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Staxus – Orgy Scen – A massive gay football orgy with so much cock to enjoy!


World Soccer Orgy 2: Scene 2 Will Jamieson, Kamil Fox, Brice Farmer, David Darge, Tom Arnott, Bud Fraser, Ronnie Badell, Claudio Bell, Joe Kean, Jak Williams, Johan Volny, Michael Shade, Max Fonda, Romek Byrne, Mr. Rush We begin as fifteen beautiful fresh people have collected together within their numerous package using the sexy shooter coming just-in-time to determine the beginning of...

Staxus – Jamie Allen, Manuel Adams


While you’re in virtually any type of intimate connection with somebody, it’s usually great to possess synchronised wishes – in the end, it’s no use one-party being sexy when all another one really wants to do is fall asleep (and viceversa). That will be precisely the issue when Adams discovers herself attentive and prepared for motion although his greatest...

Staxus – World Soccer Orgy 2 – Kamil Fox & Brice Farmer


Brice Participant & Kamil Monk reel off their Soccer kid deals and acquire to work the football concept is hit concerning by catastrophe when Kamil Monk ratings an own goal, making the man that is small struggling. Clearly not only someone to refuse a-team-partner that's additional in his period of need, nonetheless, sprang- a turn to console the person is...

Staxus – Bareback Fuck Date, Sc.3 – Mark Flynn, Milan Silver


The dating-display parody proceeds, with fresh contestant Milan Gold quickly launched from the previously-charming Titus Ideal for another round of hardcore. Not that there’s actually any wish of love with this particular dirty-oriented cows-market; with Gold choosing his day (Mark Flynn) thanks to an easy line up of cocks. And for another space to savor only a little solitude...

Staxus – Dirty Fuckers – Fucking Pissed Off (HD)


Actor: Alessandro Katz Director: John Smith Language: English Studio: Dirty Fuckers The kids from STAXUS wish to cum out whenever we let you know that they’re within the feeling for anything crazy and moist and perform; and think us! Certainly, vanilla appears oh-so dull for this couple of horned-up beauties lads who piss over one another like wildlife and merely can’t delay to...

Staxus Classic – Bareback Cock Riders – Scene 4 – Jeffrey Radden, Zack Hood And Alan Capier


Small Alan Capier has some severe day timber to deal with, which by itself is just a handle that was proper royal. Obviously, you don’t have to be even or a specialist a of homosexual adult where this adventure is headed to comprehend. Capier is positioned between two of the toughest, the twink “gazelle”, horniest “lions” of their own...

Staxus – Thickest meatiest uncut cocks – Jeff Wills, Mathew Ross And Alan Capier


He may not need the sweetest experience, but fireman Jeff Wills features among the thickest, meatiest uncut cocks you’re actually gonna notice on movie – a well known fact that doesn’t go unseen by small Mathew Ross, who measures in to the crew’s changing space to find out Wills half-fitted and offering a very wonderful semi! Suffice it to...

Staxus Classic – World Soccer Orgy – Scene 6


World Soccer Orgy: Tim Taillor, Will Jamieson, Thomas Dyk, Collin Richardson, Johan Volny, Alan Capier, Patrik Dorsy Let’s be perfectly frank about it, a scene that featured four of the hottest guys of their time – Will Jamieson, Thomas Dyk, Johan Volny and Alan Capier – would surely prove satisfaction in itself for anyone. But as it turns out, the...

Staxus – World Soccer Orgy – David Darge, Goran Drago, Johny Hunter


The French have always had a penchant for champagne - they invented the stuff, after all! - but what most of us probably didn’t realise before this kinky little scene is that they have something of an appetite for sex at the back of a coach. Indeed, David Darge and Johny Hunter can’t even wait for the vehicle to...

Staxus – The Spanish Are Coming (HD)


Actor: David Sky, Xavier Sibley, Jace Reed, Alex Santana, Paul Walker, Ruben Bart, Noah Matous, Josh Milk, Ray Mannix, Xavi Duran, Pyotr Tomek, CHristian Martin, Tyler Dee, Timmy Treasure, Erik Franke, Xander Rex, Andrea Suarez, Johny Cruz, Ivan Thundero, Daniel Prince, Mike Cole, Max Bishop, Alejandro Alvarez, Edward Fox, Pedro Ribeiro, Orlando White Director: John Smith, Michael Burling 2DVD Set!!! They...

