ChaosMen – Franco & Santino RAW

ChaosMen – Franco & Santino RAW

Franco & Santino RAW

Another ‘First Time’ video, this time with Santino taking a cock in his virgin ass.

Franco and Santino are still in the amateur stage, though Franco has conquered cock-sucking and getting fucked, we are still working on intimacy. I give both guys a ‘pass’ on things like kissing and rimming for a couple videos, but eventually I will try to push their limits. For now, they are pretty straight forward.

Santino always has lots of questions. They are thoughtful, appropriate, and he remembers the answers! So he had asked a lot of questions about what it feels like to get fucked. What happens if he can’t take it? What happens if he cums too soon? How does he prepare?

He did have his girl play with his ass the night before. He said she got a couple fingers in, and it was fine when it was in, but she pulled out and he had fight the urge to run for the bathroom. So he was a little dubious of his own performance.

Duration: 26mn 16s 192ms Length: 585 MiB
Video: AVC at 3 000 Kbps, 1280 x 720
Audio: AAC at 113 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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