams it up Rob's ass delivering an orgasm...

MilitaryClassified – Penn 3rd video


Today I've cut back a right private child the followers have truly obtained a preference too. PENN has delivered which time the levels are now being pushed greater with a few monetary motivation obviously, as Rob convinces PENN, to have a break at fucking a guyis butt for that very first time! View as Rob presents a guyis butt...

MilitaryClassified – JALEN 2


I think everyone has been waiting for the return of JALEN and turn is the day! When I landed this stud I was pretty surprised as how hot this straight boy is and even more surprised that I was able to deliver the content I’m delivering from this boy! Watch as I take JALEN to the next level in...

MilitaryClassified – SHEA 2 – Oral


SHEA is back and this little surfer stud straight boy is back for one of Rob’s special blowjobs. You see these guys met on line and Rob offered Shea some head for cash which Shea agreed to and here today he’s back with his 9 inch massive tool to lose himself in one of Rob’s master blowjobs. Watch as...

MilitaryClassified – Jared2 anal


Jared as you know comes to us from Pharaoh Video and I wanted to display this little stud in a light no one has ever seen him in. Guess what? I convinced this little stud to fuck a guy in the ass for the very first time in his life and put it on tape no doubt. Jared was...

MilitaryClassified – EMMETT 2


EMMETT is back and he’s in need of some cash and contacted me again and said that he wanted another one of those blowjobs. I was only happy to comply and soon he was back at my studios sitting in front of my porn and watching me go down on his Coast Guard cock! Watch Rob submit to Emmett...

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