ChaosMen – Mika – Hot Gay Solo

ChaosMen – Mika – Hot Gay Solo


Mika was submitted to me over 3 years ago. Not sure why we could not connect, but I finally heard back from him and I was super happy.

He was hot back then, but now, WOW! He is a lot more buff. He had his body hair back then, but the recent photos he sent me he was shaved bare. Whahhh! I mention this all the time, but the shaving craze is going strong, and I would say 80% of guys submitted are shaved bare. I try to wait it out, but sometimes I have to move fast.

With Mika saying he was down for a solo, an oral, and possibly more, I just wanted to get him in as fast as possible. A couple days later and he was in the studio.

Mika is a smart and sexy dude. Passionate about working-out and staying fit, but also friendly and most importantly, horny!

He has a 7″ cock, with one of the fatest heads I have ever seen on an uncut guy. Now that is a knob! His foreskin barely slides over it when he is fully hard.

Mika likes Latinas and seems to like fucking ass. Hmmmmm. That’s a good skill to have at ChaosMen!

He was easily turned-on for his solo, and cums loud and in a frenzy!

As of this writing, he has not been back for a Serviced, but he is on the schedule.

He seems curious about guys, willing to top, and admitted that ass play feels good when he jerks-off, so has not even excluding bottoming. But for now, slow and steady and we will see how he does getting Serviced!

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