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Staxus – Jack Ganley giving hung twink boy Alessandro Katz a great raw fucking


With snow on the ground and the skiing season at its height, Alessandro Katz savours the simple pleasures of the season – which include, not unnaturally, keeping warm with the help of his boyfriend, Jack Ganley. Suffice it to say that maintaining body temperature in this instance doesn’t necessarily have to include wearing suitable clothing. In fact, what clothes...

Staxus – Rich Bitch (Full HD) – 2017 Chris Jansen, Mike Cole, Frank Arias


Where cash is merely no item envision a global. A lifestyle of pure, incomparable decadence need of money that is ready. Welcome towards the jewelry membership ­'s fortunate lifestyle offering people like Brian Atmosphere and Jansen, who are able to very actually manage whoever they need, each time they want them. It confident as fuck creates a much better...

StaxusClassic – Sleazy Riders – Scene 1 – Thomas Dyk, Nicolas Santos And Mike Radden


The sun is shining, the skies are blue – and Nicolas Santos and Mike Radden are a couple of happy tourists enjoying the beautiful countryside around them and the fantastic weather. Finding a delightfully isolated spot along the river, they decide to engage in a bit of skinny-dipping – abandoning their clothes on the grass and jumping into the...

Staxus – Fight Night, Sc.1 – Boxing Buddy Proves His Worth As Hard Man For Cock-Lovin’ Pal! – Jack Ganley, Vitali Kutcher


Fighters are “real” males, as everybody knows, therefore it must possibly come to anyone who would be reward champ Port Ganley hasn't so muchas kissed another man in his existence as small shock. Nevertheless, to getting his buddy performing precisely that he appears to consider exemption. Can it's that there’s anything of the jealous thinking to his doubt? Obviously...

Staxus Classic – Bareback Road Trip – Scene 6 – Frodo Kaspy, Lubor Turek And Gery Rake


Wherever you reside on the planet, law enforcement could have anything of the status for large- it appears that Czechia isn't any exemption for this guideline also handedness –. As young Kaspy finds when faced with a set of significantly overzealous traffic police within the form of Rake and Turek. Pulled from his automobile and praised along from the...

Staxus – Monster Cock Island 2 – 2014 Devon LeBron, David Hanson, Mike James


Let’s experience it men, only one visit to Monster Dick Area was never gonna be sufficient – specifically for our followers that are sexy! But don’t despair Usually keen and prepared to please, we’ve delivered a brand new order of white-meat (Paul Adam and Jesse Hansonuded) towards the department of the thousand horse-put desires the end result, obviously, is...

Staxus – Monster Cock Island – 2014 Devon LeBron, David Hanson, Felipe Eszuivel


It’s a place like no other – a Caribbean island where the only people who exist are handsome, horny hunks who are hung like donkeys to a man! Sadly, your everyday high-street tour-operator won’t be able to get you there; but if the thought of a bevy of monster-hung dudes hanging out together gets your juices running then this...

Staxus, Abused – Sauna Diaries – 2013 Andreas Ramirez, Daniel Prince


What's better following a soothing that is good trip to the sweat than some intercourse? What's that than even better? Intercourse within the sweat! It gets within the Staxus Sweat when warm and clean twinks occur within the throw to get a fuck that is great! Starring: Andreas Ramirez, Daniel Prince, Dany Watson, David Hanson, Kurt Maddox, Kyle Dickson, Launda...

Staxus – College Cock, Sc.1: Dirty Little Bath-Time Buddies Get Coated In Oodles Of Spunk! – Alessandro Katz, Bjorn Nykvist


Alessandro Katz discovers the hazards possibly that needs to be the advantages or –? – of attempting to research although going for a piss within this set-piece that is fantastic, which views the previously- common Bjorn Nykvist appealing the lad when Katz makes a little of the clutter of the toilet consequently to have a shower. It’s not rocket...

Staxus – SauVage – Massage Me (Full HD) – 2017 Milan Sharp, Bjorn Nykvist, Martin Rivers


Cast: Milan Sharp, Bjorn Nykvist, Martin Rivers, Jaro Stone, Noah Matous There’s nothing really such as a heavy handed massage to work all of the concerns of your day out - but occasionally his masseur togo that additional distance to provide him excellent fulfillment is needed by a child. In the end, a neck or back rubdown may be enjoyable...

