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Staxus – Fight Night, Sc.4 – Lucas Drake gets the big bare dick of fit boy Rob Nielsen

He might be sporting a shorter, groovier haircut, but it’s still highly unlikely that anyone would associate young Lucas Drake with boxing. With his lithe build and his twinkish mannerisms, he seems more the kind of lad who’d simply end up being pulverised in the ring – excuse the obvious pun! That said, Rob Nielsen – whose physique is much more in keeping with a role in the sport – clearly sees some kind of potential in the lad, when he invites his pretty-boy neighbour up to his apartment for a session with his punchbag. Either that or he reckons it’s a good way of getting inside his pants! Whatever the reason, that’s exactly what promptly ensues when the two fellows finally team up shortly after their initial encounter; though in fairness it’s Drake who finds himself down on his knees, hanging off the end of Nielsen’s ramrod like a compliant bitch. That’s absolutely nothing to what follows, however; with the hardened muscle-boy soon making a beeline for Drake’s hairless little pucke..

Staxus – Raw Anatomy

Studio: Raw, Staxus Director: Vlado Iresch Starring: Julien Adagio, Max Brown, David Glenn, Rick Harper, Julien Heath, Tony Mayo, Tom Nutt, Mathew Ross, Alex Stevens Doctor, it’s an emergency! Indeed, it’s almost a matter of life and death as a collection of horny, dick-hungry medics go on their rounds in search of the biggest, hardest cocks that the Czech Republic has to offer. From inside the ambulance to behind the curtains of the trauma room, these angels go beyond the call of duty to ensure that every one of their patients is totally satisfied – not to mention drained of every drop of hot spunk! Direct Download

Staxus – Bare Ravers (Vlado Iresch, Staxus – Bare)

Year: 2010 Categories: Europeans, Czechs, Twinks/Young Meat, Barebacking, Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Facial Cumshots, Oral Cumshots, Cum Eating, Kissing, Live Sound, Subtitles, Tattoos, Piercings, 69, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Shaved Pubes, Group Sex Starring: Carter Hides, Christopher Kidd, Daniel Wood, Falco White, Ian Samson, Jacob Bishop, Julian Tomlison, Julien Heath, Neil Cross, Roney Clark, Sam Brooks, Thomas Dyk Director: Vlado Iresch Julien Heath leads an all-star cast — including Sam Brookes, Neil Cross and the legendary Thomas Dyk — whose love of kick-boxing is eclipsed only by their love of hard cock! Think “Fight Club” (without Brad Pitt, alas!) but with the added top-notch bonus of juicy, uncut bones fucking scores of eager, red-raw asses and spraying copious quantities of jizz over cute, doe-eyed faces! Direct Download

Staxus – Raw Scouts (HD) 2012 Asian Brutti, Marko Gatto, Julien Heath

Release Year: 2012 Studio: RAW Films, Staxus Cast: Asian Brutti, Marko Gatto, Julien Heath, Chris Hoyt, Louis Lamande, Andy Nash, Roy Reins, Jimmy Snyder, Sergey Vorobev, Marco Will Genres: Twinks, Uniform, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Masturbate, Big Cocks, Uncut Cocks It’s off to the country for ten of the horniest, filthy-minded pups that you can ever imagine, all donning their legion’s uniform for a weekend of mindless cock-sucking and ass-pounding! Not that their uniforms stay on for long. Minutes after arriving the young beauties are stripping down for session after session of the hottest twink action you’re ever likely to see. From the shy and inexperienced to those who just live for cock, these lads will have you spurting time and time again in their quest for a badge in cock-sucking and bareback sex! Direct Download

Staxus – Hairless-Arsed Beaut Gets Double-Fucked & Splattered With Jizz! – Adam Webb, Bjorn Nykvist & Vitali Kutcher

Donkey-dicked new boy, Adam Webb, is definitely keen – especially when he wakes up one morning and discovers that he and his mate, Vitali Kutcher, have overslept. Unfortunately – or fortunately, whichever way you look at it! – there’s simply no way that he’s going to get his mate out of bed in a hurry; especially when Kutcher realises that Webb is hung like a horse and as horny as hell! In just a few moments the hot little bitch’s mouth is hanging off Webb’s ramrod like his life depended on it; leaving the kinky bastard so turned on that he’s quickly allowing Webb to shove sex-beads up his tight arse-hole. All of which sets the scene nicely for the ensuing threesome the next day, when Kutcher and Bjorn Nykvist discover Webb fast asleep in his bunk and decide to compare his oversized flagpole with their own handsome shafts. Unsurprisingly, of course, it doesn’t take long for Webb to wake up – at which point Kutcher soon becomes the focal point of all the action, with his buddies thrust..

Staxus – Connor Rex & Martin Rivers

Rookie Dives Straight In With A Flip-Flop Suck-&-Fuck-A-Thon! We already know that Martin Rivers isn’t the kind of young lad to waste time when he encounters some handsome little slut, but it seems he’s encountered a soulmate in new boy, Connor Rex. Indeed, neither of these buddies hang about when it comes to the task of slobbering off each other’s dicks – geez, the action has only just started and they’re taking it in turns to feast on all the hard flesh on offer. And who the fuck can blame them, of course? Both buddies are as cute as the day is long, and both have definitely been blessed by mother nature in the cock stakes! Given the fast-paced nature of proceedings, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that Rivers – as the more experienced of the pairing – is quickly pushing for a little progression in the antics, parting Rex’s legs apart and getting his tongue firmly embedded in the lad’s tight virgin arse. Of course, you don’t need to be Einstein to realise that what he really want..

