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NewYorkStraightMen – Benito Meets Sean

Meet Benito! He just turned 30 two days before this shoot. He is a native New Yorker born of Italian and Dominican parents. Benito or Benny as his friends call him is a carpenter and works all over the city in both residential and commercial projects. Benito likes to play the field and is quite the ladies man. We have no problem seeing why. He has a hard chiseled body and the beautiful face it’s like he got the best of both cultures wrapped into one. Benito loves his cock sucked and he’s not shy about it. So when he met Sean he had no problem taking it out and sticking it in his mouth. Sean gave him a blowjob that really rocked his boat because Benito dumped a huge load when the time came. Direct Download

NewYorkStraightMen – Oral Scene – Blowing A Hairy Arab Stud Sami


Satisfy Sami! He comes from Beirut, created of parents. Sami is just very hairy man, an assertive. An incredible coating of hair covers his body! Although Sami loves blowjobs he'd never "day" or marry a woman that will suck on dick. That is a fascinating problem. The clear answer would be to allow a "slut" or perhaps a homosexual man...

NewYorkStraightMen – Ramsey’s Huge Cock – Oral


Satisfy Ramsey! This right man includes a large penis is fuzzy, and it is a blue-collar employee! Can we request? Ramsey is just a plumber, he includes a partner who simply shifted away puts dry-wall and it has not a problem utilizing a manis mouth for their own selfish enjoyment. Ramsey it is not timid about informing his cocksucker they...

NewYorkStraightMen – Jim Gets a BJ – Oral


Match Jim! He's a warm, right, blue-collar New Yorker who likes to get as and mind in his terms " there is just a mouth a mouth ". So long as it's comfortable and moist, he'll place his penis in a single. He's a partner who sucks penis but cannot get it done nicely whatsoever. We've a cocksucker (Bobby) who...

NewYorkStraightMen – Sucking Chase by chance – Oral


Ny within the Spring is incredible. A sudden the winter clothes all come down and also you end up in a that's full of males that are hot. While heading out to obtain caffeine it had been one of these early days. In Pursuit who lives within the community we went by chance. He was dressed up in a muscle...

NewYorkStraightMen – Blowing Robert – Oral


Match John! He operates like a landscaper in NJ Island in addition to Staten Island. He is a Cuban American man with that "Latin Machismo"... for sucking penis gay men are. We are told by him he's not a problem allowing a homosexual man pull him so long as, so long as that his location is known by man...on his...

NewYorkStraightMen – Billy returns the favor


This film picks accumulates with his dick sucked being today wanted by Jeremy. Since we didn’t Billy who had been amazed note to him he would need to suck dick. We chose to allow issues play out normally. During Jeremy’s blowjob, we'd a shock customer who registered in about the motion. He maintained the rear while Billy maintained Jeremy and...

NewYorkStraightMen – Digging Doug


Doug is the fact that kind of guy that is awesome that people truly search! He is only a truly awesome guy and hip, directly, hairy! He found its way to tender need of the blowjob. He is presently dating a woman who's ideal in most method except she cannot get his cock all in her mouth. Since he enjoys...

NewYorkStraightMen – Jeremys BJ


Bobby delivers a blowjob that makes Jeremy's eyes roll back, that makes his toes curl. Download full video from:

NewYorkStraightMen – Tea bagging with a hint of ginger


Josh was really horny but wanted to something more than just a bj. He wanted to sit on the cocksucker's face and get his balls sucked and then fuck some face. Trey was a compliant sucker, he understands that his job is to please. Josh liked that attitude and took advantage. In this movie there Josh got teabagged, he also got...

NewYorkStraightMen – The return of Nick


After almost an 18 month absence Hot and Hairy Nick has returned!! As if that wasn't good enough, after over a year away, Christian the amazing cocksucker also makes a return appearance. Nick almost got married and Christian was studying in the Far East. The timing was perfect because Nick was long overdue for some nasty style servicing and...

NewYorkStraightMen – Blowing Kelly


Meet Kelly! He is a home contractor in Staten Island. He come from a large Irish/Italian family and is a "cocky" ladies man. With his good looks he can afford to be a little arrogant, women just love him. He was a typical high school jock who practically dated the entire cheerleading squad. Most of the girls wanted to...

NewYorkStraightMen – Sucking off Tim


Tim has a running fantasy – he gets really turned on when he gags a cocksucker with his dick. Unfortunately, Tim’s girlfriend isn’t really into her man ramming her throat and holding her head until her eyes water. And he hasn’t had a lot of luck finding other girls who are into either. Then he found New York Straight Men....

New York Straight Men – Timmy sucks Alex


Alex and his BIG, FAT COCK returns for more servicing! This time around we have one of our newest resident cocksuckers, Timmy take care of this huge piece of meat. Download full video from:

New York Straight Men – Mark’s shower of cum


Mark showered Trey in thick wads of his cum...... Trey was all sticky when this service session ended! Download full video from:

New York Straight Men – Foot or BJ


Its a hard choice for Tim, does he want Trey to worship his feet first or cock first? He decided to go feet first! He had Trey massage and lick his beautiful feet as a prelude to the blowjob he came for. Once again he got aggressive with Trey ordering his what to do and how to do it....

New York Straight Men – A face full of Chase (Brandon Monroe)


Our new friend Chase makes a return visit to experience some "round the world " service, Christian's style. Chase makes it clear to Christian that if he he want to suck some cock, he has to earn the right by eating out some jock butt first! Christian was game and got right to work once Chase turned around and...

New York Straight Men – Sucking Off Chase (Brandon Monroe)


Meet Chase! He is a lifeguard at a YMCA pool in the city during the winter and works at Jones Beach on Long Island during NYC’s hot summer months. Chase is getting married in a few months, but he is not going to let that get in the way of getting the thing he loves most-BLOW JOBS! Now he...

NewYorkStraightMen – Saul & Vito – Vito The Plumber

New York StraightMen - Saul & Vito - Vito The Plumber

Fulfill Vito! He's because they come a New Yorker who's as Blue-Collar, he's a plumber coming directly from function to obtain a blowjob. Vito has some of those German New Yorker highlights that are powerful which pushes us nuts. He got not just to obtain his penis sucked but was available to whichever he could easily get from Saul since...

Franco Fanatic

Aside From The several NewYorkStraightMen followers that Franco has he discovered an enormous lover in his cocksucker Dave Franco is just a warm furry German that likes to get drawn down does not matter to him be it a woman or perhaps a man whois actually prepared to pull on might have the penis. Effectively Dave was the fortunate one and...

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