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TheGuySite – Daniel Gets Fucked – Daniel, Jaxton Wheeler


This is the one you've been waiting for. Jaxton fucks Daniel and it's a hot one. His big dick was a bit of a stretch, pun inteneded, for Daniel who takes it like a champ. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

The Guy Site – TGS238 – It’s All Relative Pt 1 – Erik


Perhaps it's because they are half brothers, but, I don't see a resemblance between Erik and Jim. Still, he's such a cutie that I couldn't wait to get him in front of my camera. He's 19, into gymnastics, and, putting himself through college. Apparently, he hasn't been too adventurous sexually so far. In an effort to get a good...

The Guy Site – TGS241 – It’s All Relative Pt 2 – Jim and Erik


Jim is back this week and buck naked right along side his brother Eric. The two say they are usually not nervous about being nude around each other, however, making this movie was a different situation. Perhaps it was the nudity combined with having to get hard and ejaculate standing next to each other. This was done the same...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Shredded – Luke


Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Double Shot of Cream – Joe 3


Joe is just a normal daily kind of man except he is got a large cock and good low-hanging nutsack to back up it. after smashing his fan he is able to additionally cum again right. Altogether, he arrived 3 times while recording but onetime was off and little camera. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Welcome Back – Ronnie J.


it has been some time but say hi again to Ronnie T. He's banged Marcelo together with his large cock before in The Man Website and completed a solo. Observe every-inch of the fuzzy muscle piece in his film that is latest and drop in-love once again.   Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links  

TheGuySite – Sorlo Scene – Nervous in the Service 2 – Aaron Bruiser


Ryan played monitor and soccer in Senior School but was fairly timid revealing his body and getting bare. I actually needed to abandon the area for him to become comfortable to cum. He spurted some good steamy jizz fairly quickly once I quit. Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Aston, Bruiser, Marcello, Mario, Jackson TGS


That one is very a dream. What might an event with 5 men, 000 lbs of meat in most, more than 1, with all of these buck bare the entire period end up like? Well, everybody includes a good-time. There’s beerpong, tornado, and, it completes having a pleasant bath and a circlejerk to wash up. This is actually the first-half...

TheGuySite – Mike Buffalari & Xavier – Double Muscle


This really is Xavieris first efficiency with another guy inside it. He is still not prepared to have intercourse with another guy as of this moment. Viewing him swing his penis side with Paul Buffalariis warm ripped body by side may be the next thing that is best. Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Chad & Ace


Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Sex Scene – Chance & Zach


Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Frank DeFeo


No launch is truly needed by that one but I Will try anyhow. Joe "The Container" DeFeo may be of bodybuilding contests, the celebrity along with a heap of love and journal book addresses and of course adult shows. I came across him to become extremely personable. He speaks a great deal in his film equally in a method...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS312_001 – Hard and Furry Assets Jordan


Jordan was during recording quiet. If he was totally O.K I had beennot sure. Using the experience. I am informed that is virtually his approach. He truly does not have something to become of concerning his body embarrassed He is got a ripped body along with an extremely fine face. My personal favorite function: his fuzzy butt cheeks that are...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS 304 – Benny G.


Benny is ex-military and he is no stranger to using around worked his butt, even though he's directly. Actually, all he had a need to do for this film was idiot his penis. He is got a wonderful bubble butt along with a physical body. The printer on his left-arm is just a Philadelphia factor displaying his neighborhood pride. View...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – TGS295_001 – Mike Gallagher


Standing six-feet ten inches, Paul is just a guy that is really high. He desired to create some cash to help you observe him below rubbing his penis before joining the military until he spews heavy rules of cum. Fascinating truth: small ladies are preferred by him Download full video from:

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