Staxus – Getting in the mood for summer – Jason Nicos, Alex Stevens And Johan Volny


Johan Volny and Alex Stevens are head over heels in love. So much so, in fact, that they only have eyes for each other and clearly want to spend every single living moment together. To be fair, however, this doesn’t mean that they’re not able to appreciate the appeal of another young man - a point that becomes very...

Staxus – Classy Servants Play Hooky To Enjoy A Wave Of Hot Piss & Cum! – Frank Arias & Mike Cole


When you’re filthy stinking rich, it pretty much goes without saying that you can afford to employ a servant - or (as in this case) two! But when the boss is away you can sure as fuck bet that the underlings will play; and it doesn’t take very long for Frank Arias and Mike Cole to take full advantage...

Staxus – Chad Johnstone plunges his bareback cock into Mike Cole!


University life isn’t all about drinking, socialising and having sex. If adopted in a serious way it presents a young person with fabulous opportunities in return for a period of really hard work – and clearly Chad Johnstone is determined to be as studious as possible, given the fact that he’s reading text books in bed rather than just...

Staxus – Fight Night, Sc.2 – Vitali Kutcher And Pyotr Valentine


Vitali Kutcher is an angry young man – or at least that’s definitely the case at the start of this boxing-inspired escapade with new boy, Pyotr Valentine. Not that Valentine has done anything to offend. No, Kutcher’s fury is directed at the unnamed buddy who’s gone and fucked his boyfriend behind his back; resulting in a splendid display of...

Staxus – Double Me – Jaro Stone, Lucas Drake & Rob Nielsen


Jaro Stone and Rob Nielsen share Lucas Drake in a twink DP Okay, okay, so the choice of a pink unicorn onesie is almost certainly a fashion disaster; but when it comes to dreaming up two horny buddies to give him the spit-roasting of his life, young Lucas Drake couldn’t choose better than Jaro Stone and Rob Nielsen. One, after...

Staxus – Thomas Dyk, Thomas Wolf, Scott Williams


Let's be perfectly honest, any scene that involves Thomas Dyk frolicking naked in the sunshine with some equally horny and handsome Czech buddies is almost certain to be a hit right from the off. Include the additional factor of being able to watch those beauties as they toil away in a lumberyard and the whole fucking scenario becomes almost...

Staxus – Vitali Kutcher And Will Banks


Delirious College Boy Gets An Sticky Arse-Load Of Cock & Cum! Vitali Kutcher has been studying just that little bit too hard, it seems. With his head in a book, he drifts into what can only be described as some hideous, surrealistic nightmare; before being rescued from his subconscious terrors by none other than Will Banks, who immediately comforts the...

Staxus – College Cock – Bjorn Nykvist & Mike Cole


Horny Twink Hits The Glass Ceiling With His Flip-Flopping Buddy! Pity young Mike Cole. He really is trying his damn hardest to study, but all to no avail. Fact is there’s just too many distractions to keep his head in his book - as opposed to his hand in his pants! - not least of all the African statuette with...

Staxus – Fight Night, Sc.3 – Desperate Twink Gets His Mark Thanks To A Boxer’s Meaty Pole!


Desperate Twink Gets His Mark Thanks To A Boxer’s Meaty Pole! With his athletic physique and fine, toned muscles, young Rob Nielsen makes for the perfect boxer. What’s more, there’s a distinct air of arrogance about him in this scene that only adds to the persona of sporting prowess; and whilst his apparent contempt for Martin Rivers’ interruption at the...

Staxus – One Erection (HD) 2017 Ennio Guardi, Dick Casey, Connor Levi, Benjamin Dunn


Stars: Ennio Guardi, Dick Casey, Connor Levi, Benjamin Dunn, Adam Brooke, Chris Hollander, Tom Crua Fresh-faced and looking for fun, the lads of music’s latest global boy-band phenomena are all set to hit the big time in this year’s most eagerly-awaited release. Okay, so their singing and dancing may be ropey, but in this industry - where image is all...

Staxus – One Erection 2 (HD) 2017 Tim Law, Kevin Ateah, Connor Levi, Kris Wallace


Stars: Tim Law, Kevin Ateah, Connor Levi, Kris Wallace, Benjamin Dunn, Boris Orla, Milo Milis, Dexter, Ariel Varga Having climaxed at the top of the charts, the big question for these boys is how to stay there. Fortunately for this group of handsome beauties it’s not so much being pitch perfect that matters as being horned up and ready...

Staxus – Outdoor gay threesome sex with Kamil Fox, Gery Rake and Fan Marco


Let’s face it, Johan Volny’s brain really is like the proverbial sewer - as he sits in the sun reminiscing about all the hot, horny guys he’s known. On this occasion it’s a stunning outdoor romp between Kamil Fox and Gery Rake that captures his imagination; but it seems he’s not the only one spying in on the action....

Staxus – Horny Mate Calls On His Blond Buddy For A Summertime Fuck! – Seb Priestley And Bjorn Nkyvist


It’s time for another of our special, one-off vids again - this time featuring Seb Priestley (playing Aiden) and Bjorn Nkyvist (Justin), who clearly have a bit of a problem controlling their primeval urges when they discover themselves alone at Nykvist’s parents’ house in the country. Of course, the fact that it’s so roasting hot probably doesn’t help matters...

Staxus Classic – Sleazy Riders – Scene 3 – Kamil Fox, Fred Corba, Johan Volny


Kamil Fox, Fred Corba and the legendary Johan Volny make for a tremendous threesome out on the road on their bikes – a trio of veritable adrenalin junkies, who eagerly don their leathers and burn rubber like today’s gonna be their very last day on earth. But the quest for speed isn’t their only love, as soon becomes apparent...

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