Staxus – Rich Bitch, Sc.1 – Chris Jansen, David Sky, Mike Cole


Chris Jansen takes on two hard raw dicks in a twink DP fuck threesome! Chris Jansen and David Sky are a couple of well-heeled buddies with a taste for the good life - which explains why they’ve got a gorgeous butler to help assist them at meal-times, in the form of the ever-delicious Mike Cole. What’s more, their good fortune...

Staxus – Jaro Stone & Martin Rivers – Cuddle Up 2, Sc. 1


Admittedly, there probably isn’t a gay guy alive who wouldn’t get excited at the sight of Jaro Stone’s butt on display, so we’re quite sure that most of us will be in total sympathy with young Martin Rivers when he finds himself totally unable to resist the fellow at the start of this horny little escapade. Whether so many...

Staxus – Give Me Wood (Full HD)


If you go down to the woods today, as the song says, you’re sure of a big surprise. In this particular instance, however, it ain’t so much a teddy bear’s picnic that you’ll encounter as a spunk-crazed collection of the hottest, horniest twinks ever assembled! Titus Snow leads the fray, aided and abetted by fellow cock-whore, Lucas Drake; plus...

Staxus – Twinks Get Stoned (HD)


Some of the best-ever STAXUS scenes compiled on DVD!* Out of all the boys who have appeared in front of the STAXUS cameras, there’s one horny, young fucker who’s always top of the listings – with fellow stars and fans alike! Jaro Stone – smooth, sexy, well-hung and always, always up for fun with lads of a similar disposition....

StaxusClassic – World Soccer Orgy – Scene 4 – Sebastian Stone, Cameron Jackson


Hard work reaps its own reward – something the forever-fabulous Cameron Jackson discovers when he discovers that all the effort that he’s put into chasing horny footballers up and down the land so that he can snap their more intimate moments has finally gained fruition in the form of a big, fat paycheque. Never one to allow sex to...

Staxus – Bjorn Nykvist, Luke Volta


Bjorn Nykvist and Luke Volta wanted to do a one-off, no-strings-attached performance for STAXUS – something of a novelty for us as a studio, but an idea that we were keen to investigate when the boys initially approached us. As a result, we headed off to the local sauna, where Volta made his way to the hot room; whilst...

Staxus – Give Me Wood – Martin Rivers & Titus Snow BAREBACK


He who seeks, finds – that’s the motto of this splendidly horny scene, when the ever-adorable Titus Snow finally makes all his torturous wandering in the woods worthwhile by encountering the equally desirable Martin Rivers. A rendezvous that quickly results in both lads heading off to Snow’s nearby apartment so that the two fellows can get to know each...

Staxus – Kneel & Pray, Sc.4 – Angel Lopez, Filip Bethsaida


For Filip Bethsaida, resistance is useless – especially when confronted with the divine temptation of Angel Lopez. Of course, that’s an extremely understandable predicament given just how fucking gorgeous the young Spaniard is; and it will come as no surprise to anyone that the older priest now finally gives in to all his temptations so that he can enjoy...

Staxus – Kneel And Pray (Full HD)


Actor: Julian Fox, Lucas Drake, Angel Lopez, Johnathan Strake, Mike Branco, Filip Bethsaida Director: John Smith Language: English Studio: Sauvage Country: Czech Republic They should be spending their time in prayerful contemplation, but to be honest this collection of horned-up priests really couldn’t give a fuck about the more spiritual aspect of life. Instead it’s carnality all the way – as Father Filip Bethsaida...

Staxus – Give Me Wood, Sc.2 – Alex Goldwin & Milan Silver get a little wet and sticky


Titus Snow continues to stroll through the woods, eyeing the antics of his horny neighbours – in this instance, Alex Goldwin and Milan Silver, who (according to Snow) have a taste for water-sports. Needless to say, we’re not talking about swimming or water-polo – although admittedly their antics do begin harmlessly enough, with the two handsome buddies cavorting around...

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