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ExtraBigDicks – Sex Scene – The Big Moment – Cameron Kincade, Scott DeMarco


Cameron back again to his room has been taken by Scott after their preliminary assembly which is apparent that Cameron is just a little anxious. He informs Scott heis only a little frightened of his large penis on the basis of the picture he was delivered by him. He is assured by Scott he'll be mild and also the...

PrideStudios –Sex Scene – Latin Flavor – Mario Cruz, Jay Alexander


Mario has been named by Jay Alexander into his workplace to inform him he has opportunities for his Language/Spanish training task that was next. Jay informs him he has another starting in Panama and Mario is significantly more than pleased to move there. He demands Jay Jay admits he hasn't and if he's actually visited to Central or South...

PrideStudios – CockVirgins – Instant Attraction Part 2 – Toby Springs, Chase Klein


Toby is within the lockerroom again, cleaning issues up as Pursuit walks in. Toby is immediately drawn to his ripped body and Pursuit as he can’t maintain his eyes from him actually to get a minute. Realizing, Pursuit requires Toby he begins bending his muscles and will take his top off if he enjoys what he views after which...

MenOver30 – Coming Out Is Hard


Max is talking about the telephone about his coming to Jason out to his family. Since his household hasn't approved him being released Max is extremely emotional and he's battling tears back. Jason informs Max he can come home to become with him. Jason comes and provides a large embrace leading into some kissing to Max. Quickly their garments...

ExtraBigDick – Sex Scen – Don’t Keep Me Waiting – Cameron Kincade, Lex Ryan


Lex is house during sex taking a look at adult on his telephone when he chooses to contact Cameron, patting his large cock. Cameron continues to be reluctant due to the dimension of Lex's penis, although he's desired to fuck Cameron for some time. He informs him he'll be mild and also to get over his butt to his...

DylanLucas – Uncle Spencer – Kory Houston, Spencer Whitman


So he didn’t appear to his action uncle’s home in the contracted period ory’s aircraft arrived. While calling out his name-but he no reply back he walks into his action uncle’s home. He views his step-uncle handed out during sex wearing only the linen that's hardly set on him and walks into his space. Kory starts to stroke his...

MenOver30 – Paying Your Bills – Alexander & Rego


Alexander are partners plus they are preparing for mattress if he settled an essential statement when Rego requires Alexander. He is told by Alexander he didn't get it done and Rego begins to obtain annoyed with him. After some backwards and forwards, Alexander admits he settled all of the expenses and he is kidding with Rego. Both then start...

ExtraBigDicks – Valentin Petrov & Jay Alexander – Cruising For Big Cock


Jay is within the lockerroom and he's clearly touring for intercourse. Valentin views Jay, who's groping his penis through his pants and walks in. Him prevents and claims when he doesn't have atleast 8" he's not involved. He is assured by Valentin he's what he groping one another and is searching for and quickly both are accepted. Once Jay...

PrideStudios – Pool Side Encounter – Dominic Pacifico & Mike Maverick


Mike and Dominic are sitting pool side and talking about how much they have enjoyed getting to know each other. They then go into the pool and start making out and groping each other. Their cocks become rock hard as they rub them against each other. They move to the edge of the pool where Mike starts sucking Dominic...

ExtraBigDicks – The Playroom – Dustin & Ace


Dustin has invited Ace over to his new 'Play Space' and is eager to have sex with the stunning 6'3' hunk of a man. Ace has indicated that he likes guys with big cocks and wants to get fucked a little rough. Dustin assures him he has come to the right place and the two get right down to...

DylanLucas – Trent Ferris, Alexy Tyler

Trent Ferris, Alexy Tyler

Trent is asking his stepdad Alexy if he can go out with friends to party for the night. Alexy reminds him that he is still grounded for the next few days and he is not allowed to go party at all unless he grabs him a beer. Trent grabs Alexy a brew but Alexy has one more request which...

MenOver30 – Darin Silvers, Jordan Belford – New Lovers


Darin and Jordan have just moved into their first apartment together and they are in the bedroom deciding how to decorate and what types of bedding and art they want on the walls. They have several photos they have collected on their travels together to NY and Paris. Once making some decisions they are embraced in a passionate kiss...

MenOver30 – The Couple That Watches Porn Together Stays Together – Trey Turner, Cesar Rossi


Trey and Cesar are sitting in their bed wearing nothing but underwear and watching a porn scene together. They are groping each other through the underwear as they get turned on by what they see. Soon they are extremely horny and decide to close the laptop and Cesar starts sucking Trey and doing his best to deep throat his...

ExtraBigDicks – Training Hard Part 2 – Dominic Pacifico, Sean Duran


Jace Chambers is cleaning up the workout area and Dominic is coming in to get ready for his client. Based on Jace’s quick answers to his questions, Dominic suspects that something might have happened earlier. Jace leaves and as Dominic is getting things ready, Sean Duran shows up for his session. Dominic helps him put on his boxing gloves...

DylanLucas – Bad Cop – Bruce Beckham and Leo Anthony


Leo is chilling out smoking some medicinal herb when power hungry cop Bruce comes around the corner and begins to harass him. Leo is within his rights to but Officer Bruce could care less. He has other things on his mind. He takes Leo back to his place and tells him the only way out of this is to...

MenOver30 – The Photo Studio Part 1 – Jace Chambers and Mike De Marko


Mike has come to his friend Jace to take some photos of himself. Jace asks Mike what kind of photos he wants to get of himself and discovers Mike wants sexy photos for hook-up apps. The photo session begins and Jace gets Mike to get more and more undressed. Soon Mike is only in a jock-strap and Jace cannot...

ExtraBigDicks – Brett Bradley & Hans Berlin – Gay Resort Hook-Up


Hans is relaxing within the swimming in a homosexual resort alone. He starts taking in some sunlight and climbs from the water. Because he's alone, he begins patting his large penis inside his swimsuit after which draws out it as he remains to swing. Just a preservation employee walks in to the swimming region and he's examining out him...

PrideStudios – Toby Springs & Dustin Steele – Pay Up Or Else


We observe Dustin resting in a table in a candle lit factory, smoking a smoke and counting cash. A telephone call is made by him to somebody who owes cash to him and centered on his tone we all know this may be guy's kind that you don't wish to fuck with. As he moves about checking the different...

MenOver30 – Max Cameron & Jay Alexander – New Artist Space


Max has brought Jay to the new warehouse space that he is going to rent out and turn into an artist space for him. Jay is tentative at first, but Max convinces him how great it will be once they clear out the stuff left behind by the previous tenant. He notices a mattress propped against the wall and...

ExtraBigDick – Jace Chambers, Bryan Cole – Training Hard Part 1


Jace Chambers and Dominic Pacifico are in the Gym Workout Area with a Punching Bag hanging from the ceiling. They are a couple and Dominic is telling Jace that he better behave himself with the client he has coming in because he knows that the guy is exactly the type that Jace goes for. Dominic leaves and as Jace...

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