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MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – ADAMSON 4


ADAMSON is back and he recently contacted me after he did a little “time” at the facilities and needed some money! This straight stud is one of the few models I have that sport one of the fattest cocks I’ve ever laid eyes upon! Watch as ADAMSON tried with great difficulty to slide that weapon up my ass and...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – Jalen 5


I have been getting a large amount of needs that I made a decision to supply him back again to obtain a circular two fuck and for this stud. Jalen is a little that's cute correct civilian I've could convince to allow I take him within the "homosexual for pay" stage and begin his eyes today was no unique....

MilitaryClassified – Blowjob Scene – DIXON 6


I’m sure you remember this person! Yes DIXON! He’s back with a revenge! He approached me lately when he arrived of the resort he stayed at DOUBLE SYSTEMS in LA. He did some time for… nicely I didn’t request but I really could tell he was sexy and keen to obtain back to function style and allows his drinks...

Military Classified – Sex Scene – Alton 3rd video


Alton is back and today Rob has taken him to the next level in the gay for pay process he has so masterfully created. ALTON agrees to stick his dick inside a guy's ass for the first time and give Rob the ass fucking of his life. Watch as Rob manipulates this straight boy into letting Rob sit on...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – MILO 2


MILO is back and tattoo free this research filipino has adorned my cameras to activity his rock solid right penis on the rock solid physique, and smooth-as a baby’s butt! Supply and nowadays Milo results Rob his penis again for that correct sum of money! Rob rests with this stud’s penis and the blowjob created its method to some...

MilitaryClassified – Blowjob Scene – Antonio 2


Antonio is back and works out this stud has been doing some work with a competitive site but I actually donot believe they got the responses today I acquired from him! Antonio delivered for many more of neck and Ron's mouth! View as Ron manipulates this child that is right into providing lots that leaves Ron seeking more. View...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – Julien 4


Julien is again and he does not have a great deal to state since he is in a and requirements some money immediately! They texted myself requiring several assist that was monetary and that I was just wanting release his beast and to possess them return to the home from the ocean! His happy bit of beef rule down...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – JALEN 4


Imagine who’s back? Yes! JALEN is back and he’s delivered having his 7-inch large penis and a retribution! Nowadays I’ve involved some ass play that provides a rager to Jalen and prepared to fold my ass over and show-me how an ass is handled by a right men! View as JALEN doesn’t provides and fail an anal picture that...

MilitaryClassified – Oral Scene – ALTON 2


ALTON has delivered and that I was pleased to observe back him ! Alton returns for another round of mouth! Yes! He approached me lately and stated that he desired cash but additionally desired to provide another attempt to this bj factor! Evidently really an impact was quit by the final one. View as Rob provides some dental interest...

MilitaryClassified – Solo Scene – Rufus


Nowadays I am presenting a Maritime stud that is brand new towards the line up and his title is RUFUS! This directly Maritime is just a Florida native and enjoys the Florida ladies and I Have were able to persuade him to drop right down to his birthday fit and show a body along with a penis that leaves...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – Anders 3


Nowadays I Have cut a favorite of the folks back! ANDERS! This stud has really a fascinating existence to reside! Actually he is everything the physician requested for me personally as well as for lots of you available so nowadays I Have were able to persuade him, having a small film obviously, not to just coat my butt but...

MilitaryClassified – Sex Scene – EASTON 5


This period he’s return in serious need of some money and EASTON has delivered and he considered the main one supply he understood he might tap…. Yes ME! Easton treats it the same as he'd every other bitch he’s right down to fuck and shows some really right conduct as he requires control of the brown butt! View as...

MilitaryClassified – Oral Scen – MILO 2


Nowadays I’m presenting a brand new sponsor towards the fall into line! This right stud grew up in a household and he understands a great deal about this, even though he wasn’t within the army. Nowadays I’m education this stud that is right in to homosexual for pay's ways and also to my shock he required like a goose...

MilitaryClassified – ALBRIGHT 2


I’m excited to create this back again to I’m and my camera certain you’re all accustomed today with this particular right stud called ALBRIGHT! Yes he’s back and that I could make no reasons for this right stud since an and he’s well-mannered, attractive that quit! Nowadays he’s delivered for not just more income however for a different one...

MilitaryClassified – Antonio


I am showing a fresh mentor which correct kid is a looker nowadays! Their body is smooth and wooden and he really loved inside the Olympics (more with this particular later). This stud that was correct convinced into permitting me fall having a few monetary dedication. Watch as this stud that is correct is astonished, that's astonished that is...

MilitaryClassified – Jarrell


Today I'm introducing yet another new model to the line up and his name is JARRELL! He's a fine young country bumpkin that is out here in California looking for ways to make money and get his life started here. When he met me he knew he was destined to get things going financially for himself and Rob was...

MilitaryClassified – Channing


Today is just a big day since I am presenting a brand new design towards the Mc fall into line which is just a big-boy! Large child Channing that is right starts the entire year having a high-powered blowjob in the grasp off. Channing is in the LA - area and likes to fuck vagina and occasionally does not...

MilitaryClassified – Collin 6th Video


I was recently contacted by this stud who I haven't spoken too in quite a while. He's been having female problems with a girl he took in for a roommate and ended up being psycho bitch and ran up his credit card. In steps in Rob and saves the day by negotiating this straight boy into doing a little...

MilitaryClassified – Jalen 3


Looks like Jalen is needing money because I think that someone who lives with a girlfriend and has to come see me in the evenings to do this is probably not telling her anything. Jalen contacted me out of the blue one evening and said his girlfriend was out of town for the weekend and he needed to make...

MilitaryClassified – ALBRIGHT


Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the MC line up and this boy is sure to be a classic some day. Albright hails from the windy city and came to California to find new opportunities and happen to come across the likes of Rob Navarro. Within days, Albright was front and center at my studios with a need...

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