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TimTales – Damien Crosse 3some – Damien Crosse, Devon Lebron, Koldo


For Easter we got you quite a dirty treat! The ultimate taker Damien Crosse gets fucked hard and raw by Timtales Exclusives Devon Lebron and Koldo Goran. It's so hot it's hard to watch! Damien first worships the hell out of these two massive cocks. He's gasping for air, chocking on more cock. Then, Damien gets all of his...

TimTales – Tim fucks Fabio Toba


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TimTales – Tim & Jonathan Miranda


Our sexy architecture student Jonathan Miranda climbs Tim's massive tower. Jonathan was looking forward to ride that famous cock. Literally fucked at new heights Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

TimTales – Ridder Rivera barebacks Ian Torres


You're in for an animalistic bareback breeding session this Friday! Timtales Exclusive, the muscle god Ridder Rivera conquers Ian Torres' raw hole. “You're mine, right?” he kept saying to Ian. Ridder fucked him upside down, inside out. Soon, both were sweating like hell. Ridder ends this crazy ride with a cumshot deep inside Ian's greedy hole. Go through the...

TimTales – Tim Kruger and Peter Connor


Tim baptises a sexy newcomer from Dominican Republic. Peter Connor has a beautiful fuckable ass eager to take Tim’s massive cock. He has this muscular small frame perfect to dominate and fuck down the way Tim likes. It’s his first scene and he already wants more. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

TimTales – Vadim Romanov barebacks Ian Torres


Ian Torres is bred to perfection by our Russian raw fucker. Vadim Romanov takes Ian Torres’ bare hole for hours. I had to cut it down since there was so much fucking. Ian’s hole wanted more and more. The kinda greed Vadim’s massive cock needed! Don’t miss the perfect cumshot at the right place, deep inside Ian’s bottomless hole. Streaming...

TimTales – Tim And Skyy Knox


We had the chance to work with Canadian actor Skyy Knox in Barcelona. This guy is beautiful! Muscular all around, with a strong ass that can take ANY cock size… So we offered him Timtales holy trinity, starting with Tim Kruger of course. As you can expect, Tim opens that hole like an expert. A wide bottomless hole opened...

TimTales – Rodolfo and Patryk Jankowski


Timtales Exclusive the Uruguayan massive cock Rodolfo takes on Patryk Jankowski’s hairy hole. Bareback sweaty action and deep seeding to start your week on the bright side Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

TimTales – Jonathan Miranda barebacks Dano Guerre


Timtales Exclusives Jonathan Miranda and Dano Guerre are fucking to the roof! These two are so into each other it’s ridiculous. And to be honest, we didn’t even plan this scene. We were between shoots and it turned out that Jonathan and Dano felt “inspired”. And it’s quite the inspiration in passion! Jonathan’s curved raw cock reaches all the...

TimTales – Devon Lebron barebacks Caleb King


Timtales Exclusive Devon Lebron digs new raw limits in Caleb King. Our favourite muscular Canadian beast worships that massive black cock like no one. Watch him ride that rough dominican meat and take that load in his mouth. A huge muscular ass for a humongous cock. The way we like it Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to...

TimTales – Sex Scene – Tim fucks Peter Connor – Tim Kruger, Peter Connor


Ricky baptises a beginner that is sexy . Chris Connor includes a stunning fuckable butt wanting to consider Tim’s huge penis. He's this carved little body ideal to master and fuck the way in which Harry enjoys along. It’s his picture and he currently needs more. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

TimTales – Bareback Scene – Rodolfo, Patryk Jankowski


Timtales Unique the Uruguayan huge penis Rodolfo assumes Patryk pit. Bareback heavy seeding and exhausted motion to begin your week about the area that is bright Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

TimTales – Sex Scene – Caio Veyron and Gabriel Vanderloo


Your new Celebrity Caio Veyron is back which period he's utilizing his beast beef that is brazilian . Both had an excellent chemistry, they went to real fucking from excited kissing. Gabriel needed to quit Caio occasionally since his penis is really difficult and thus large, however in the finish he arrived twice as he was being fucked by the...

TimTales – Santiago bareback 3some – Santiago, Devon Lebron & Fostter Riviera


When is too much cock too much? Well, I guess you could ask Santiago. He takes two massive raw cocks at once in this threesome scene. Timtales Exclusives Devon Lebron and Fostter Riviera are breeding that poor hole to its limit. They give every raw inches of their thick fuckmeat to Santiago. What a real trooper! Watch out for...

TimTales – Sex Scene – Koldo Goran barebacks Antonio Miracle


A classic for you. Massive thick cock Koldo Goran raw fucks his old time friend Antonio Miracle. Lots of cock for Antonio’s experienced hole. And don’t miss a perfect cumshot from Koldo, deep in Antonio, bred to perfection!   Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links  

TimTales – Sex Scene – Tim Kruger & Josh Moore


Tim had the chance to meet his blond brother (practically), the handsome Josh Moore. Josh almost got bullied out of the porn industry recently and at Timtales, we don't discriminate. Tim wanted to show Josh the German hospitality. And I guess he felt it very deeply! With almond shape blue eyes, a pink hole and a big cock, Tim...

TimTales – Ridder Rivera Barebacks Dano – Ridder Rivera, Dano Guerre


The Muscle Lord, Timtales’ latest Unique Rivera natural fucks the Dano Guerre that is endless. I really could hardly focus throughout that blast. I am talking about, perhaps you have observed that body? It’s a pile of muscle. Havana. And fortunate for all of US, Ridder Rivera is just a natural fucker who enjoys ruling openings. Towards the selfish...

TimTales – Sex Scene – Caio Fucks Jonathan – Caio Veyron, Jonathan Miranda


Timtales is currently enjoying Carnival this weekend . Jonathan Miranda and Timtales Exclusives Caio Veyron really are a great match. Caio was starving to get a pit that evening and he got possession of Jonathan’s butt that is extensive. He banged Jonathan so difficult the condom broke 3 times (significantly). A picture between rage and enthusiasm that'll abandon you...

TimTales – Sex Scene – Fostter Riviera barebacks Fabio Toba


Timtales is excited to expose a bareback beginner: Fabio Toba. Starting that natural pit for that very first time is Timtales Fostter Riviera that is unique. And he’s at his greatest! Fostter shows Fabio just how to have a heavy penis seriously with full confidence. He fucks him and begins by cumming to lube it normally! Download full video from:

TimTales – Sex Scene – Koldo Barebacks Caleb King


Your Canadian gold animal Caleb King matches with the bareback fucker . Two Timtales Exclusives within this picture of heavy pit reproduction that is natural. While Koldo happily replies the phone call together with his complex natural shots “Fuck me!” claims Caleb. Caleb absolutely pleased inside! Download full video from:

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