Coast2Coast (Levi Karter & Kody Stewart)

Coast2Coast (Levi Karter & Kody Stewart)

Coast2Coast (Levi Karter & Kody Stewart)

Levi & Kody begin their adventure in New York with only one goal in mind – to shoot as many loads as possible during the trip. Well, that, and of course to get to sunny California. Long drives are not Kody’s favorite but he has found a way to stay awake behind the wheel – by jerking off. The adrenalin rush from driving with no pants is apparently enough to keep Kody’s dick hard for days. Of course Levi is not going to just sit there and watch him drive with his dick hanging out so he decides to give him a blowjob. No need to pull over as Kody has mastered the art of shooting cum while driving so Levi sucks Kody’s dick until he gets a mouthful of cum. But the drive isn’t over yet. So Kody keeps jerking off and a few hundred miles later they switch so that Kody can return the favor and suck Levi off while he’s driving.

Levi & Kody finally get to Denver where they spend the night but when they wake up in the morning their boners are so hard that one thing becomes obvious – blowjobs just aren’t enough anymore. It’s time to fuck. Levi starts playing with Kody’s hole as he spits on it and then fingers it to get it ready for his big dick which he then shoves all the way in as Kody lays on his stomach. He then flips over to lay on his back so that Levi can pound him deep and film his face at the same time. Things get even more exciting when Levi asks Kody if he can fuck him outside to which Kody replies with no hesitation “Sure!” So they get out on the hotel balcony and Kody bends over to take Levi’s dick for all of Denver to see. Then they go back inside so they can do it all over again but this time with Levi bottoming. Kody starts pounding Levi on his back and then Levi hops on top of Kody and starts to ride him until he shoots his load without even touching himself.

After a couple of hours of fucking they get back on the road. However, somewhere in Utah their dicks get hard again and this time they decide to pull over and enjoy the breathtaking views of Utah’s canyons. As they suck each other off again of course. The trip ends with them passing through fabulous Las Vegas and finally getting to the Santa Monica beach in sunny SoCal. 3 days, 12 states, and a whole lot of cum. Now that’s how you do a roadtrip!

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