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MormonBoyz – Elder Kimball – Atonement (with Brother Hales)

Elder Kimball made his way into the temple basement, led by the strong but silent Brother Hales. It hadn’t been too long since his initiation where Hales had fucked the young man with his massive cock, but he still maintained the same formal demeanor now as he did then. Like most inductees into the Order, Kimball was completely in the dark about what was about to happen to him. After confessing his past transgressions to Bishop Angus, he was told that he would need to be physically disciplined in order to repent. Kimball was all but certain that the Brethren were not going to make this process easy and that he’d end up leaving with a sore hole. As much as he was nervous, he couldn’t help but feel a tingle in his cock as he made his way into the unknown depths of the temple. Bother Hales led Kimball into a dark room where President Oaks and Bishop Angus were waiting. There was a long bench in front of the powerful men, studded with round, black pegs. To Kimball, it all felt so fore..

MormonBoyz – Elder Ivy – Ordination (with Bishop Angus)

Elder Ivy’s hole was still tender when he entered the temple again. President Oaks had fucked him good and deep. With every step he took, the slight ache reminded Ivy of the amazing experience of entering into the covenant-which only excited him for what was to come. He’d been called to meet with Bishop Angus, the strong, muscular, leader that had the gaze of all the other boys. Bishop Angus has a powerful, commanding presence as well as a teddy bear smile. Gay or straight, the young boys either wanted to be him or be under him. Elder Ivy had fantasized many times about what the older man was like. In fact, the moment he stepped into the white temple room, all sensation seemed to move from his tender hole to his swelling cock. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Elder Foster – Missionary Send-Off

Elder Foster looked at himself in the mirror as he knotted his tie. He examined his shirt one last time and made sure everything about his appearance was spotless. He knew he would think about this moment for the rest of his life, and wanted to make sure everything was as it should be. The day had come for him to leave his mission. It was bittersweet, to say the least. He’d gone through an unimaginable transformation and was about to set off out into the real world. It was hard to believe he was once that same green boy from the MTC, now more experienced by his time with the Order. As he packed his bags to begin his departure, he knew he couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to his most influential leader: Bishop Angus. Angus had helped to shape Foster’s understanding of sex and obedience. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

MormonBoyz – Elder Nicola – The Covenant


Elder Nicola stared at the tiny door ahead of him. He waited patiently on his hands and knees in the tiny corridor. The Order had instructed him to strip down and only wear his temple robe, crawl through the small passageway, and wait to be called. The young man was confused and a little humiliated, but he understood that he...

MormonBoyz – Elder Kimball – INITIATION


Elder Kimball’s heart was pounding hard in his chest. He could barely hear Brother Hales speaking next to him. The young Mormon was being washed and anointed by the handsome man, but Kimball was completely distracted by his previous encounter with Bishop Angus. Right after he’d met with the Bishop, Kimball found himself changing in the same room as Brother...

MormonBoyz – Elder Ivy – THE COVENANT


Elder Ivy came to the temple with a sense of pride. It was different than anything he’d felt before. Being a bit of a troublemaker, he’d always had a heightened sense of self, but these days he’d felt a power and strength that wasn’t wrapped in ego–he’d earned it. President Oaks had taken him under his wing in a very...

MormonBoyz – Elder Nicola – Atonement (with Bishop Angus and Brother Hales)


Elder Nicola stood attentive. He wanted more than anything to prove himself. Bishop Angus and Brother Hales moved slowly and deliberately around him, preparing the room. The young man tried hard to not appear nervous. During his previous meeting with President Oaks, the handsome daddy praised Elder Nicola for his determination and obedience. In fact, he said that he was...

MormonBoyz – Elder Kimball – The Calling (with Bishop Angus)


Elder Kimball was confused. As he walked in to meet with Bishop Angus, his palms began to sweat and his heart was pounding in his chest. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, especially with the things he said in his worthiness interview. Bishop Angus has spoken with him before and asked him questions about his time before his...



