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MormonBoyz – Elder Esplin – Second Anointing (with Bishop Angus)


Parent Esplin had heard about the 2Nd Anointing routine before. It had been often night time discussions among missionaries' topic. It had been stated that people who obtain it have selection and their “calling created sure.” it had been an idea he nevertheless didn’t really comprehend. He was introduced in to the forehead where he achieved with Bishop Angus once...

MormonBoyz – Elder Farnsworth – The Calling


Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up. When asked if he was looking at porn, he’d lie and say he wasn’t. The mission president’s nephew had been entrusted with the secrets of the Order, giving him an outlet for a lot of sex. Nevertheless, it was...

MormonBoyz – Elder Esplin – INITIATION


Walking into the white room, Elder Esplin seemed almost listless with regard to his part in the ceremony before him.He still hadn’t changed his attitude about the church or his mission, and ultimately he didn’t see the point of anything that was being asked of him. He enjoyed the hot sex and the attention his cock and ass received from...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Priesthood Retreat (with President Nelson)


Neither Elder Oaks nor Elder Holland could be happier. Having been inducted into the Order and attaining the higher level of priesthood authority, they had formed a strong bond. Knowing the unique circumstances for each boy–namely Oaks’ connection with his father and Holland’s less than perfect history with his companion–the Brethren determined that they would benefit from some time away...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik & Elder Farnsworth – Workover


Elder Dobrovnik could hardly stand the time between meetings with the men of the Order. Still, he was happy to have his companion, Elder Esplin, to keep him busy. In fact, the Brethren had commanded the Elder Dobrovnik to do everything he could to help Elder Esplin remain committed to finishing his mission. And the two had gotten to know each...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – THE COVENANT


Elder Dobrovnik woke up early and began his morning routine of push-ups and sit-ups. They helped him start his day energized and strong, but also gave him time to process all that had been going on. His involvement with the Order began to reveal new and surprising things about himself. Coming from a very conservative background, he was used to...

MormonBoyz – Elder Oaks – THE COVENANT


Elder Oaks was always a bit timid around the other boys. All through his life he’d kept his head low and tried not to ruffle any feathers. This shy behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the young boy’s father, and President Oaks did everything he could to dote on and praise his son. He worried sometimes that maybe he was...

MormonBoyz – Elder Esplin – The Calling (with President Ballard)


Following Esplin’s hot encounter with President Oaks, he still had a number of questions and uncertainties about his place in the church. Especially now that the salt and pepper president revealed to him the purpose of their meeting. President Oaks informed Elder Esplin that he was in fact a member of the secret Order. He had been tasked to take stock...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – THE COVENANT


Elder Holland hadn’t always been the best companion to Elder Oaks. As a young man with a particularly powerful sex drive, he was tired of running his big cock against his mattress for relief. After he was caught stroking himself by his companion, he got the idea to fill his mouth with his thick prick instead. This went on...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – Atonement (with President Ballard)


Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin. His body was still energized from his recent encounter with President Oaks. Having done as he was asked by the Priesthood and brought Elder Esplin back into the fold, he showed that he was not only loyal and obedient, but that he...

MormonBoyz – Elder Ence – ORDINATION


Elder Ence carefully and slowly knotted his tie in the mirror, making sure it was perfectly straight. No hair out of place, shirt ironed, and name tag clean and shiny. He was giving himself a final look over as he waited in one of the hallways of the Temple. At any moment he would be called in to meet...



Elder Esplin and Elder Oaks and on his lips as he sat quietly in the ward mission leader’s home. His companion was off to meet with President Oaks and and he was left obsessing over the events of the previous night. Yesterday, Elder Esplin had been ready to pack his bags and abandon his mission before Elder Dobrovnik revealed to...

MormonBoyz – COMPANIONSHIP INVENTORY – Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Bareback


Things had been awkward between Elder Holland and Elder Oaks since their last encounter. After getting caught pleasuring one another by President Nelson, Elder Holland received some harsh discipline. His companion on the other hand, was “spared the rod” being the son of President Oaks. Elder Holland exacted his revenge on Elder Oaks’ tight ass and hot mouth, mercilessly fucking...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – Second Anointing (with President Oaks)


Elder Dobrovnik was familiar with a certain kind of structure in his life. Starting from his orderly, Russian childhood, he was always one to stay within the lines, follow the rules, and seek out men of authority to whom he could be obedient. As his eyes awoke to the early morning light of his window, he could feel the...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – Setting Apart


Elder Holland’s hole tightens against the priesthood stretching tool as President Nelson’s hand pumps his shaft. Holland’s ass has swallowed each of the graduated black dildos that protrude from the priesthood stretcher. As he worked his way down the line, taking thicker and thicker tools inside him, he felt a pulse of satisfaction knowing that he was proving to President...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik & Elder Esplin – Brother’s Oath


Parent Dobrovnik is busy with ideas of his initiation service with Leader Trees. The fine guy got along with the missionary child and kept his little sides in his powerful fingers. Placing his cock's top in rsquo & the boy;s puckered opening, the chief gradually stabbed his fat cockhead in to rsquo & the boy;s small quim. Bad Parent Dobrovnik had...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – Atonement


Elder Holland is still in a daze from having the cum milked so skillfully out of his dick by President Nelson. The young boy had not seen the intimidating figure since he was roughly disciplined by the man for fucking his mission companion, Elder Oaks. After being caught, Elder Holland was expecting to be spanked or worse. But when he...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – INITIATION


The cum is still dripping from Elder Dobrovnik’s hole when President Ballard orders him to to his feet. President Ballard’s nephew is standing by his uncle. Dobrovnik was so dazed by the deeply pleasurable pounding the boy gave him that he didn’t notice the boy stand up. Elder Dobrovnik had never been with another boy his own age growing up. He...

MormonBoyz – Elder Ence – BONDS OF BROTHERHOOD


Elder Ence tightens his ass around President Oaks’ probing finger. He pulls his knees against his chest so that Oaks can plunge even deeper. “Please,” he whispers, “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.” A few months ago the feisty young man would never so obediently have submitted his body to the attentions of...



All the blood rushes to Elder Dobrovnik’s head and cock. The strapping, Russian teen has been commanded to lie upside down with his ass in the air, while his mission president, President Ballard, slowly inserts a thick glass dildo into his hole. It is the most submissive position the Mormon missionary boy has been in yet, and he thrills at...

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