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RagingStallion – The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1 – Remy Delaine, Carlos Morales, Cory Koons


Country: US Studio : Raging Stallion Studios Cast: Remy Delaine, Carlos Morales, Cory Koons, Erik Hunter, Francois Sagat, Ivan Andros, Justin Christopher Director: Ben Leon, Chris Ward, J.D. Slater, Michael Brandon Composer/Score: J.D. Slater Videographer: Ben Leon, David Hempling An accumulation of a number of the greatest Raging Stallion moments of Delaine. Arabesque: In the structure Remy is joined by us. Their picture companion may be...

RagingStallion – Sex Scene – High n’ Tight – Bennett Anthony, Gage Unkut


After managing a brush through Bennett’s scarlet locks and pressing up the rear of Bennett’s throat, Bennett fidgets together with his slender pile of money and stands up. He hopes he and Gage may ‘work anything out.’ Bennett reaches for that fat in Gage’s trousers: a great recommendation, although he doesn’t have sufficient to get an idea. Bennett forces...

RagingStallion – Sex Scene – Object of Desire – Bennett Anthony, Caleb Daniels


aleb Daniels hails from Philly, loves rimming, and relishes an intense, connective rapport with his sexual partners. Bennett Anthony is originally from South Carolina, enjoys running, and likes to get aggressive. As they make out and stroke each other’s cocks, they establish a deep, intimate connection. Bennett eagerly gets down on his knees and inhales Caleb’s cock, which puts...

RagingStallion – Sex Scene – High n’ Tight – Mick Stallone, Ace Era


As the clippers of the ‘High n’ Tight’ barbershop buzz in the background, Mick Stallone and Ace Era cruise each other in the waiting room. Mick unbuttons his shirt, showing off his hairy chest and tight abs. He yanks out his hard cock, and Ace eagerly gets down on his knees to perform oral worship. Ace strips off his...

RagingStallion – Sex Scene – High n’ Tight – Bruno Bernal & Ryan Cruz


As the ground sweeps, Bruno Bernal rests within the 'Large d' Restricted' barbershopis waiting place, concentrated on the butt of Ryan. It is obvious that what Bruno truly needs is Ryan while Ryan comes to request Bruno what he is searching for. Bruno unbuttons Ryan's trousers and grasps Ryanis thick penis because they write out. Pressing along Bruno about...

Raging Stallion – Hung Country – (HD)2016 – Hector de Silva, Josh Milk, Abraham Al Malek


Starring: Hector de Silva, Josh Milk, Abraham Al Malek, Antonio Miracle, Dani Robles, Emir Boscatto, Martin Mazza, Sergyo Caruso Categories: Anal, Big Dicks, Muckles Released: 2016 Studio: Raging Stallion Download full video from:

RagingStallion – High n’ Tight – Rikk York, Mick Stallone, Jackson Grant


Leatherman barber Rikk York is focusing on a' n' Restricted' slice Mick Stallone, for his customer. They create discussion about exactly what the nearby men are like and where you can venture out. Rikkis assistant gives a knowing look with Mick and overhears the discussion. Jackson begins patting his penis and draws up his top. 'Again?' Rikk claims. Taking...

RagingStallion – Object of Desire – Letterio Amadeo And Mick Stallone


Mick Stallone is a scruffy versatile stud from Montreal who loves making out and rimming. Letterio Amadeo is a beefy Australian top who puts all his passion into fucking. They both crave the intimacy of eye contact. As they make out and rub against each other in bed, Letterio quickly assumes a dominant position over Mick and begins giving...

RagingStallion – Sex Scene – State of Arousal – Jimmy Durano, XL


X L and Jimmy Durano kneel before one another, their feelings increased as well as their cocks at interest. The extreme psychological appeal to one another becomes as producing out results in heavy cocksucking bodily, with X M doing of taking Jimmy’s extra-large, the remarkable task uncut meat. X L’s beautiful ass-crack develops large, exposing his restricted, hairy pit...

RagingStallion – State of Arousal – Colton Grey, Bruno Bernal


Their tongues connected, Bruno Bernal and Colton Gray let publish towards the draw of the increased sexual excitement and go of their inhibitions. Large balls and Colton’s massive dick are amazing to Bruno, who drops on inhales and his legs . Colton leans back, revealing his 6-pack ABS and vibrant tattoo and experiencing the feeling. Achieving for Bruno’s butt,...

