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Elder Esplin could hardly contain his excitement to meet with Bishop Angus. Their last encounter was early on when the young Mormon still had doubts about his place in the church. He was amazed at how much his attitude had changed. Bishop Angus was similarly eager to see Elder Esplin’s progress. He’d anointed hundreds of boys before, but he had...



Right after his conference with Leader Trees, Parent Farnsworth was delivered to forehead to be offered in the veil. He understood he couldn't dismiss his calling to get the larger priesthood, although their butt however sensitive in the received. Although hearing the fine Leader Ballard discuss Lord and Adam and also the key indicators they traded, Parent Farnsworth rapidly started...



Since his phone call with President Ballard, Elder Esplin found himself moving about his day with an unexpected ease. He’d spent so much of the time in his mission questioning and resisting the teachings of the Church that he’d forgotten what it felt like to be truly at peace. By completely giving himself over to the Order, he found a...



His visit was contacted by Parent Farnsworth having a reasonable level of trepidation with Leader Trees. Having been captured Parent Esplin, by his friend, he was sure that he might no further rest about taking a look at adult on his objective and that the reality was out -released smartphone. Although he was uncertain precisely what the Brethren might do...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – Elder Foster – Bonds of Brotherhood


There have been these within the Brethren who desired to possess a unique inviting for that child, although having been inducted in to the Purchase, Parent Foster was excited to invest sometime amongst its members.He’d impressed Bishop Angus together with his readiness to publish. Objective Leader Wilcox offered to create the child on the retreat along side him. Not just...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – Elder Farnsworth – SECOND ANOINTING


Blonde hair, sleek, milky-white skin piercing eyes and pleasantly red lips. Parent Farnsworth is just a picture-perfect perspective of the young Mormon child that is attractive. It had been easy why the males within the Purchase had obtained a pursuit in him to see. Along with his functions that are fine, he was a person that is very erotic. His...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – Elder Dobrovnik – ORDINATION


Parent Dobrovnik stood high in link and his bright top. He was happy to quickly be ordained within the Orderand's priesthood to possess achieved such confidence from their rates. The small Euro had confirmed herself to become of distributing to his commanders certainly capable. Leader Ballard stood within the bright space, similarly happy with the child with him. Leader Ballard...

MormonBoyz – Elder Berry, Elder Stewart, & Angel – THE SEALING


While he viewed Sibling Morales take out of his friend patting his penis, Elder-Berry rapidly shot his loadover his body that was limited, not able to include his pleasure. Their attractive older buddy had only fucked Parent Stewart and Elderberry was lucky to truly have a front-row fit towards the entire point! As Patriarch Cruz gave Parent Stewart his leave,...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scen – Elder Farnsworth – INITATION


Older Farnsworth was acquainted with the Purchase well before his prior conference with Leader Oaks.While many inductees are informed through covert activities of the key culture using the priesthood management, Parent Farnsworth have been groomed for his initiation for a long time. As he'd completed with many more, his nephew had been recognized by Leader Ballard like a powerful prospect...

MormonBoyz – Elder Berry & Elder Stewart – Adoption Ceremony


Sibling Angel Morales had discovered a unique location inside the Purchase. He doesn't comprehend the doctrine that identifies his devote this sacred's intimate methods all-male priesthood. But brain is doesn’ted by him. For him, he isn’t looking beyond the erotic chemistry he grows using the missionaries for something. And he's particularly keen on Elderberry and Parent Stewart. A classic tradition seals...

MormonBoyz – Elder Esplin – Second Anointing (with Bishop Angus)


Parent Esplin had heard about the 2Nd Anointing routine before. It had been often night time discussions among missionaries' topic. It had been stated that people who obtain it have selection and their “calling created sure.” it had been an idea he nevertheless didn’t really comprehend. He was introduced in to the forehead where he achieved with Bishop Angus once...

MormonBoyz – Elder Farnsworth – The Calling


Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up. When asked if he was looking at porn, he’d lie and say he wasn’t. The mission president’s nephew had been entrusted with the secrets of the Order, giving him an outlet for a lot of sex. Nevertheless, it was...

MormonBoyz – Elder Esplin – INITIATION


Walking into the white room, Elder Esplin seemed almost listless with regard to his part in the ceremony before him.He still hadn’t changed his attitude about the church or his mission, and ultimately he didn’t see the point of anything that was being asked of him. He enjoyed the hot sex and the attention his cock and ass received from...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Priesthood Retreat (with President Nelson)


Neither Elder Oaks nor Elder Holland could be happier. Having been inducted into the Order and attaining the higher level of priesthood authority, they had formed a strong bond. Knowing the unique circumstances for each boy–namely Oaks’ connection with his father and Holland’s less than perfect history with his companion–the Brethren determined that they would benefit from some time away...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik & Elder Farnsworth – Workover


Elder Dobrovnik could hardly stand the time between meetings with the men of the Order. Still, he was happy to have his companion, Elder Esplin, to keep him busy. In fact, the Brethren had commanded the Elder Dobrovnik to do everything he could to help Elder Esplin remain committed to finishing his mission. And the two had gotten to know each...

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – THE COVENANT


Elder Dobrovnik woke up early and began his morning routine of push-ups and sit-ups. They helped him start his day energized and strong, but also gave him time to process all that had been going on. His involvement with the Order began to reveal new and surprising things about himself. Coming from a very conservative background, he was used to...

MormonBoyz – Elder Oaks – THE COVENANT


Elder Oaks was always a bit timid around the other boys. All through his life he’d kept his head low and tried not to ruffle any feathers. This shy behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the young boy’s father, and President Oaks did everything he could to dote on and praise his son. He worried sometimes that maybe he was...

MormonBoyz – Elder Esplin – The Calling (with President Ballard)


Following Esplin’s hot encounter with President Oaks, he still had a number of questions and uncertainties about his place in the church. Especially now that the salt and pepper president revealed to him the purpose of their meeting. President Oaks informed Elder Esplin that he was in fact a member of the secret Order. He had been tasked to take stock...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – THE COVENANT


Elder Holland hadn’t always been the best companion to Elder Oaks. As a young man with a particularly powerful sex drive, he was tired of running his big cock against his mattress for relief. After he was caught stroking himself by his companion, he got the idea to fill his mouth with his thick prick instead. This went on...

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