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ExtraBigDick – That’s A Monster Cock – Van Wilder & Juan Carlos


Juan Carlos has followed Van back into the locker room and he is obviously staring at the large bulge in Van's shorts. Van notices and asks what he is staring at. Juan Carlos asks what the fuck do you have in there and with that Van whips out his massive cock. Juan is shocked by the size, but...

PrideStudios – Sam Truitt And Anthony London


Sam's at the table sucking the hell out of a lollipop when his pissed off Uncle Anthony comes in yelling at him but Sam can't hear a damn thing since he's wearing headphones. Finally Sam acknowledges his Uncle and concedes he forgot to do some chores. He won't be able to go to the concert later tonight unless he...

MenOver30 – Our First 3-Way – Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello & Tommy Regan


Alexander & Rego have been a couple for a while and they have decided to take their relationship to another level by bringing in a 3rd. Rego shows Alexander a couple photos of Tommy Regan who's just moved in living on the first floor of the apartments. Rego informs Alexander that Tommy will be arriving shortly. Tommy shows up...

ExtraBigDicks – I’m Ready For It – Jay Alexander & Eli Lewis


Jay and Eli are in Jay's bedroom kissing passionately and rubbing each other all over. It is the moment of truth for Eli tonight and the question is, Can Eli handle Jay's big cock? He is extremely nervous and hesitant about the whole situation. He has to fit 9 inches of long dick plus girth into his tight little...

MenOver30 – Our First 3-Way – Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello, Tommy Regan


Alexander & Rego have been a couple for a while and they have decided to take their relationship to another level by bringing in a 3rd. Rego shows Alexander a couple photos of Tommy Regan who’s just moved in living on the first floor of the apartments. Rego informs Alexander that Tommy will be arriving shortly. Tommy shows up...

PrideStudios – Buddy Mason & Bennett Anthony – Versatile Buddies


Bennett and Buddy are really good friends. They are enjoying being outside while talking about the recent party they went to where Buddy hooked up with some hot guy. Buddy tells Bennett his issues with the men he's been running into as of late and Bennett starts to open up about the same issues he's been experiencing. They both...

MenOver30 – What If We Get Caught – Max Cameron, Lex Ryan


Max and Lex are in the gym locker room and Max wants to fuck, but Lex is afraid they will get caught. Max convinces him that he’ll be quick and based on Lex’s raging boner in his shorts, Max knows what he wants and needs. Max drops to his knees and starts sucking Lex’s big thick cock. Lex then...

ExtraBigDicks – PrideStudios – My First Time – Sean Duran, Tommy Regan


Sean introduces himself to Tommy and notices that he is very nervous. Tommy admits that he has only jacked off with a buddy but besides that he’s never been with a man. With that, Sean pulls him in close and starts kissing him. At first Tommy is tentative, but soon relaxes and allows Sean to take control. Sean grabs...

MenOver30 – PrideStudios – Beer Can Cock – Max Sargent, Kacey Jones


Max has invited Kacey back to his place and Kacey is nervous about having sex with Max because he has a very thick cock and he is not sure he can handle it. Once Max pulls it out of his pants, Kacey does his best to suck it deep but he struggles with the thickness. Max lies Kacey back...

ExtraBigDicks – PrideStudios – My Husband’s Big Cock – Jace Chambers, Conner Mason, Cesar Rossi


Jace & Cesar have brought Conner back to their place for a 3-way. After some awkward small talk the 3 of them start kissing and the clothes start coming off. Conner drops to his knees and sucks both Jace and Cesar's cocks as he discovers that Jace's cock is quite big. They all get naked and climb onto...

PrideStudios – Trey Turner, Landon Kovak – This And That


Landon is sunning himself poolside when Trey comes swimming up. They start up a conversation and discuss where each other are from plus some other small talk. Landon asks Trey for advice on where to go shopping and what to do in South Florida. Trey shares some thoughts and tells Landon he has to leave to meet friends...

MenOver30 – Pride Studios – Sex Scene – Fitness Desire – Cameron Kincade, Bennett Anthony


Cameron is jocking Bennett in the gym locker room. He is amazed how great shape he is in and wants to know his secrets on the ultimate body. Cameron tells Bennett he wants to see him flex so Cameron takes his shirt off revealing his toned body. Cameron is drooling all over himself and keeps complimenting Bennett so much...

PrideStudios – ExtraBigDick – Brett Bradley, Chandler Scott – Who Is Bigger


Chandler and Brett are sitting on the couch talking about how much they have enjoyed getting to know each other. They both exchanged photos of their cocks and Chandler tells Brett he is a little over 8 Inches and Brett says he's about 9 inches hard. He tells Brett that they should compare and whoever has the bigger cock...

MenOver30 – Sex Scene – Max Sargent, Tommy Regan – Coach’s Jock Strap


Mentor Sargent has advised Tommy he must obtain a jockstrap to need replacing about the area. A jockstrap has never been used by Tommy before and he requires the mentor for aid when Mentor Sargent turns up within the lockerroom to confirm him. Mentor Sargent excitedly shows him with placing it on a jockstrap is essential after which helps...

ExtraBigDicks – Sex Scene – Such A Big Cock – Toby Springs & Blaine Kross

Lucas Entertainment – Hosed Down In Piss – Ace Era, Andrey Vic & Adam Killian

Blaine is bathing thinking nobody is about. He starts to swing herself around ensuring nobody creeps on him as he appears. As he swings his large uncut penis his back becomes again to the lockers. He is in their own globe till he views Toby looking at him and turns. Blaine it isnot sure things to state and rapidly...

PrideStudios – Sex Scene – Play Ball! – Kacey Jones, Timothy Rivers


Timothy and Kacey equally perform on a single basketball group and has chose to provide some guidance on the best way to be better when he’s enjoying about the area. Timothy is just a bit smart in the beginning as his guidance is given by Kacey, but quickly the selfishness becomes to another thing whilst the two of these...

MenOver30 – Sex Scene – To Shave Or Not To Shave – Cameron Kincade, Chandler Scott


Chandler and Cameron have just finished their work out and have come to the locker room to dress down. Both are very sweaty and energized, not to mention horny! Chandler asks Cameron if he thinks he should possibly shave off his body hair and maybe he won’t sweat as much. Cameron says he has never noticed how hairy he...

ExtraBigDicks – PrideStudios – Sex Scene – Big Cock Vacation – Osiris Blade & Conner Mason


Osiris notices that Conner is looking at him so if he enjoys what he views he stops to request Conner. Conner starts drawing it outside and reaches out to seize his huge penis. Conner cannot think how large it plus that thick meat great all seems in his mouth that is moist. Before long he is invited by Osiris...

DylanLucas – Sex Scen – Thief Of Hearts – Park Wiley, Jack Hunter


The doorway gradually starts and creeps inside while Playground continues to be bathing. Playground can’t notice anything as Port is running accidentally till around his space, Port makes a sound. Playground creeps as much as his toilet doorway and dries off and Port going right through his budget can be seen by him. Him pushes and tosses him onto...

MenOver30 – Sex Scene – The Waiting Room – Mike Maverick & Lex Ryan


Lex is within the waiting-room at his Physician's workplace when Mike Maverick walks out (sporting nurse uniforms) and shows Lex he's negative information the Physician and everyone at work are out to lunchtime and certainly will not be back for a lot more than one hour. They trade it's apparent he maintains herself who is fit and the topic...

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