RagingStallion – Wasteland – Sean Duran, Rafael Lords


After stumbling right into a post apocalyptic dungeon saturated in males that are harmful, Rafael Lords is attempting to flee when him prevents. You change around… show-me what I gained today!’ says Sean. Great butt that is ‘Pretty he provides. Sean, ‘Think you are able to manage more penis inside?’ Twisting Rafael over a desk shoves his tongue and...

RagingStallion – Dorian Ferro fucks Jonah Fontana – Backstage Pass 2


Jonah Fontana makes out with Dorian Ferro, rubbing his hands along Dorian's gorgeous ass. Dorian gently strokes Jonah's cock and caresses Jonah's chest. Jonah goes down on Dorian, worshiping Dorian's cock with his thick lips and copious spit. Dorian enhances the pleasure by playing with his own nipples. After sucking Dorian's cock, Jonah moves on to rim Dorian's ass....

RagingStallion – Ryan Cruz fucks Rafael Lords – Wasteland


Lost in the desert Wasteland, Rafael Lords stumbles upon a mysterious compound. He thinks he's gotten lucky to find shelter, but out of nowhere, Ryan Cruz grabs him and warns him of the danger he's just stepped into. Ryan promises his protection - for a price. With one look at Ryan's ripped body and pierced nips, Rafael knows it's...

RagingStallion – Wasteland – Myles Landon, Talon Reed


Talon Reed is out on patrol in the post-apocalyptic 'Wasteland'. He stumbles across supplies - food rations and water - that must have been abandoned in a surprise attack. Talon brings the loot back to base and shows his find to Myles Landon. 'You know what this means, right? It's reward time,' says Myles as he removes his codpiece...

RagingStallion – Backstage Pass 2 – Bruno Bernal, Jason Vario


Tattooed Brazilian hunk Bruno Bernal strokes Jason Vario's massive, uncut cock. Slick precum appears on the tip of Jason's cock, and Bruno smears it across Jason's sensitive head. Sinking to his knees, Bruno takes Jason's massive member in his mouth and sucks passionately. Cupping Jason's balls, Bruno drenches Jason's meat with slick saliva. With Jason's sexual energy running wild,...

RagingStallion – State of Arousal – Tex Davidson and Jack Vidra


With their big dicks, furry bodies, and thick beards, the masculine attraction between Tex Davidson and Jack Vidra pushes their sexual connection into overdrive. Jack shows off the tattoo covering his hip as he fondles Tex’s throbbing boner. Tex presses his face into Jack’s thick, red beard, and their lips stay locked together as they make out. Their intense...

RagingStallion – Sean Duran pounds Tyson Glover – State of Arousal


When Tyson Glover sees Sean Duran, their mutual erotic chemistry propels them both into a heightened state of arousal. Sean, tattooed from head to toe, sits upright as Tyson services his cock. Tyson - lean, tanned, and with both nipples pierced - feeds off Sean's dominant energy, putting himself fully at Sean's service. As Tyson uses his tongue to...

RagingStallion – Destroyer – Bruno Bernal And Gabriel Taurus


Bruno Bernal is going over some paperwork when Gabriel Taurus sneaks up from behind. Gabriel initiates passionate kissing, their dark beards rubbing together. Opening his fly, Gabriel pulls out his thick, hefty cock, and Bruno eagerly strokes it. Falling to his knees, Bruno opens his mouth wide and wraps his lips around Gabriel's gargantuan member. Bruno's cock is rock...

RagingStallion – FX Rios, Bennett Anthony, Aaron Reese – Destroyer, Scene 3


Aboard the RSS 'Destroyer', FX Rios and Aaron Reese manhandle some hefty cargo. It's a tough job to do, but Bennett Anthony lounges in the background without helping. 'What are you, a lazy cocksucker?' asks FX. 'Yeah, you got half that right,' says Bennett, kneeling before his shipmates. Without missing a beat, FX whips out his huge cock and...

RagingStallion – Dicklicious – Brian Bonds & Rafael Lords


Blond muscle stud Brian Bonds is tongue to tongue and dick to dick with Rafael Lords. Their chiseled bodies ripple as they fondle each other's hard cocks. Brian tongues the tip of Rafael's foreskinned cock, and Rafael's hips buck reflexively. Turning around, Rafael offers his ass up to Brian's expert rimming. The round, firm cheeks of Rafael's bubble butt...

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