Circle Jerk Boys – Zach Alexander & Ethan Storm – Asses Wild

Circle Jerk Boys – Zach Alexander & Ethan Storm – Asses Wild


Two fresh faces and friendly places. Today, we have two hot young studs with us. The first one is 24 year-old Zach Alexander. Zach admits to moving around a lot but calls Chicago home. To Zach’s right is Ethan Storm. Ethan is 21. This charming Southern child is from Charleston, SC. We’ve heard rumors that Zach is an equal opportunity employer in the Horizontal department. To that he replied, “You know what? I love to top, very passionate, very aggressive; but if I’m gonna bottom – they better make me their bitch!” Any questions? Zach started with guys at 18 then got curious about women and tried it. He loves them equally with the only exception being that girls aren’t big enough sluts. Ethan started with boys at the age of 13 and knew he wasn’t bothering with girls. He hasn’t looked back since. No pun intended. Zach loves whatever’s clever. As long as he has an ass to fuck, he’s happy. This will work out just fine since Ethan just wants to make sure he gets the dick. He doesn’t care if Zach’s into guys or girls. The fact that Zach bones chicks isn’t swaying his interest meter one way or the other. Where’s Shania when we need her? When it comes to impressing Ethan, he’ll reserve his comments til after they’re done. A storm’s a cummin’.

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