Elder Ivy stood in the dark room trying not to show his excitement. He was brought in by President Oaks and Brother Hales, the two men who had taken him on his current path so far. And he couldn’t be more lost in his thoughts. He’d come to love his mission and the prospect of being inducted into the Order....

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – Home Of The Brethren


After Elder Holland’s new companion went to sleep, the handsome young man snuck out of his bed and went downstairs. Brother Hales had invited him and his companion to stay for the evening at the home of the brethren, treating them to a dinner and conversation. By the end of the night, it was clear what Hales was really...

MormonBoyz – INITIATION – Elder Nicola, Bishop Eldridge (Bareback)


Elder Nicola removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. His mind was wandering as he changed into his temple shield, getting lost in thought about his encounter with Bishop Eldridge. He was still so confused and had so many questions. He knew making that sex tape with Elder Holland was a mistake. All his efforts to hide his sexuality...

MormonBoyz – Coronation – Elder Esplin & Elder Farnsworth


While many boys have been chosen and inducted into the Order, few are given the chance to hold a significant position. Elder Farnsworth was delighted when he’d been called as Assistant to the Quorum of the High Priests. President Ballard had invested a lot of time into his nephew, grooming him not just for service, but for an office...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – Elder Ivy – INITIATION


it didn’t appear completely right things transpired, although Older Ivy was happy he wasn’t getting kicked-off his objective. Ivy completely likely to get delivered property for his mindset and conduct while he’d been named into Leader Oaks’ workplace. Alternatively, he was banged by the effective guy immediately on his table. Leader Trees was absolutely appealing, and state he didn’t relish...

MormonBoyz – Bareback – Elder Farnsworth – ORDINATION


As he ready to get the greater priesthood Older Farnsworth could not include his pleasure. Their dad, Leader Ballard, guidance–and not only throughout his procedure and had proven him so much power. When he'd be ordained, being a complete person in the Purchase since his dad informed him concerning the secret-society and also the part he might perform within it...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – ELDER NICOLA – THE CALLING


Because he'd been shot by Parent Holland it'd been some time, by what he’d completed and Parent Nicola was obtaining a little anxious. He liked being fucked by his friend, however of being delivered house the risk was usually within the back of his brain. Imagine if Netherlands lay? Imagine if it was seen by the Leader? Imagine if...

MormonBoyz – Elder Farnsworth – The Covenant (with President Oaks)


Elder Farnsworth finished putting on his temple robe and eyed the tiny corridor. It couldn’t have been more than a couple feet high; just big enough that he’d have to get on his hands and knees to fit through. This was new for him, even though feeling disoriented in the temple was not. As he got down on the floor,...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – Elder Ivy – THE CALLING


Elder Ivy sat in President Oaks’ office, resigned to his fate. He had a reputation for being somewhat of a troublemaker and was sure that he was being sent home. Well, he wasn’t exactly sure, but he didn’t know what else to think. Last week he had been called in for a worthiness interview. At the end of the interview...

MormonBoyz – Sex Scene – Elder Foster & Elder Miller – Calling And Election


Guardian Foster and guardian Burns produced their approach to the brow. In order to obtain a distinctive ordinance they'd been educated to meet up up with Angus. Before going through the process neither kid had found out about the Next anointing. Every one of these bumped concerning the forehead's service and was individually anointed with gasoline. Afterwards robe plus they...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland & Elder Nicola – THE INFORMANT


Older Nicola was a high, fine child in the Ukraine whose appeal to Parent Holland hadn’t gone unnoticed. Parent Holland understood all-too nicely just how to place a gay missionary, although He’s never mentioned something to verify this. Like a participant of the Purchase, the Brethren offered him the job of getting and determining additional missionaries… at all required. The...



Elder Esplin could hardly contain his excitement to meet with Bishop Angus. Their last encounter was early on when the young Mormon still had doubts about his place in the church. He was amazed at how much his attitude had changed. Bishop Angus was similarly eager to see Elder Esplin’s progress. He’d anointed hundreds of boys before, but he had...

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