Staxus – Massage Me, Sc.3 – Mega-Slut Matous Gets His Hole Massaged By A Hot, Hung Beaut! – Bjorn Nykvist, Noah Matous


Bjorn Nykvist literally can’t keep his eyes off the handsome bulge in his buddy’s pants – and no fuckin’ wonder! Noah Matous looks every inch the generic slut, laid out in all his sexual splendour; and it’s with a suggestive squeeze of the lad’s crotch that Nykvist soon gets this glorious coupling up and running. Not that a cock-fiend...

Staxus – Bareback Road Trip – Orgy Scene 5 – Kent Roth, David Dave, Johny Hunter, Denis Reed


It’s something of a sad fact that any classic scene that features the late Denis Reed will always be overshadowed by his untimely demise. That said, watching him in action again always gives us opportunity to acknowledge just what a solid little fucker he was in his prime - a fact that’s underlined once again here, when he plays...

Staxus – Dads ‘N Lads – John Smith – Do Me Daddy (Full HD) – Bjorn Nykvist, Filip Bethsaida, Lucas Drake


Actor: Bjorn Nykvist, Filip Bethsaida, Lucas Drake, Charlie Volume, Rob Nielsen, Joshua Levy, Martin Rivers Director:John Smith Language:English Studio: Dads 'N Lads, Staxus Country: Czech Republic   Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links  

Staxus – Abused – KinkyFuckers 3 – Aaron Aurora, Mike Cage, Chris Young, Milan Sharp


Actor: Drake Law, Neo Matthews, Skylar Blu, Jaxon Radoc, Xander Hollis, Connor Levi, Sam Kirby, Kamyk Walker, Aaron Aurora, Mike Cage, Chris Young, Milan Sharp Director:John Smith, Michael Burling, Joe Budai Language:Czech Studio: Abused Country:Czech Republic If you like your intercourse about the vanilla aspect, then goodforyou. If, about the other-hand, you appreciate motion within the room beyond and –! – that's a bit...

Staxus – Sex Scene – Do Me Daddy, Sc.4 – Joshua Levy & Martin Rivers


He claims to have come to the office to inspect the electricity sockets; but given the fact that he’s wearing a sleeveless vest and gives only a half-hearted check of the equipment in the office, you’d be forgiven for making the assumption that Joshua Levy’s intentions are somewhat more carnal than he’d have you believe. Especially when he decides...

Staxus Classic – Bareback Street Gang – Scene 5 – Sanches Viva, Billy Dexter, Tommi Rogers & Collin Richardson


It’s virtually difficult to refuse the truth that Sanches Viva, sexy black guy, is extremely much this picture –'s celebrity certainly, if you’re a lover of dark penis you then actually are set for a goody out of this classic that is inventive. Not that Viva’s schlong that is outsized makes an appearance within the opening moments. Actually, you’d...

Staxus and Bareback Monster Cocks – Donkey Dicks (SD) 2013 – Kris Wallace, Yuri Adamov, Benjamin Dunn


Some folks are satisfied with average or mediocre – but that’s not a criticism that can be levelled against these oversized bastards! Indeed, if you’re anything like us and you like your guys to be packing those extraes where it counts then you’ve definitely come to the right place Jace Reed, Ryan Olsen and Kris Wallace are just some...

Staxus and Bareback Monster Cocks – Donkey Dicks 2 (SD) 2013 – Dick Casey, Jace Reed, Tim Walker


Starring: Dick Casey, Jace Reed, Tim Walker, Robbie Kasl, Ryan Olsen, Jason Mike Boris Orla, Alex Master, Drew Paskin, Kris Wallace, Brad Fitt, Adam Brooke, Chris Hollander Categories: Young, Twinks, Big Dicks, Kisses, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Bareback, Cum Released: 2013 Studio: Staxus and Bareback Monster Cocks One outing of these monster dicks just wasn’t enough – but what the fuck did you expect?...

Staxus – Bareback Scene – Snow Blind, Sc.3 – Jack Ganley And Noah Matous


The previously- Noah Matous has created a buddy that is brand new within Port Ganley – the type of fine guy and, obviously, he very actually can’t maintain his hands-off him. Whether he’s accompanying him within the bath or frolicking within the ideal outside with him, Matous is very literally hooked. With no fucking question! The spectacular beginner is...

Staxus Classic – Bareback Road Trip – Scene 4 – Elliot Gass, Carey Lexes


Provided the proven fact that he’s man, it come to anyone who – having discovered the chance to become by himself – as any wonderful shock and also his era Elliot Gass is having a wank. It’s what men do provided the opportunity to simply half, in the end! Nevertheless, rider-child Carey Lexes nevertheless appears a bit astonished when...

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