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RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 3

Long, lanky Alex Chandler is fastened to the prison bars with duct-tape at his wrists and ankles. Completely naked, he undulates seductively, showing off his lovely body and ass. He knows he’s totally helpless and vulnerable and it turns him on. His firm, round ass simply demands to be fucked. Rope man J.J. does that, first with his finger, then with a dildo and finally with a steel butt-plug. Alex goes almost insane with desire. His ass sucks up those steel balls like it can’t get enough. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

RopedStuds – Matie part 2

Poor Matie is completely blind. His head is covered with a blackout hood. Otherwise he is completely naked, tied to a steel apparatus, legs spread, arms overhead. He has no idea what is happening to him or what will happen next. Sometimes, he feels a man’s hands on his body or stroking his cock, almost lovingly. The next moment, a leather whip cuts into his flesh. A little later, razor-sharp needles on a roller dig into his wounds and his nipples – and even his cock! Then the man strokes his cock again, getting him hard. Finally, the man unties his wrists and Matie instinctively works his cock, while also rubbing his throbbing whip wounds. The man removes the young slave’s hood, then jerks him off. Matie couldn’t be happier. A roped slave is born. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

RopedStuds – Matie part 3

Young, boyish muscle twink Matie looks amazing in his sexy jock. The white elastic straps frame his ass like a piece of art. The boy is roped, arms overhead, legs spread wide, to a steel apparatus. His beautiful, tanned back and ass are decorated with whip-marks from an earlier beating. Still, his captor, rope man J.J., isn’t done whipping him. He slices the boy’s back and ass with a sharp, little single-tail. J.J. loves the way Matie flexes and moans under the lash. J.J. then runs his razor-sharp pinwheel alone the fresh wounds. Matie’s gasps of pain are rhythmic and beautiful. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

RopedStuds – Nikolai part 9

Rope man J.J. continues to manhandle his blonde muscle boy, Nikolai, slapping his bulbous butt and spreading his cheeks to inspect his quivering hole then beating his ass with a leather spanker. Nikolai’s boyish moans are the perfect combination of agony and helplessness. When J.J. tires of beating his slave boy’s ass, he ropes off his balls and stretches them painfully, then flogs him with an even nastier whip that leaves lash marks up and down his back, ass and legs. A perfect boy, perfectly displayed and perfectly tortured. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 2


Every once-and-a-while rope man J.J. gets tired of hemp and cotton and chooses to bind his boys with some material other than rope. Today, he uses black, cloth duct-tape, binding our lanky Russian, Alex Chandler, to the steel cage bars, at his ankles, around his pecs, and over his mouth. Alex is naked but for some slinky Trophy Boy...

RopedStuds – Jared part 2


Jared is roped on his back to the long, wooded bondage bench. His cock remains hard even as the twine-noose around the base of his balls pulls tight. Rope man Tynan Fox slaps Jared on his inner and outer thighs. Every time Jared jerks his legs he pulls the noose, which is tied to his toes, tighter. Tynan enjoys...

RopedStuds – Matie part 1


Twenty-one-year-old Matie has the lean, tight body of a ballet dancer and the lovely, tanned skin of a boy from Puerto Rico. As a roped slave, he will need the endurance he has learned in ballet. J.J. starts the boy off roped to a pull-up machine, dressed in a dancer’s halter-top and skimpy jock. He is hooded and roped...

RopedStuds – Nikolai part 8


Russian muscle boy Nikolai is roped to the sofa on his back, his head dangling off the edge of the cushion, his legs spread wide. A dozen nasty, plastic glue-clamps dig into his nipples and cock - the strongest one right on the tip. Nikolai can’t reach the instruments of pain; all he can do is squirm and flex...

RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 1


Alex Chandler, a long, lean newbie porn star now living in California after growing up in Russia, makes his bondage debut on We duct-tape this young beauty - wearing a sleeveless shirt that barely covers his navel and some slutty Trophy Boy briefs - to the prison bars. Rope man J.J. mauls the semi-clothed boy, ripping his shirt...

RopedStuds – Bradley part 8


Young Bradley remains roped to a series of steel pipes mounted at right angles to the wall, allowing his tormentor, rope man J.J., to whip the front and back of his body at will. Bradley’s slender yet well-developed swimmer’s physique looks amazing decorated with whip marks. He is roped with hemp at his waist, balls, and ankles, like a...

RopedStuds – Jared part 1


Super stud Jared is back after a couple years away - and looking better than ever. Our new rope man, Tynan Fox, insisted on roping Jared for his debut and we were happy to comply. Tynan begins with some simple Japanese rope work, binding Jared to a wooden bench. Our stud is naked but for a tiny jock, his...

RopedStuds – Nikolai part 7


Blonde muscle stud Nikolai remains roped to the sofa, his body lifted by a hemp harness around his waist. But now he has an extra detail to deal with: His balls are roped to a heavy weight pulled out in front of him. Nikolai moans so seductively when he is in pain, rope man J.J. can’t resist taking the...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Nikolai part 6


Small European muscle stud Nikolai is roped bare to some stunning couch in a spread eagled position that shows his beautiful body – off particularly his abs. Guy that is string J.J. Reaches do what of us viewing this child for the reason that placement any might wish to accomplish: grope that ideal body and uncut penis and walk-up...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Bradley part 7


String guy J.J’s smaller simple-butt mightn't break just like a mix that is bigger but, child, does it harm. It leaves a hierarchy of mix scars on torso and youthful Bradley’s belly. The crazy teenager is associated with some metal rods jutting out-of a-wall by balls, legs and his arms, making his body subjected to the mix. This type...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Bradley part 6


He’s roped securely and impaled about the “boi-seat” – a four-inch metal base topped having a metal ball permeates his while two metal clamps bite into his nipples. However, regardless of the discomfort, difficult – sticks out and remains erect from string guy J.J with normal shots. After one hour, J.J. Makes a cope with his child: cum while...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Luca part 9


German design Luca is face first from his butt arched from the crate – an ideal goal for string guy J.J.’s divided, the metal bars -mind spanker. J.J. Uses this system, which increases each blow's effect, to show Luca’s fat, rounded butt scarlet. A sadist, J.J. uses his wand that is electrical about the injuries that are clean. Luca...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Part 5


Bradley stays roped towards the wall, however now he's a couch between his thighs having a small something unique onto it: the “boi-chair,” using its metal ball just beneath Bradley’s asshole. Easily, the child is currently wearing briefs created only for the event. Guy that is string J.J. Forces down making along him about the metal base. Bradley squeals...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Luca – Part 8


Luca’s throat is roped to balls and his penis as he stands, destined towards the crate at his stomach, arms and legs, with restricted almond, making him bend his abs and to fold forward somewhat. The rules are extremely restricted, searching into his body. The positioning he’s pushed to keep is extremely unpleasant, producing his muscles pain. But string...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Bradley – Part 4


Bradley looks amazing roped to the wall face-first, his firm, young body displayed to perfection, his back and ass whipped bright red. Rope man J.J. ties off the boy’s cock and balls from behind, then stretches them, using a heavy dumbbell and a hemp noose. The teenager moans in pain as J.J. stretches his balls, then fucks his virgin...

RopedStuds – Fetish Scene – Luca part 7


Stunning Luca gasps in discomfort as a large number of clothespins search into pecs and his balls. He's totally hopeless, roped in the stomach, arms and legs against a cage. String guy J.J., that has held him roped such as this all night, eliminates the hooks round the muscle boy’s pecs, allowing the body hurry back to his injured...

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