ClubInfernoDungeon – Full Fist Interrogation, Scene #01 – Hugh Hunter & Colin...

ClubInfernoDungeon – Full Fist Interrogation, Scene #01 – Hugh Hunter & Colin Bryant


Colin Bryant was a lousy soldier wearing a foul uniform and also being an overall dirty pig. Hugh Hunter is Colin’s controlling officer and he is going to set a stop to Colin’s insufficient admiration once and for everybody. Hugh bolts Colin’s wrists into some desk and provides him the selection to become thrown into the brig or maybe to simply take his punishment here. Colin selects the here and now option therefore Hugh melts Colin’s uniform and brightens up a electrical wand. Hugh zaps Colin’s balls and cock together with power however if he finds Colin enjoys that the punishment, then Hugh moves on the more acute ‘German Strategy’. ‘Let us see exactly what you could really do, ”’ Hugh says because he pushes the rod in farther. Hugh isn’t happy using Colin’s abilities when planning on carrying up things his bum so he slides his gloved hand at the bucket of dirt and pushes it indoors Colin’s buttocks. It is really a tight fit, however it finally goes wrist profound as Colin yells out. Colin loves every inch of Hugh’s massive hands switching planning and outside since they extend his bum to the utter limits. Colin is perspiration such as the pig he could be if Hugh relents and gives the soldier a reprieve to now. Hugh warns him that he will be straight back and that Colin better prepare on his fingers and knees to service Hugh’s buttocks until the punishment is truly over.

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