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TheGuySite – Aston, Bruiser, Marcello, Mario, Jackson TGS


That one is very a dream. What might an event with 5 men, 000 lbs of meat in most, more than 1, with all of these buck bare the entire period end up like? Well, everybody includes a good-time. There’s beerpong, tornado, and, it completes having a pleasant bath and a circlejerk to wash up. This is actually the first-half...

TheGuySite – Mike Buffalari & Xavier – Double Muscle


This really is Xavieris first efficiency with another guy inside it. He is still not prepared to have intercourse with another guy as of this moment. Viewing him swing his penis side with Paul Buffalariis warm ripped body by side may be the next thing that is best. Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Chad & Ace


Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Sex Scene – Chance & Zach


Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Frank DeFeo


No launch is truly needed by that one but I Will try anyhow. Joe "The Container" DeFeo may be of bodybuilding contests, the celebrity along with a heap of love and journal book addresses and of course adult shows. I came across him to become extremely personable. He speaks a great deal in his film equally in a method...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS312_001 – Hard and Furry Assets Jordan


Jordan was during recording quiet. If he was totally O.K I had beennot sure. Using the experience. I am informed that is virtually his approach. He truly does not have something to become of concerning his body embarrassed He is got a ripped body along with an extremely fine face. My personal favorite function: his fuzzy butt cheeks that are...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS 304 – Benny G.


Benny is ex-military and he is no stranger to using around worked his butt, even though he's directly. Actually, all he had a need to do for this film was idiot his penis. He is got a wonderful bubble butt along with a physical body. The printer on his left-arm is just a Philadelphia factor displaying his neighborhood pride. View...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – TGS295_001 – Mike Gallagher


Standing six-feet ten inches, Paul is just a guy that is really high. He desired to create some cash to help you observe him below rubbing his penis before joining the military until he spews heavy rules of cum. Fascinating truth: small ladies are preferred by him Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Johnny Parker


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TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Bruiser – Lake Day


I then found out from Aston about Bruiser. He named to I would like to understand his nearby neighbor desired to give it a try for herself and understood about his. And so I created a unique journey I really couldnot wait to obtain him bare. There is a river near where he lives and so I got the...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Jackson Gunn – Big Ex-Marine


Jackson Gunn is a competitive body builder. When this movie was made, he was in off season mode building his body up before dieting down for definition. Watch this huge ex marine work up his big ol' dick for your viewing pleasure. Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Mike Buffalari – Life of the Party


Mike Buffalari is friendly and outgoing. He's also got the sexy swagger of a Brooklyn Italian. What you'll appreciate most here is his rock hard ripped body as he beats his meat. Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – John – Officer Hot Body


One of most common men on TheGuySite this season and the best is Bob. He is back this week as your dream officer. He did note before he does occasionally have intercourse with other males though he's directly. Sadly he is still not prepared to get it done on-camera. keep your fingers crossed. Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Jason – Cute Guy Next Door


For those of you longing for more of a cute guy next door look, here's Jason. He's got a nice hairy body and he seemed to be one of the more nervous ones during his movie. For a while, I wondered if he would be able to cum but he stroked his dick till till he gave a cum shot...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Chace Lachance


Download full video from:

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS317 – Robbie – Check Out His Booty


Robbie has a lot going for him. He's got a nicely muscled hairy body and Italian good looks among his assets. The best by far though has to be his big round bubble butt. He's very comfortable naked and has an interesting technique for masturbating. You'll see him slowly massage his dick until he can't help but deliver a...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS 108 – Johnny Rocket – Rocket Man


Here's a first for the site, a pierced taint. I can just imagine what position he must have been in when he got that done. Getting pierced there is something I really wouldn't have thought to do. From the way he plays with it while jerking off though, there must be some added benefit. His phone rang while we were...

TheGuySite – Solo Scene – Mitchell – Thank You Mr. X


Mitchell is a 6'2" 220 pound boxer who makes ends meet by stripping. Watch him box buck naked before he gets down to jerking his dick for your pleasure and his. He's exactly the big butch type of man that I love so much. He was told about the TheGuySite by a patron at the strip club where he works....

TheGuySite – Solo Scene TGS375 – Jack – Smart and Beautiful


Jack is a blond, blue eyed hunk who isn’t afraid to let his body hair grow. On the other hand, he was a little nervous getting buck naked and letting it all hang out for the cameras. For a while, he wasn’t quite sure he’d be able to get off. Rest assured, he ends up delivering a fountain of cum....

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